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Saturday Snapshots: Daily Edition

Thanks for all your fun iPhone app suggestions the other day. Gold mine, I tell you! This is why I love the internet — I can say, “Tell me something I don’t know” and BAM! Schooled. Also, for funny You Tube videos. The internet is always good for that!

Anyway, one of the things I have been loving about my new little toy is the ability to photograph the silly parts of my everyday life. The best camera is the one you are carrying, right? So even though I’m still in the “I take crappy cell phone pics” phase of documenting my life, it’s kind of fun to see what unravels. I think this will be helpful this year with Project Life and also, just for fun to look back on.

I thought I might occasionally share some of the dailies on the weekend as an exercise in improving my photography skills.

Here are some snaps from this week:

New Library Books

To Read.

So many books, yet so little time to read lately. It’s a bummer, but just the possibility in a stack of new books always puts a smile on my face.

My Favorite Shoes Lately

Saturday Sparkle

A little sparkle from Payless always improves the day right? Also, for some reason seeing it in a photograph makes me kind of love my kitchen floor. It’s funny how you can see something everyday and not really appreciate it until you see it “on film.”


Notes and scheming bring me lots of joy!

This is my editorial calendar for the blog, and also one (of the many) idea notebooks I keep around all the time. I know there are so many electronic ways to keep track of these things, and maybe I will get there someday, but for now — I just love the combo of ideas+paper+pens. It makes my heart happy!

Mid-Day Yum
A little mid day refresher, sans caffeine.

I don’t drink Coconut Water that often (mostly post workout and NEVER just the plain flavor, because: YUK) but it was warm this afternoon, I was super dehydrated and Passion Fruit is DELICIOUS! I have a case of these autoshipped from Amazon every month because it’s a cheap little good-for-me treat to have around on a gorgeous day.


Speaking of gorgeous days, this was on my last run of 2011 and in this moment I just felt so happy to be outside, running, enjoying the weather and feeling healthy. There are times when I hate that losing weight takes work. There are times when I wish I could lay on the couch and still be lean and fit. But then there are times when I am just so grateful for my ability work on my body and my fitness. Everyone doesn’t have that opportunity, so sometimes I need a reminder that it really is a gift.


I took most of these photos using Instagram, which I’m actually enjoying much more then I thought. What do you know, it’s not just an app that lets you give your photos a retro feel, it’s actually a fun way to connect and share the little pieces of your life.

If you’d like to follow me there, my username is hollywouldifshecould.


On iLove, iEmbarrassment, and an iCall For Help

Things I have learned in the 2 weeks that I have had an iPhone

*If you don’t really go anywhere, you won’t be any good at FourSquare
*I really *can* refresh my inbox 24 hours a day if I want
*Refreshing said inbox is so much more awesome from under the covers of your bed
*Garrett is not a fan of email reading in bed
*A phone can actually feel like an extra appendage
*Runkeeper means I don’t have to go out and buy a Garmin anymore
*Pandora stations have some funny names

And most importantly: MY LOVE RUNS DEEP

I also learned how to turn down the volume, which was something I should have learned to do BEFORE I brought my new phone to work, but you know I’m never one to get bogged down with time lines!

You see I brought my phone to work last Friday, into my very quiet and conservative office where I sit no less than 20 feet from the Director of My Department. The area is pretty highly trafficked and it’s kind of a nice place to sit, actually. Unless you turn on Pandora and a completely vulgar and inappropriate song is playing, you haven’t hooked up your headphones, and you don’t *really* know where the volume button is. Imagine being that person who walks into the library with their phone NOT on silent and then gets called over and over by their psycho ex boyfriend. ONLY WORSE. AND WITH MORE VULGAR INNUENDO.

So my phone starts playing some loud ass rap! And it takes me a second to realize that YES! It is my phone that is shouting “ASS” over and over and over. Slowly I have the realization that everyone else also knows that it is my phone. Sure I could have covered the speaker. I could have plugged in the headphones that were sitting on my desk. I could have HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON ON PANDORA. Oh, there were a million things I could have done! But you see when an awful song is playing at top volume and everyone realizes it’s coming from YOUR phone, and people start standing up to stare, and others start acting shocked at the lyrics coming out of your phone, and the DIRECTOR OF YOUR DEPARTMENT comes out of his office where he is meeting with the DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS to find out what all this ruckus is about — well, let’s just say you don’t always do the logical thing. The logical thing isn’t what pops right into your mind. You know?

