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30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Six

When I woke up this morning all the power was off in our house. Irritating. I scratched my head feverishly in hopes that it would help me figure out a way to brew coffee with no electricity (we have an electric stove) but to no avail.

Instead of sitting around staring at the wall (in the dark) I took my book light (good thing I got new light bulbs, eh?) to the closet and picked out the brightest, most obnoxious shirt I could find and then built an outfit around it.

Here’s What I Wore:

If there was ever an excuse to wear chartreuse, right? The rhyming makes me feel like this would make a good title for a children’s book. Although this outfit should never be mentioned in the context of children’s books though because all day long the sweater has kind of make me feel like a little bit of a flasher, and we could never work that into the plot because the would be kind of awkward.


Sweater: Gap Outlet
Chartreuse Tee: Banana Republic Factory Store
Necklace: Target
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy The Flirt Jeans
Shoes: Old Navy

Maybe I’ll try to work this outfit into the plot line of my Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel.

Maybe not.

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Two

I put on this outfit this morning not thinking too much about it, and was greeted by a gentleman waiting for the same elevator who said to me, “WOW! YOU’RE A GIANT.”

To which I responded, “You must be single.”

Well, at least I said that in my head anyway. I’m only 6’1 in these shoes, and I hardly think that qualifies as GIANT status, now does it.

Just to make sure, let’s consult Andre:

Just what I thought: he says NO. But then again he said that from the dead, so I don’t know how reliable that whole conversation was in the first place.

Here’s What I Wore:

Earrings: Target
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Merona for Target

Some people just don’t know when to hold their tongue.


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty One

Everyone prepare yourself, I’m about to do something CRAZY! Ok, not really crazy, just crazy FOR ME. I’m going to mix patterns. Well, um sort of.

Boy all of this build up for something so ridiculous. You see, I saw this photo on pinterest the other day and I thought — hey, that doesn’t looks so bad. Maybe I could try that.

And because it was stripes on stripes, we all know my closet was clearly fueled with some ammunition.

Now my version was not quite as fashion-y, but surprisingly I feel pretty comfortable in it even though it is (OMG) two! different! patterns!

Here’s What I Wore:

Sweater: Gap Outlet
Shirt: Banana Republic Factory Store
Jeans: Gap Slim Boyfriend
Necklace: Banana Republic
Pewter Flats: Target
Bracelet: You’ve seen this one a million times. I like it, I guess.

I asked Garrett to take a detail shot so you could see the stripes-on-stripes effect and this is what he took — the boy is many things but detailed-fashion-shots for the blog are not his area of expertise…


Not a detail of my face, babe! A detail of the shirts!


“But a detail of your face is cuter.”

And then I did of the obnoxious adorableness. Feel free to barf. I might actually miss taking silly outfit photos in the morning when this little project is over.

We have absolutely no idea what we are doing, but hey at least we are having fun pretending!

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty

Well internet, Garrett is glad to know that you all agree with him that my fake Danskos are hideous. He’s been running around the house with his arms up like he is Rocky shouting “Vindication!” You can’t win ’em all, I guess. But damn, they are comfy!

Today I had the day off but still had to get up early to go get a “Health Screening” at work. Yeah, it was about as fun as it sounds. Then I ran a boat load of errands! WOOT! Adulthood, for the win. I remember when my days off included sleeping late and doing whatever I felt like. Ah memories.

Speaking of memory, I almost forgot to take a picture of this outfit because I was so busy today! I probably shouldn’t admit this but my internet usage definitely changes when I have a day off work. 😉 I just had a little panic attack about it, but we were able to grab a photo right before it got too dark!

Here’s What I Wore:


Necklace: Target
Sweater: Banana Republic Factory Store
Jeans: Gap 1969 Perfect Bootcut (another hand me down from my fairy godmother AndreAnna)
Tank: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Bracelet: Target

The flyaway hair is courtesy of the fact that my car has no air conditioning. Oh, the perks!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Sixteen

I have issued a challenge to myself: I will now show you EVERY striped piece of clothing in my closet!

Oh wait, I think I am already doing that. Hmmm, that’s not much of a challenge then is it? Well, it’s Friday and I don’t feel like being challenged so there! I feel like drinking 10 cups of coffee because I stayed up too late reading a book that I am really enjoying and for that my fashion is suffering! A good detective story will do that to a girl.

Here’s What I Came Up With Today:


Shirt: Banana Republic
Necklace: Banana Republic
Bracelet: Target
Capri Jeans: Ross (FYI, these are the ones that came with yesterday’s free belt! haha)
Heels: Merona for Target (I promise I’m not tipping over in these, it’s just the way the photo looks)

I actually love this shirt though and have to force myself NOT to wear it every day. It feels like silk but is washable! I think they call that rayon…LOL I don’t know — I love the color, the pattern, the texture. It’s a good shirt. So even though I’m making a weird face, trust that I am generally happy with this outfit.

