This is not a gratuitous selfie, I promise. I’m going to talk about my hair in a minute: THIS IS EVIDENCE.

Since it’s been a few weeks, I thought we ought to get current!

I am currently:

Loving a new hair treatment: Roots by Lush. It defies gravity. Fine or flat haired ladies, CHECK IT OUT! I can literally skip washing my hair AND using styling products on second day hair when I use this — which is what it claims, but I was dubious. Considering my second day hair ALWAYS needs a wash unless I want to look like I fried bacon in my hair, I just can’t get over how ‘normal’ my hair looks in that picture and how I basically put on a hair mask and then let my hair dry. Plus: it’s minty, tingly awesome. That non-gratuitous selfie is my second day hair post “Roots” ing. I just seriously can’t believe it.

Cooking pretty exclusively from this stack of cookbooks on my kitchen counter

Drinking lots of water, sparkling water, kombucha, and some overpriced green hippie juice from Whole Foods instead of wine. I miss wine, but not drinking booze is so dang for weight loss.

Enjoying that (HEY-O!) my clothes are fitting again. Since I decided to really focus on my weight loss goals I’m down about 12 lbs. Trending downward is so much nicer than trending upward. 🙂

Obsessing over Iced Coffee with coconut milk. For some reason coconut milk in hot coffee makes me want to gag, but in ICED Coffee? DIVINE!

Watching Pink: The Truth About Love on Netflix. Guilty Pleasures, Ahoy!


So what are you into currently?

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16 Responses to Currently

  1. Jillian says:

    Ok, I have to try that stuff you recommended. I can never get away with not washing my hair. If I had to pick two things to change my life forever it would be getting laser hair removal and not washing my hair every day!

    I’m a week into a Whole 30, my first ever, and my huge revelation was kombucha as an alcohol substitute. Love it. And, lots and lots of tea. I add Trader Joe’s coconut cream to my coffee, but then I blend it with a hand blender for ten seconds or so until it’s totally smooth and emulsified (if that’s the right word).

    What have you made from Primal Cravings? I have it, but haven’t made anything from it yet. I’m living on WF2 during this Whole30.

    Coming to Des Moines soon?

  2. LizScott says:

    Goddamnit Holly, you know there’s no limit to how much money I will spend if it guarantees me better hair. Grumble.

    • Holly says:

      It is so fun. I will wash my hair on a Monday, then Tuesday morning after I workout when I’m like super sweaty face I will just shower and use the Roots Treatment on my hair for maybe 10-15 mins (it’s tingly and minty which is great right after the gym) and then rinse it out. No other hair drama. Sometimes I blowdry, sometimes I don’t, but my hair just ends up looking normal — WHICH IS CRAZY TO ME because I didn’t shampoo and condition and style and blah blah…anyway, a little spa experience that makes you feel efficient! I love it.

  3. Jenn from Vancouver BC says:

    I love that my bookshelf has the same books as yours 🙂

    Also – I am now going to try Roots – I need something to help me last more than one day!

  4. Heather says:

    I was also wondering what some of your favorites from Primal Cravings were. I have so many “to try” post-its on mine that It’s overwhelming!

    • Holly says:

      Oh man, well…I love ALL the cookies ha! The cuban burgers with plantain buns are amazing. I like the pizza crust (but I add dried herbs to it to give it a little more flavor) and the salad dressings are all fun. The only recipe I didn’t love was the one that is like a Thai meatball (I don’t have the book with me right now or I’d look it up specifically) but honestly most everything has been a winner.

  5. Beth says:

    Are you enjoying Primal Cravings? I don’t have it but based on your other books thinking I might need it!

    • Holly says:

      You know, I really love it. It does have a lot of “treat” style recipes in it, but there are lots of other cool recipes in it as well. It really helped me figure out what the heck to do with things like plantains and now they are a regular part of our weekly rotation.

  6. Don’t hate me… but I pretty much wash my hair every 5 days! I actually like it best around day 3. It helps that it’s a few inches below my boobs (chopping it right after the wedding!) and I have the worlds thickest mane.

    I can’t wait to get back to normal life and cooking! I’ve been studying like a mad woman for the past week for an 8 hour exam I’m taking Friday. Hello stress eating! I’m going to do some serious meal planning & prep on Sunday so next week will be a healthier one. Yay!

    • Holly says:

      OHMAHGAWD, I am so jealous of your hair washing schedule. And good luck on your exam today! Let me know how it goes.

  7. Allison B says:

    Yay for Lush! I pretty much love all their products. Just recently started using their “t’eo” deodorant and it’s great! Also I just picked up Michael Ruhlman’s brand new cookbook “Egg”. It seemed a little crazy to have a whole book dedicated to eggs, but the writing is amazing and he really makes you believe that if you can perfect cooking an egg, you can cook anything!! 🙂

  8. katie says:

    Do you make your own iced coffee? If yes, please do a post on your recipe/method.

  9. ashley says:

    good for you! I just found a similar product a couple months ago and seriously cannot stop talking about it either! It’s the little that make your week, man.