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This is not a gratuitous selfie, I promise. I’m going to talk about my hair in a minute: THIS IS EVIDENCE.

Since it’s been a few weeks, I thought we ought to get current!

I am currently:

Loving a new hair treatment: Roots by Lush. It defies gravity. Fine or flat haired ladies, CHECK IT OUT! I can literally skip washing my hair AND using styling products on second day hair when I use this — which is what it claims, but I was dubious. Considering my second day hair ALWAYS needs a wash unless I want to look like I fried bacon in my hair, I just can’t get over how ‘normal’ my hair looks in that picture and how I basically put on a hair mask and then let my hair dry. Plus: it’s minty, tingly awesome. That non-gratuitous selfie is my second day hair post “Roots” ing. I just seriously can’t believe it.

Cooking pretty exclusively from this stack of cookbooks on my kitchen counter

Drinking lots of water, sparkling water, kombucha, and some overpriced green hippie juice from Whole Foods instead of wine. I miss wine, but not drinking booze is so dang for weight loss.

Enjoying that (HEY-O!) my clothes are fitting again. Since I decided to really focus on my weight loss goals I’m down about 12 lbs. Trending downward is so much nicer than trending upward. 🙂

Obsessing over Iced Coffee with coconut milk. For some reason coconut milk in hot coffee makes me want to gag, but in ICED Coffee? DIVINE!

Watching Pink: The Truth About Love on Netflix. Guilty Pleasures, Ahoy!


So what are you into currently?



It’s Friday! Let’s get current…

I am currently:


Attempting to harness my little cousin Olivia’s fierceness. I mean, will you just look at her in that picture? Pretty sure there is not a bone in her body that is not self-assured and ready to rock. You gotta get your inspiration where you can, and today I’m trying to move through life like a self assured lady who knows how to roar. I have to say this is harder than it looks. 🙂

Working On keeping August free of excessive socialization. As such, I’m planning lots of homebody-esque activities: Cooking Marathons, Project Life Craftiness, Roku-obsessing, Cabinet Organizing, Book Reading, Garden Tending, Backyard Picnicking. WAHOOOOO!

Lamenting the fact that my workouts this week have been almost non-existant. Monday we did Angie which involves (among other things) doing 100 pull ups. At about 75 pullups in I just ripped my hands up completely. My grip technique is clearly sub par and this is such a painful way to come to that realization. Tuesday I couldn’t even think about picking a barbell up without bleeding. Wednesday + Thursday was more of the same. Today is the first day I will even be able to go back to the gym and I’m frustrated about that. I’m not *completely* sane when I don’t workout. This week has been full of odd brain fog and a little bit of sadness over that.

Listening To The Sex with Emily podcast. Have you guys been watching Miss Advised on Bravo? That show is kind of a train wreck but an entertaining one to witness. One of the gals is from the Bay Area and does a weekly podcast on all things sex. I like her non-judgmental vibe, and she was the most normal on the show the best so I tuned in to her podcast. WOW is it full of, um…adult content. I a little bit turn fuscia when I listen to it but it’s also smart, entertaining and the radio equivalent to Really Good People Watching, so I haven’t turned it off yet. Think PhD in Sexuality, not necessarily Trying to Hard To Be Vulgar.

Thankful that Garrett remembers to do things like take the garbage cans out on Thursday night. I am terrible at remembering these types of repetitive house chores and if I was left to my own devices my life would most certainly resemble Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout’s!

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and loving it so far. It sounds like people either love or hate this book. I love a polarizing read! Plus it’s been a while since I flipped my way through a good page turning book with lots of suspense. I’m excited about that. But also a little worried since I do most of my reading right before bed. EEK! 🙂


So what’s going on with YOU currently?



Rocking some serious bed head

Enjoying my bi-monthly Friday off and planning being completely lazy with a side of errands thrown in.

Watching a marathon of The Hills. This show always makes me nostalgic for being young and living in LA. Also it reminds me that Spencer Pratt may be the most enormous idiot ever.

Drinking a piping hot cup of Ethiopian Fancy. African coffees are tasting really delicious to me this summer. Fruity, floral (and most importantly because it is Peet’s) STRONG!

Wondering when the hell my green tomatoes are going to turn red. They’ve been green for A WHILE.

Waiting for Garrett to get off work so we can run some errands. I REALLY need to grocery shop. The state of our refrigerator is sad. We’ve been scavenging for like 2 days. Good thing Garrett has been sick and not that hungry.

Feeling a little flabby and lethargic. I haven’t been able to hit the gym the last two days because I haven’t been feeling 100%. It’s been brutally hot around here which means that I am in a constant state of *almost* sweaty and I’m just feeling blah.

Reading three books at once: Our Book Club selection, It Starts with Food and Andy Cohen’s memoir.

Dying to go shopping and see all the cute things I’ve been browsing online lately.

Loving all of your survey responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It’s been REALLY helpful and all of you have been SO NICE! Not a mean comment yet. WHAT? I’m pretty sure I have the nicest readers around.

Surprised that you all want more Style Posts. I was sort of expecting everyone to say “Quit talking about clothing you idiot.” So hey, Noted!

Planning a lot of fun new blog features, posts and perhaps maybe another Style Challenge? We shall see…

Excited about having a weekend all to myself!


Hope you all enjoy yours!



Friday Afternoon Edition. What a difference a week makes!

Excited About…2009. I have some big plans, and I just love a blank slate. I have lots on my mind about what I want to accomplish.

Worried About…Garrett’s stress level. Hopefully I can expand more on this soon, but right now I’m going to leave it at that.

Reading…The Superficial. I’m not gonna lie. 🙂

Creating…a game plan for my health.

Loving…the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Hating…the feeling of being anxious! (See ‘Garrett’s stress’ answer above).

Wondering…why the caged bird sings.

Craving…a facelift for this blog.

Listening to…the voices in my head tell me how good dinner with Kelly and Gersson is going to be tonight.

Watching…Your Mom.

Renting… Absolutely nothing. Because the thought of commiting to any television or movie watching right now is too much drama.

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Monday Morning Edition

Excited About…being home from LA. I was down there teaching a class on Business Writing and Grammar and it was a bit nerve-wracking! (sp?) It is nice to be home and have that off my plate.

Worried About…managing our December social calendar. Garrett and I have lots going on and lots we want to do and HELLO, it’s Christmas. I’m wishing weekends were at least a day or two longer!

Reading…The Sookie Stackhouse Series I know, I know..enough with the vampires already! These books are smart, fun, and an easy read though. They are the basis of the HBO series True Blood.

Creating…a list a mile long of things to do, including Christmas Cards…argh! It maybe almost be too late!

Loving…Cinnamon Dolce Lattes from Starbucks. Holy Moly, those are delicious! Even Garrett thinks they are tasty and he basically hates Starbucks and all of their offerings.

Hating…that the weekend is already over. It was definitely too short! But other than that I am not hating much. Life is good!

Wondering…about all the exciting things that 2009 will bring!

Craving…a cranberry bliss bar. Y-U-M!

Listening to…my students typing. But if I were to insert an album recommendation in this category, it would be “She’s The Dutchess, He’s the Duke” by (not surprisingly) The Dutchess and the Duke. I’m exceptionally partial to the track Reservoir Park. I can’t get it out of my head!

Watching… True Blood. Duh.

Renting… Season One of Mad Men. LOVE!

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