So yeah, that was embarrassing. And for your listening pleasure (and because I think it really lends to the fuchsia inducing portion of this story) I’m going to link to the song (COMPLETE WITH LYRICS, OMG THE LYRICS) that was blasting out of my phone FOR OVER TWO MINUTES (do you know how long that is in embarrassment minutes?) in front of my entire office. It played and played and played until I finally ran over to the youngest person sitting in my row, threw my phone in his lap and said “MAKE IT STOP!”

And thank god he did.

And then I died of embarrassment. Which is cool because the whole situation made me feel about 80 years old, so at least I lived a long life.

Let me tell you, internet: I have learned my lesson on the volume thing. But I’m still a little slow on everything else. I have downloaded maybe 5 apps and I’m sure there is a world out there waiting for me to explore it! (What do you use for your feed readers?) Bethany was already kind enough to email a list of her favorite apps (LOVE HER!), but I’m sure that all of you have something to contribute, yes?

Care to share what apps make your heart sing? Please just not top-volume-dropping-F-bombs-for-two-whole-minutes-in-front-of-my-entire-office singing, mmmkay? Maybe apps that make your heart sing a nice lullaby or something, eh?

Happy Friday and Some Questions

TGIF! Hot damn am I happy it is Friday!

I work 4 days next week, 2 days the week after that and then I am off until January 4th. I CAN’T WAIT. Down time at the end of the year is one of my favorite things! In the meantime, let’s chat. I have some Very Important (read: minimally important) questions for you.

*So I kind of wasn’t feeling any of the Radvent prompts, so I’m out on that. This is why I don’t do NaBloPoMo. I’m thinking in 2012 of experimenting with having a more formalized “Editorial Calendar” for the blog. Do you do this, or just wing it? How do you organize your ideas?

*My list of goals for next year is getting so freaking long but honestly the longer it gets the MORE EXCITED I GET. I think this is a sickness. 2012 is going to be a year full of documenting (since it will hopefully be the last year that our little family is just the two of us!) cooking, ass kicking, and some major steps towards some of my bigger LIFE DREAMS. EEEP! That makes me giddy. Are you making goals yet? Will you be posting them?

*All I want to do lately is cook crab. We’ve had it twice in the last week actually. Anyone have a recipe for a creative soup that involves crab? Does that even exist? I have 4 more “New Soups” to try and ALL I WANT TO EAT IS CRAB so I’m thinking there has to be a way to marry the two.

*I had to eat lunch at Olive Garden today and if there is a Hell on Earth for People Avoiding Gluten, I’m pretty sure that is it. I think they bread the lettuce over there. No question here, just had to get that editorial comment out there.

*I haven’t picked up a book in something like 3 days and I’m starting to feel withdrawals. Tragic. That said I’m *this close* to buying a Kindle as a little Christmas Present to myself. Do I go Basic or Fancy?

*Also, an iPhone. I KNOW. I need to join the 21st Century. Just the thought of having to figure out how to use it kind of freaks me out. My phone is practically circa 1996. Tell me I will understand it?

*For the last 3 Christmases I have only had to buy one present. We don’t exchange on my mom’s side of the family (we just go all out on a festive dinner) and on my dad’s side we draw names and everyone just buys one gift. Garrett and I don’t exchange gifts — not as a rule, but just because neither of us are really gift people — so there is only one. One present! I realize this will probably change at some point when we have kids, but dude — I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It leaves more time for menu planning — because in my mind that is the true JOY OF CHRISTMAS! 🙂 What are you eating for Christmas Dinner? Do you do Turkey? Ham? Beef? Something different every year? Do you have an annual tradition or dish you can’t miss? Tell me. I love hearing about this stuff!

*What are you having for dinner on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day is handled around here but we are still tossing around Christmas Eve dinner ideas. Talk to me, creative folks…

*Also, have a damn good weekend! No question there.

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