Garrett was actually telling fart jokes while taking these pictures so unfortunately I’m either making a fake smile/annoyed face like I am above or laughing hysterically.


Yep, I don’t have that cute supermodel — oh look at me, ha ha ha, I’m laughing — kind of face. But then again I bet high fashion photographers don’t tell fart jokes on set. Well maybe they do, what do I know?

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Are you so ready for it? I know I am!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Thirteen

Today’s inspiration is out of my comfort zone. But I guess that’s a little bit of what this project is about, isn’t it?

So let’s do this:


I like this for all the obvious reasons: it looks comofortable, casual and stylish – the holy trinity, yes? But my version is pretty form-fitting and that is still taking a bit of a fake it til I make it kind of confidence to pull off.

Here’s what I came up with:


Let’s talk about the boots for a minute, shall we?

I do not have tiny calves. At all. Even a little bit. In fact, after losing almost 100 lbs they are actually 1/4 of an inch BIGGER than they were when I started out on this journey. Talk about unfair, my friends. (Also unfair: my ring finger is the same size. Both of these things are difficult for me to comprehend, DAMNIT!)

Anyway, that was a bit of a sidebar.

Boots are basically impossible for me to find and require a two part experiment. 1: Will they fit around my Incredible Hulk Calves? and 2: Will they look flattering? You see, Number 1 does not guarantee Number 2. I feel like these boots do okay at both and I just recently picked them up with a coupon code that made them $24, shipped — and you know how I am with bargain shoes! I think for $24 it’s worth the experiment to see if I can get comfy with the idea of a more form fitting silhouette.


Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy “The Diva” Skinny Jenas
Boots: Right here – check them out if you also have trouble finding good fitting boots.

Now it’s official — Mother Nature, BRING ON FALL!!!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Ten

It’s a two-for-one today. Two pieces of inspiration, one end result outfit.

Here’s a couple of things that inspired me:

First, (on the right) I love a blazer. Love. It’s a hard piece of clothing for me to wear since I have broad shoulders and boobs. Broad shoulders + Boobs = No Blazer Love. But I keep trying.

Second, (on the left) I also love the bright colors and chunky jewelry. Two things that make me feel pretty over and over.

Third, Stripes. I’m going to be so sick of stripes in a couple months, I’m sure but for now I still have L-O-V-E for them.

Here’s what I came up with:

30 Days of Denim - Day Ten

Yep, still NO love for posing for the camera but what are you gonna do.

Blazer: Old Navy
Striped Tee: Banana Republic
Jeans: Old Navy (hand me down from AndreAnna. Thanks!)
Shoes: Merona for Target
Necklace: Target

I like the inspiration pics more than I like the actual outfit, but hey — 10 days in a row of trying to style fun, denim outfits will do that to a girl.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…

30 Days of Denim – Day Eight

Woo Hoo! One week down. Now let’s get back to the roots of this project:

Pinterest Inpsiration!

Isn’t this so cute and comfy and stylish looking?

Jeans! Stripes! Mustard!

Many of my favorite things for fall. Not wearing shoes though, will NOT be a favorite thing for fall. That, I promise.

Here is what I came up with:


Sweater: Merona for Target
Striped Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: Old Navy “The Flirt”
Gold Loafers: Target Clearance. I love these shoes double because they were a $3.98 red tag purchase!
Blingy Bracelet: Target

The shoes are actually my favorite part! (Well, you know, besides the Jazz Hands!)


This can go in the casual yet put together file I think. It’s nothing special, but I don’t look like a complete ragamuffin, so it’s a win, I think.

My standards are obviously very high.

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…

30 Days of Denim – Day Four

When I wear jeans and a t shirt, I generally feel a little bit sloppy. Maybe it is just the casualness of the phrase “Jeans + Tee” but I feel like I’m phoning it in. That said, on Friday (yes, I’m posting these a few days after I wear them) I really wanted to go casual — because it was ACTUALLY Casual Friday. Also, I wanted to shake things up since I was really sticking to jeans and a cardigan and it was time for a change.

A quick look to Pinterest for inspiration and I found this:


Embellished Tees! The casual shirt that makes you feel pulled together! Noted. I may seek out some more of these. Well, not exactly these, though I am most definitely fond of finding something I like and buying it in every color. You know what I’m saying here, right? There is a place in my life for embellished tees and that place is Casual. Damn. Friday.

Here’s what I came up with:

30 Days of Denim - Day Four

Tee: Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap Premium Bootcut (Not loving these jeans and at the end of the day I could fit a second person in them)
Belt: Target
Ring: Target
Sandals: Merona for Target

Obviously my hopes were that I would instantly look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Sadly this did not happen. But I was fairly happy with the results.

Garrett was happy because between shots he captured two of my fierce unintentional Blue Steel faces while I was waiting for him to tell me he was ready. I think he just likes to mess with me.

Sometimes the outtakes are even better than the real pictures.

What did you wear today? Join the group and play a little show and tell.

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