5 Simple Goals


Last week I made a short list of 5 Simple Goals. Here’s a quick little recap of what they were and how I did:

1. Workout 4 Times
I have more to say about this, and I am gathering my thoughts. This week I will definitely have an update on my fitness/headspace/weight loss goals.

2. Complete my FitBit #Operation50
I came close, but I don’t think I made it. It’s been rainy since Thursday and that’s sort of hindered my daily strolls/dog walking. #excuses #butstilltrue

3. Wash Car
When I saw it was going to rain, I scratched this goal.

4. Skip Dessert During the Week
I totally broke down on Thursday and had some epic dessert. But the rest of the week (even this weekend) I’ve stayed away. Knowing I was aiming for this goal really kept me in check all week.

5. Post 5 Times on the Blog

Done! And I’m so glad I got caught up on so many of the posts I wanted to publish.


This week I’m sticking with some similar goals and adding in a couple new ones (that I totally stole for YOUR goal lists in the comments. HEY THANKS! haha)

1. Skip Dessert During the Week
2. Post 5 Times on the Blog
3. Read One Night Instead of Watching TV
4. Give Yourself Manicure
5. Workout 4 Times (Let’s try this again.)

Doable, right? I mean if I can’t count on myself to paint my nails, THEN WHO CAN I COUNT ON? :)

Any goals you want to share? I bet you have some good ones…

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5 Simple Goals


I’ve been making a marked effort this year to balance the personal and professional. 2013 was the Year of My Job, and I want 2014 to look a little bit more balanced.

The inner goal setter in me, however, NEEDS a vision. I spent the month of January experimenting with tiny micro-goals each week that I hoped would help me feel productive and focus on life outside my job. Sometimes they were small, sometimes silly, and sometimes they were meaty and complex. But I never tried to focus on more than 5 things, and what do you know, it’s been pretty manageable. I don’t achieve them all each week necessarily, but it guides my focus. I thought I’d share them on occasion.

Here’s what’s on this week’s agenda:

1. Workout 4 Times

Boys are jogging the track // Girls are running the bleacher stairs.
I can’t seem to get over the hump of 3 workouts per week. Part of that has been taking it easy on my back, and part of that (honestly) has been me being a little lazy. This is the week where I want to commit to four workouts. I’m thinking 2 CrossFit workouts, a workout with my friend Kari (which will probably be a bootcamp or TRX — EEP I’ve never done TRX and I think I’ll be a mess!) and then a Yoga/Wild Card workout. Garrett + I have been loving running bleacher stairs lately and sprinting (Buster too — especially the sprinting!), so maybe something like that. Sounds like a good variety. Four times! I can do this!

2. Complete Fit Bit #Operation50

Finally some #operation50 success! 50k steps. 50 floors. Now I want to see 2 weeks in a row! #fitbit
Ever since I got my FitBit I’ve been aiming for my weekly goals add up to 50,000 steps and 50 flights of stairs. That might seem like a lot or a little to you depending on how active you are, but for my life in this moment this is proving to be a challenge. The Steps goal requires me to get up and get away from desk at work (or else I won’t hit it) and the Stairs goal keeps me motivated to take the stairs at work. I’d like to aim for #Operation75 sometime in the near future, but I can’t even consistently hit 50 every week, so that’s where I’m leaving it for now, and for this week.

3. Wash Car

I know, this seems silly and administrative but it’s been on my To Do List for weeks and needs to get done. I EVEN HAVE A COUPON, which means I only need to *drive* my car over to get washed. I don’t even have to wash it myself! So really, there’s no excuse.

4. Skip Dessert During the Week

We know how to party!  ☕️☕️
I’ve been abusing dessert. This is my confession. :) It’s one of those things I rationalize by saying “Oh hey, but I worked out.” or “These cookies are totally Paleo, they’re harmless.” I’ve even gone to rationalizing that “It’s only dried mango” as I’ve mawed the entire Trader Joe’s bag. So this week, I’ve decided to focus on getting that in check. I bought a bag of Honeycrisp Apples at Costco this weekend and I have some fun flavored herbal teas — it’s that or nothing. I’m going to aim to eat a good dinner and let that be that. We’ll see how hard this is. :)

