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Welcome. It’s nice to see you here.

I’m Holly – wife to Garrett, mom to Holden. I’m an insurance nerd by day, and by night (or really, by weekends and lunch breaks, because I GO TO SLEEP EARLY) I am a writer, reader, foodie and die hard beauty lover.

I am serious when I tell you a face mask and a good book are my love languages.

(Well, that and tacos.)

I started this blog in 2006 as a place to write about my life just like everyone else in the early 2000s. It migrated over to WordPress and took off in 2011 when I started documenting my health and fitness journey and some pretty significant weight loss. Things were pretty consistent around here for a few years and then…LIFE HAPPENED.

I doubled down on my corporate job in 2014, got married (and pregnant!) in 2015, had a baby in 2016, bought a house in 2017 and have been trying to figure out what to say and how to say it here ever since. Life moves pretty fast, my friends, and in all of that time the landscape of blogs has also changed. We live in the era of Instagram Influence and shiny new platforms popping up left and right. It’s hard to know exactly where to be. 

(For starters: you can also find me on Instagram here and my bookstagram account here.)

The thing I keep coming back to though, is that this website has always been a place for me to write and connect with others. That’s what I try to do here and it is a juggle for sure. Sometimes I do it well and sometimes I am surrounded by all the balls I have dropped. But I am always appreciative of any of the time you spend here.

The other thing that happened in the past couple of years I have become much less interested in talking about losing weight and making myself smaller. I grew a human and then KEPT HIM ALIVE WITH ONLY MY BODY for almost a year. I mean…there is no part of that sentence that makes me feel ashamed or makes me want to minimize that body, you know? It’s a really good body. All bodies are good bodies.

And I want to talk about that.

I also want to talk about being a mom, and what we are eating. I want to talk about fitness (if I can every get back to it REGULARLY), and I want to talk about lipstick. I want to talk about time management hacks now that I have so much less of it.

I want to talk about what has fundamentally changed about me, and what I have discovered are the truest most core inner parts of me.  I am aiming to be a little more intentional about the things I ingest, the household items I use, and the personal care I put on my body. I do not want to share perfection. I want to share the ideas, the mess, the problems, the solutions, the ideas and all of my thoughts along the way. 

This is your invitation to stick around. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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