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30 Days of Denim – Day Three

No inspiration pic today — I fell in love with a hot pink cardigan at the Nordstrom Rack Summer Clearance and it had to be mine. I am the type of person who likes to enjoy the things I buy immediately, wheras Garrett gets something new and likes it to live in his closet for a few weeks before he even wears it. Boys make no sense to me sometimes.

So here is what I came up with:


Cardigan: Halogen @ Nordstrom Rack
Tank: Merona for Target
Jeans: Old Navy “The Flirt” (whatever)
Belt: Target
Silver Cuff: Some Crappy Accessories Store
Shoes: Old Navy (I bought them kind of as a throw away once for $10 to get free shipping, but it has been a love affair ever since)

Garrett was quite the jokester while taking this picture. As a consequence in almost every shot I was right about to roll my eyes. Still uncomfortable posing for pictures in clothes. Hopefully I’ll get over that soon because 27 more days is a long time to be uncomfortable.

In the end I said “Take a detail of my tank top” (I love this tank top!) and he said “How am I supposed to do that without looking like your perv a boyfriend taking a gratuitous tit shot?” I think he ended up doing ok.


I’m OBVIOUSLY comfortable in jeans and a cardigan — we’re 3 for 3 on that. I think it’s time to start shaking it up a little!

What did you wear today? Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Two

So today, I took an even bigger style leap! I saw a picture that I just liked the silhouette of and took my style inspiration from that instead of copying it directly. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Here was the pin:


And then I laughed out loud hysterically at the irony of the source being a site called Petite Little Girl — 3 things I am most definitely NOT. But I liked the leopard, I liked the belt, and I am in LOVE with a high waisted pencil skirt (one of which I happen to have – IN DENIM!)

And here’s what I came up with:


Similar, but different.  Pulled together but still casual.

Sweater: Merona for Target
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap Outlet
Wedges: Merona for Target
Belt: Target
Necklace: A gift from my Mama (and a favorite!)

I actually felt super comfy all day (Gap skirts rule!) and was glad to do something a little out of my comfort zone. Maybe tomorrow I will venture out of the “Target” section of my closet. Maybe not, you never know.

What did you wear today? Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day One

Well I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned training wheels yesterday, because Day One’s outfit comes hot off the Pinterest presses.

Here was my inspiration:


Cute and casual but pulled together — this is the goal. It seems so easy when I type it out, why does it get so hard when I am staring at a sea of clothes getting ready for work in the morning? Thankfully I had some similar pieces in my own closet, and I could paint by dress by numbers quite easily. Phew!

Here is what I came up with:


I even got a little crazy and picked out my own shoes, belt and jewelry. WATCH OUT!

I’m representing Target pretty hard core.

Cardigan: Mossimo for Target
Tee: Merona for Target
Jeans: Gap Slim Boyfriend Jeans
Sandals: Mossimo for Target (I LOVE these sandals!)
Necklace: Uh…Target duh!

So now you know my dirty little secret — I’m a Target-A-Holic. What can I say? I feel better now that this is out in the open. I have to admit I felt SUPER self-conscious posing in an outfit in my backyard but Garrett was sweet about it, directing and stuff — taking it VERY seriously, which I couldn’t help but giggle about. I think this will be fun in ways I can’t even contemplate yet.

What did you wear today? Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – An Experiment In Everyday Style

Look, I am no fashionista. And WHOA, would I never claim to be. Honestly, I’m almost exactly the opposite. You see I’ve realized that after losing almost 100 lbs this year that I am completely out of touch with what looks good on my body. Everyone knows the up sides of losing weight, but no one talks about the weird parts like being unable to pick up an article of clothing and determine, in your mind, if it is going to fit.  Or look good.  My body has changed so rapidly over the last year that it is a constant guessing game.

Truth be told, even when my size and shape were more static, I always struggled a bit with defining my own personal style.  I don’t want to subscribe to Vogue and break the bank buying looks right off the runway.  I don’t generally DIE, Rachel Zoe-style, over fashion. But I do like to look put together, you know?  I envy those folks who have the innate ability to throw on a few items they have lying about and look super stylish.