5. Post 5 times on the Blog

OHMYGAWD I have so many posts that I want to finish (SOOOOOO MUCH TO SAY, SOOOOO MANY STORIES TO TELL) so I need to just GIT’R DONE and get things posted. I want to really review my Fitbit One and tell you why I love it, tell you about my Keto Experiment, Review my experience with Gwynnie Bee, Share my favorite weeknight recipe, Share my Books To Be Read List, Talk about some Beauty Products, Discuss a cash saving tip I just discovered, Write about strengths/weaknesses, Show you my favorite winter “uniform” lately, Share my opinions about blogging and how it has changed (and why I love that!) Not to mention the links. Soooooo many links! — YOU SEE! I probably need to post 10 times, but we’re going to aim for 5.


And that’s that. Five little things to focus on. Simple Simon.

What are your 5 Simple Goals this week? Do tell…..

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First Quarter – State of the Union

Evening walk with the Dogfather.

In 2012 I did regular progress reports each month outlining my goals for the current month and my accomplishments for the previous. While that was somewhat useful for me, something about the format wasn’t exactly what I wanted and rather than fix it in 2013, I just sort of skipped it altogether. Good thing too, because I’m sure I didn’t have time to accomplish much outside of work and probably would have felt super de-motivated. In the end, skipping it was a win.

But I miss doing a bit of regular life inventory around here, so I’ve racked my brain for some kind of solution and decided that maybe a Quarterly State of the Union could be helpful. I’m going to pick a few areas (the ones that are the biggest pieces of my life), discuss what’s going well, what could be going better, give you some links to people or resources that are influencing me in those areas, and then list my short term quarterly goals if I have any. (And hell, I may not!) I’m going to try this format this year and see what happens. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Business + Career

What’s Going Well: With respect to the day job, I’m about 3 weeks out from my 1 year anniversary of this new role I took on at work. Upside? I’ve sort of been through everything once. Does that make sense? Last year in addition to just learning a new job I had some serious extra curricular assignments on my desk that were temporary. Most of those are wrapping up at the beginning of this year. TIME TO EXHALE….WOOO HOOO!! Downside: Last Friday at 4pm I was assigned a new little project that may or may not be a big commitment since I had some “extra capacity.” haha

I can’t talk about business + career without talking about blogging. 2013 was the first year that I made a legit part time income off of this blog. It’s not an income that will support our household, but it was enough to have me fretting about taxes this year. (Hi, I am financially unorganized when it comes to blogging. WHOOPS.) And it was also enough for me to want to figure out an actual plan for that in 2014. I feel enormously grateful to everyone who has supported this site by reading, commenting, and allowing me to figure out this “Business of Blogging” as I go.

What Could Be Going Better: For fun, I printed out this free time tracking worksheet from Nicole over at Life Less Bullshit. Her suggestion was to track your time for 72 hours to see where you are really spending it, obviously in the hopes of finding places to maximize your efficiency. I went into it thinking “You know, there is probably some dicking around time that I could be using better. This will illuminate where I have some pockets of free time that I could use more effectively.”

Um, wrong.

It became very clear, very quick that I am currently operating at max efficiency, which includes only about 3.5 hours each weekday evening of “free time.” (No wonder I’m so damn excited for the weekends!) So yes, I could be scheduling those 3.5 hours of time more productively, for sure. But sometimes I like to use them to do extravagant things like showering after hot yoga, washing dinner dishes, doing a load or two of laundry, and singing Kanye West to my dog in a very obnoxious voice. (All things I like to do but don’t have a set schedule for. I need a little spontaneity in my life!)

And here’s the other kicker, sometimes I need to have an unscheduled minute to not talking to anyone, or be working on something. Frankly that’s allowed. And that’s no bullshit. Soooooooo. That whole exercise sort of depressed me because I’m past the point of small, smart fixes. But could be useful if you wonder where all your time is going. What it helped me realize was that at this point in my life juggling act, if I need more time (AND I DO), I’m going to have to make some largeR scale changes that are frankly a bit murky and scary.

