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Happy Friday and Some Questions

TGIF! Hot damn am I happy it is Friday!

I work 4 days next week, 2 days the week after that and then I am off until January 4th. I CAN’T WAIT. Down time at the end of the year is one of my favorite things! In the meantime, let’s chat. I have some Very Important (read: minimally important) questions for you.

*So I kind of wasn’t feeling any of the Radvent prompts, so I’m out on that. This is why I don’t do NaBloPoMo. I’m thinking in 2012 of experimenting with having a more formalized “Editorial Calendar” for the blog. Do you do this, or just wing it? How do you organize your ideas?

*My list of goals for next year is getting so freaking long but honestly the longer it gets the MORE EXCITED I GET. I think this is a sickness. 2012 is going to be a year full of documenting (since it will hopefully be the last year that our little family is just the two of us!) cooking, ass kicking, and some major steps towards some of my bigger LIFE DREAMS. EEEP! That makes me giddy. Are you making goals yet? Will you be posting them?

*All I want to do lately is cook crab. We’ve had it twice in the last week actually. Anyone have a recipe for a creative soup that involves crab? Does that even exist? I have 4 more “New Soups” to try and ALL I WANT TO EAT IS CRAB so I’m thinking there has to be a way to marry the two.

*I had to eat lunch at Olive Garden today and if there is a Hell on Earth for People Avoiding Gluten, I’m pretty sure that is it. I think they bread the lettuce over there. No question here, just had to get that editorial comment out there.

*I haven’t picked up a book in something like 3 days and I’m starting to feel withdrawals. Tragic. That said I’m *this close* to buying a Kindle as a little Christmas Present to myself. Do I go Basic or Fancy?

*Also, an iPhone. I KNOW. I need to join the 21st Century. Just the thought of having to figure out how to use it kind of freaks me out. My phone is practically circa 1996. Tell me I will understand it?

*For the last 3 Christmases I have only had to buy one present. We don’t exchange on my mom’s side of the family (we just go all out on a festive dinner) and on my dad’s side we draw names and everyone just buys one gift. Garrett and I don’t exchange gifts — not as a rule, but just because neither of us are really gift people — so there is only one. One present! I realize this will probably change at some point when we have kids, but dude — I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It leaves more time for menu planning — because in my mind that is the true JOY OF CHRISTMAS! 🙂 What are you eating for Christmas Dinner? Do you do Turkey? Ham? Beef? Something different every year? Do you have an annual tradition or dish you can’t miss? Tell me. I love hearing about this stuff!

*What are you having for dinner on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day is handled around here but we are still tossing around Christmas Eve dinner ideas. Talk to me, creative folks…

*Also, have a damn good weekend! No question there.

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