But I feel that style can’t be much different then anything else in life:  If you want to get better at it, you need to work at it, right?  So I’ve decided to do a little experiment and I thought if you are feeling courageous, or perhaps in a bit of a style slump, it might be an experiment you want to play along with.

Let me break it down for you.

Quick Backstory: Throughout the month of September my company does a fundraiser for United Way where we can “purchase” days of Casual Dress. 5 days a week we can show up looking like it is Friday — for a fee! In years past I generally use it as an opportunity to set my alarm for a little bit later since I’m just “throwing on jeans and a tee.”

This year that is going to change.

For the month of September I’m going to challenge myself — SHOCKING, I know —  to get dressed every morning in a way that looks pulled together.  And because it only involves styling with jeans or a denim skirt/shirt/dress — I feel like the challenge is possible.  You know what else makes it feel possible? Pinterest! I’ve been pinning Everyday Denim looks for a while now, so there is sure to be some serious copying in the beginning. It’s like Fashion For Dummies and I’m not ashamed about how much I love that.  Sometimes you just need a little push.  But for each outfit that is inspired by Pinterest, I will link back to the original pin so you can see what I was working with.  And hopefully by the end of 30 days, the training wheels will come off!

So starting tomorrow, for 30 days (along with my regularly scheduled posting – I’m not going to all of a sudden only talk about clothes!) I’ll be popping in to show you What I Wore. 30 Days of Denim — get it?  Okey dokey then, glad we are on the same page.

If you want to play along, please do. I created the 30 Days of Denim Flickr Group in case you are feeling brave and want to upload your own pictures. (Do It!) Maybe you can find a trend in your own style, or workshop an outfit that you can’t quite figure out (don’t you have those? the outfits where you know something is missing, BUT WHAT IS IT?) Or if you want, you can even just join to see what others are wearing. No voyeurism judgment here…you know this!

There are no rules as long as you are wearing denim (pants/skirt/shirt/dress/whatevs) and they don’t only have to be blue jeans — bring on the colors! Black jeggings!  White denim! Get creative. Bonus Points if you also scored your inspiration from Pinterest and you can link to the inspiring pin for all the rest of us. And you don’t have to be going to work. Snap a pic when you are going to the grocery store, or running errands — if you are anything like me, when I snap a pic I make the tiniest bit more of an effort with my appearance.

Don’t wait until you are thinner, or less pregnant, or have lost the baby weight, or get some new clothes — challenge yourself now to make the best of what you’ve got going on. Style isn’t about looking like a supermodel with a million dollar wardrobe, anyone can do that right? The intention of this is not to be a giant vanity project. The photos don’t have to be professional looking (iPhones, AHOY!), there is no body type requirement and you don’t need to be sporting runway looks. The point for me (and hopefully for you) is to get a better feel for what I look like, a better feel for my own personal tastes, and of course practice putting together a great look with regular clothes.

I recently read this post on Kendi Everyday and the style maven herself said:

I had a moment today. Well, my red heels and I, we had a moment. Two years ago I would have never worn this outfit. I would have never picked up these heels and paired it with these shirts. I would have never posed in a park at lunch with husband snapping photos. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with gratitude and I wanted to say thank you. For the last year or so, you have visited my blog for one reason or another. And because of you, I have confidence to dress in the outfits that I do, to write what I write and to generally be a very happy person. You have become friends to me, even though we’ve never even met. And for no other reason than that, I am SO very grateful for you.

So…let’s pretend we’re super fashionable for a month and see what happens, shall we?

*Let’s fake it until we make it! 
*Let’s pretend we are the most confident models ever (in our closets, in our backyards, in the reflection of our office bathroom mirror — take pictures anywhere!) 
*And then let’s see how we feel in 30 days. 

Maybe I will still feel like getting dressed is hard. But I hope with a little effort, I won’t.

If you don’t want to participate yourself, tell a friend or share the link. The more the merrier! It will be an experiment in body confidence. Where personal style meets everyday life.

So come join me would ya: Join the Group! Save me the embarrassment of doing this alone.

And besides, you are looking mighty fine in those jeans! Somebody should see it, right?

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