Short term goals: Figure out some of the bigger needle movers in this time management situation. Get comfortable saying no at work. 2014 Blog Business Plan! Pay your taxes. OUCH. Make sure that doesn’t happen again in 2014. Open a bank account or something. :)

Health + Fitness

What’s going well: Well, I am still alive. SCORE. I have reduced my caffeine intake by a large amount and it has been really helpful. Apparently all I had to do was stock my work stash with DECAF K-Cups and then I wouldn’t feel like I was going to have a heart attack everyday at 2pm. NOVEL IDEA! :) My skin is looking better than it has in at least a decade and I am consistently getting 7+ hours of sleep every night. (If I want to get 9 hours of sleep every night then I would only have 1.5 hours OF unscheduled time to myself on weekdays. So right now I’m good with 7.)

What Could Be Going Better: Just about everything. When I visualize my immune system it looks like a piece of swiss cheese. (mmmm…cheese.) I have been sick so much of the last 2 months (and it’s still lingering!) that I only logged 10 days in the gym total. TEN DAYS. This is a problem on so many levels for me. I mean you guys, the amount of work it takes to squeeze my ass into my VERY TIGHT pants in the morning should probably count as a workout. I have gotten woefully out of shape, and while it is completely understandable (use it or lose it) that doesn’t make it less frustrating.

I am also dealing with a back injury that has been going on (off and on, which is super irritating) since I did a wonky back bend in a Bikram class in November. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor last week when I got up from my desk to walk to the bathroom and couldn’t stand up straight. Not normal. (Love this Myth Busters: Chiropractic Edition. A good read if you don’t have a lot of experience with Chiropractors.)

Of course when I feel frustrated about my inability to workout, or when the cabin fever insanity of no gym time gets to me — I begin to hallucinate that kettle cooked potato chips at the grocery store are calling my name. Tell me this happens to you too. It’s not that I’m eating terribly, but I’m just not really eating to support my goals, ya know? I don’t feel any sort of good/bad moral judgment about it but it’s just dumb. And I’m starting to feel a sort of low grade depression about it.

Short Term Goals: Walk More. It’s easy to do, even in my current sick/injured/depressed state and it’s so important. I loved Mark’s Daily Apple’s list of 17 Reasons To Walk More This Year. It was like a beacon of light when I was feeling really bad about my ability to workout. Get to the chiropractor and get to healing. Ease back into your workouts when the time is right. And stop eating chips every time you feel like it.

Family + Relationships

What’s going well: I saw a lot of my family in the last month! My mom and I have had a lot of quality time together recently. I love Garrett to pieces and our relationship right now is in such a good flow. I’ve already been good about birthday cards, thank you notes, and email correspondence so far this year (I know, it’s only been 2 weeks, but there have been quite a few things to send!) and that has been a very purposeful effort. I’m happy with that.

What Could Be Going Better: If you are a friend of mine and you have tried to make plans with me in the last, ooooh — 6 months — I have been super hesitant to commit. I’m guarding my “free time” like a lunatic because I’m never sure if when I have *time* I will also have *energy*. You know how this goes right? (See above about sometimes just wanting to singing Kanye to Buster/not talk to anyone.) So, what I’m saying is, this could be better. I haven’t thought of a great solution to this, but hey, that’s what the next section is for.

Short Term Goals: Go easy on yourself. Make spontaneous plans when the mood strikes. Get rid of the guilt, but also don’t be an inconsiderate dick.


And that’s where I’m at at the beginning of the first quarter of the year, and also where I want to go. Any wild and crazy goals on your list? Give me a little update on YOUR State of the Union? Come on! It’ll be fun! :)

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2014 Goals

2014 Goals

This year I’m taking a bit of a different approach with my goals. I’m not categorizing them or focusing on any particular area of my life I just want to make a nice little list of things I am excited to do.

I want 2014 to be the year of pursuing peace, joy, rest and fun. I’m not “choosing a word(s)” I just really gave some thought about what I want next year to FEEL like and those were the ideas that kept invading my brain.

I don’t want to set out to do anything that doesn’t make me feel giddy with excitement.

I’m well aware that life isn’t all about cultivating the superficial, but this year I kind of want my goals to be. I truly believe the rest will fall into place.

One of the things you may notice is that there is not a single, solitary food or fitness goal. It’s been at least 10 years since I haven’t had either of those on a list. And do you want to know the craziest thing? I don’t even feel a little bit anxious about that.

