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Your New Favorite Game: The Game of Life (As in: Get One)

The rules of our new favorite game (maybe yours too?) require you to know that Garrett and I are homebodies. Our days of chandelier swinging and Friday night’s out on the town until the bars close ended years ago, and what has settled in its place on Friday nights is the desire to have a a good dinner, a bottle of wine, our PJs and the DVR. I know my 21 year old self cringes at the thought of this but you know, my 21 year old self once had a bench warrant out for her arrest because she thought she was above the law, so what I’m saying is consider the source. But that is what happens after you have been dating someone a million years and have your own stupid inside jokes and language and silly nicknames for each other — a night in can be just as fun! More so even, right?

Additionally, in order to understand to allure of this game, you need to know that my new(ish) iPhone is still a novelty in our house. Garrett has a flip phone circa 2002 or something and so the iPhone with all of its bells and whistles is still majorly improving our quality of life on a daily basis. For example, we generally keep it on the coffee table at night and when we are watching random things on tv and have very important questions like “Was Richard Roundtree the guy in Shaft?” It’s great because we can immediately pick up my phone and google it. LIFE CHANGING, right? I KNOW!!! (Speaking of life changing, google *has* become The Killer of Wonder — you should go read that hysterical link. Holy Moses, story of my life!)

Anyway, the other night we were watching Psych and wondering whether the lead actor, James Roday, was still engaged to his co-star Maggie Lawson. Obviously we took to Google immediately because: why wait? So I typed in James Roday and immediately google pre-filled my search with terms “James Roday Fat.” I mean…seriously? Poor guy. Sure he’s put on a few pounds over the seasons, but can you imagine googling yourself and having INSERT NAME HERE: FAT be the first thing that pops up? So sad. Garrett and I discussed what pre-filled searches for our names that we would like to see pop up and we agreed upon “Garrett Franklin: Pretty” (HA!) and “Holly Woodcock: Bombshell.” I mean, it could happen right?

I’m getting off topic here — the game. The game! So, basically for the last few days we’ve been trying to guess what the first pre-filled search terms are for celebrities. For example: Megan Fox. I guessed “bitch,” Garrett guessed “hot.” But actually Megan Fox: THUMBS is what pops up and WOW — is that disturbing! We’ve seriously been playing this game for days! It’s almost as fun as the game we play when Mad Men is over and we try and guess the RIDICULOUS exclamations that the characters will be making in the previews for next week’s episode. Previews that make no sense and follow no plot lines. Keep that one in your pocket tomorrow too, for a good time! Hours of entertainment folks.

Also proof that we may need to get out more. Either/Or.



Remember this post?

Well every single one of those shows is back on TV with new episodes! All at the same time.

The new season of Psych started recently, which I still think is one of the most hilarious shows on television. I can’t believe I waited so long to get into this even though Garrett assured me it was funny. It just didn’t–sound funny. BUT IT IS! And we love it! And it was gone! And now it’s back! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Also Back?

Mad Men!

I woke up on Monday morning an unfortunate DVR incident wherein it did not record. In my panic, I took to Facebook, and luckily the everyone calmed me right down — AMC replays everything. It’s like MTV for 30-somethings. We watched the first episode last night and not only was I so happy to see the show…but I was even happy to see the commercials. Because the advertisement for the new season of The Killing was on!

It starts on Sunday! Finally an answer to the cliffhanger ending! Although let’s be honest, I’m sure there will just be more questions than answers. That’s how these shows work, and I buy into it hook, line and sinker!

And the last show I was so desperate for in that old post was Downtown Abbey. And you all know I have that saved up on the DVR. Now to answer the question of where the hell am I going to find the time to watch ALL OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS!?!

We are headed to the out of town wedding of good friends this weekend (Garrett is the Best Man and has to give a speech, why does this make *ME* nervous — he’s cool as a cucumber!) so there will be no TV watching for us. Probably lots of champagne drinking, but no TV. Ah well, good times are in store!


Do you watch any of these shows? Any can’t miss shows you want to recommend?

Desperately Awaiting Their Return

Growing up, one of the things I used to love about fall was all the new TV shows. They held such promise! These days I am less interested in new shows because networks are so fickle. Right as you get involved in a show it goes and gets cancelled on my cliff-hanging ass! Hate that. So I try and wait to get into shows, or watch them on DVD all at once because I am an instant gratification type of personality. I don’t even apologize for that.

I always check out shows that look particularly trashy or like guilty pleasures — this season I will check out ABC’s Revenge for that exact reason (it looks terrible but I can’t say no.) But mostly I am excited for some of my tried and true favorites to be back on the air or their new seasons available on Netflix.

Here’s what I’m jonesing for:

1. Psych

I have so much love for Psych it is out of control. Initially when I heard the premise, I was uninterested — two guys who run a fake “Psychic Detective Agency” but who actually solve crimes — no thanks. But Garrett made me watch an episode and I was hooked instantly. It is quick, witty and oddly hilarious. I like the cheesy pop culture references and for me, it’s a nice change of pace to watch an hour long comedy amidst my Reality TV addiction. (Seriously, I need a 12 Step Program.)

**It returns in October on USA!

2. The Killing

Just like my taste in books, I am a sucker for a murder-mystery drama on tv too. The Killing totally delivered. This show really captured my attention last year with its dark (though pretty unrealistic) portrayal of moody Seattle and the murder of a high school girl. Sure there were some inconsistencies and annoying characters, but nothing can trump my need to know who the bad guy is. And of course the season ended with a nice, juicy cliffhanger. I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers. I can’t WAIT for this to come back.

**It returns in 2012 on AMC. Boo.

3. Mad Men

Is anyone on the internet NOT waiting for Mad Men to return? There are too many things to love about this show: the characters, the costumes, the portrayal of time in history — and all of it is done well. Even if you despise Don Draper, you have to admit the show is visually appealing and has a very quiet momentum to it. I am so OVER waiting for Season 5 to come back. Desperation doesn’t even quite describe it.

**It returns in early 2012 on AMC.

4. Downton Abbey

I am always interested in a good British Period Drama. Actually it was Masterpiece Theater loving Garrett who turned me on to that, truth be told. And when I mentioned the internet was abuzz about this show he was like, “NETFLIX IT, YO!” which is just one of the many reasons that I love him. Downtown Abbey hits all the high notes of classism, family drama, moral scandals and closets just FULL of skeletons. Obvs, I couldn’t get enough

**It returns on Jan 8, 2012. YES!!!

So tell me, what TV Shows are you hotly anticipating or Netflixing?

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