Even without specific goals I plan on 2014 being the year I get my food and fitness mojo back and fear not I will continue to write about it all here. BUT HOW WILL YOU DO THAT WITH NO GOALS, HOLLY?

I have a feeling that I just will. And a bigger feeling that I don’t yet know what that looks like for the year, so I just want to sit with that intention and see what happens. I think the reason that I feel so calm about it is that great food and fitness mojo (good eating, regular exercising, NOT stressing so damn much) seem to co-exist most often when I am pursuing peace, joy, rest and fun. So let’s see how that works in 2014, eh?

If you want to see what else is on my list, here is a little peek:


Read 40 books
15 of which you already own, please.

Keep a quote blog
Inspired by this, I’m going to just add this to the random tidbits that I already post on my tumblr.

More lunch dates with friends
Lunch is the perfect get together! You can do it on a weekday or a weekend, you don’t have stay out late, it can involve drinking or non-drinking, and most importantly YOU GET TO SEE FRIENDS.

Paint my nails more
Because I like when they are painted. And also it forces me to just sit still and not multitask for a good amount of time WHICH I NEED. Nail painting as therapy. :)

Take Buster on more walks
It’s a toss up on who enjoys it more — me or the dog! Plus — THE FITBIT IS WATCHING. :)

Take a trip with my mom
Just us girls!

Find a TV series to watch with Garrett to replace the void that finishing Dawson’s Creek has left (WEEP!)
We watched all 6 seasons of Dawson’s Creek last year and it was silly, lame at times, epic and hilarious. It was also really fun to share. We want to find another series to make our way through together this year.

Get regular about meditation
I don’t need a book or an app or a lesson. I just need a practice. This is so hard.

This probably sounds weird, and I’ll get into it more in another post, but in the past few years I have really culled many areas of my life down to the bare necessities in an attempt to weed out crap I don’t need. It’s been liberating and awesome. So now that I have a better idea of the “things” that are meaningful and that I enjoy using (necessities AND creature comforts), I want to make sure I find the Holy Grail versions. In short, this requires buying things. A few sampling of the list:

*****Find the perfect pair of high end aviators
To replace my old, awesome, cheap ones that I broke. Sob.

*****Replace bedroom and living room rugs
They have seen better days/no longer match.

*****Buy a bed frame
Because you aren’t in college and haven’t been for almost 10 years.

*****Buy a new refrigerator
Because it would make all of my adult dreams come true.

Redecorate the guest bathroom
Because it seems like an easy place to start and my mom said she would help.

Find a non-cheesy, non-trite way to display photos in our home
Because I love framed photos but I’m not really a “Live Laugh Love” frame kind of gal.

Get better at buffering
This idea spoke to me in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Host a family get together
Maybe a BBQ? A Holiday?

Less Coffee // More Herbal Tea

I know, I know. But it is for the best. My adrenal system has already written me a thank you note for even considering it.

Send a god damn Christmas Card
It’s not that hard.

Brighten up my workout attire
Because this really resonated with me.

Explore some different clothing brands
I buy a lot of clothes from Gap, Target, Kohl’s. I feel like I’m kind of a slave to the seasons at the same stores. I want to actively pursue some different brands this year.


I’m sure there will be more and I will continue to update this as a working document. Regardless I’m looking forward to documenting the journey here. Have you posted goals for 2014? Leave me a link to yours!

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2013 Goals — How’d I Do?

Holly Would If She Could - 2013 GoalsI almost didn’t set goals in 2013, and my reasoning for that in my original post was as follows: “The thing is, I want 2013 to be the year that I am PRESENT. And goal setting, while super duper awesome can be the gateway drug to living in the future (for me!)”    While I ultimately did decide to set some goals, it’s funny how — regardless of my To Do List — 2013 was constantly challenging me to be present. Things worked out so much different than I thought they would when I made this road map one year ago, but despite all of that I wanted to go through and make my check marks. LIST MAKERS FOREVER!!!!  :)

The areas I focused on were Fitness, Fun, Relationships, My Jobs, and this Blog. Here’s how all of that shook out.;

Fitness Goals

*Train for and run The Relay
*Run another half marathon Aw hell no! 10 miles + The Relay was enough.
*Continue CrossFit 4-5 per week This obviously did not happen despite some good efforts.
*Do a pull up. By yourself. Without a band. This is like my holy grail goal.
*Map out a plan to improve your lifting technique I took a class! I worked with a lifting coach! I definitely improved, and I have the PRs to prove it.
*If you have time, incorporate some yoga for mobility So glad I finally did this.

Fun + Relationships

*Keep up with The Great Skincare Experiment and transition to 100% Natural Skincare I kept it up. I transitioned to 100% Natural Skincare. And then guess what? I WENT BACK TO THE DARKSIDE. I’ll talk more about that in 2014, but things are going really well with my skin right now!
*Get professional photos taken with Garrett again Super fail. We barely took any selfies this year. So sad.
*Plan a weekend away with girlfriends While I didn’t do this on such a grand scale since I traveled so much for work, I think I took major advantage of that work travel for girlfriend time, so I’m checking this off!
*Read 50 books BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I read less than 20.
*Do another year of Project Life Purposely stopped this after I got my job. Project Life is awesome, it just wasn’t a priority AT ALL this year.
*Write one hand written note per month Fail.
*See a city with Garrett that is new Double Fail.
*Document your outfits more in an effort to dress better at work I got pretty good at regularly putting my OOTDs on Instagram. Follow me there if that is your thing, I’ll be doing it again in 2014.
*Stop bringing/prepping so much food at parties Garrett suggested this one and I TOTALLY did it. It was like REALLY REALLY REALLY hard, but I managed to be reasonable about volume of food at parties, when entertaining, or when “bringing something” to a gathering.
*Take a Butchering class I didn’t. But I’ve got my eye on this for next year.
*Update home decor “If you feel like it and have time” was how I pitched it to myself this year. The cliffs notes: I did NOT feel like it, nor did I have time. :)

Professional + Blogging Goals

*Do more public speaking I did the same amount. We’ll call that completed.
*Write a cookbook I am proud of This deserves a whole huge blog post of its own. Maybe one day.
*Post 52 new recipes to the blog I posted 9. This makes me sad.
*Redesign website This deserves a whole huge blog post of its own also. I have VERY bad web design luck.
*Start a sponsorship/advertising program that builds community Nope. 2014 goal? Yep.
*Meet more blog readers/bloggers Nailed it! And it was awesome!
*Be a better blog commenter I will say sort of. It went in waves.


And the thing I made a goal to keep in mind all year long:

Its ok to be happy with a calm life




My life this year did not feel calm AT ALL. But I guess that’s okay, because I went into most things with open eyes. I changed direction early on this year, but I’m happy to see I still got some of this done. I will definitely be setting goals for 2014, but they will probably be more fun, funny and superficial with a few To-Do items thrown in. I need a year off from accomplishing things and a year to just focus on feeling how I want to feel. It’s going to be a change of pace, but a good one I think.

Hope you all have a happy and safe new year!

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A Refreshing Approach to Goal Setting

Last week I wrote about trying to be present and find peace all while still setting goals. It seemed to resonate with a bunch of you and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who things about these things.

Reader Kelley left a comment directing me over to Marie Forleo’s newest video interviewing Danielle LaPorte on this EXACT subject. What an awesome coincidence! ;) I really loved everything she had to say but I was especially drawn in at first when she described the kind of disconnect that I’ve definitely felt this year while working through my goals.

I know it’s a bit of a commitment, running a little over 20 minutes, but I think there is so much great advice here. Check it out when you have a little time to spare and the desire to be inspired:


Of course after I watched it I ordered The Desire Map instantly. When I get through it I’ll be sure to give it a full review. Thanks, as always, for your encouraging comments and emails the other day.

Onward and upward with this 2014 business!

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Dress Rehearsing Your Goals

It’s the holidays and we should all stay present and enjoy the season! But can I confess something to you? I am already excitedly thinking about goals for 2014! (Ok, ok — I bet this comes as a shock to absolutely no one.)

Buddy Goals

I just LOVE goals and experiments and (most importantly) KEEPING TRACK because it just tickles my brain. Goals and I go together like Buddy the Elf and Smiling — it’s a Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop situation. Whether I achieve the goal I set out to or completely fail in the process I just love seeing my intentions and efforts turn into real change over time while learning new things.

We are right about to embark upon that time of year where people like to publicly complain about how resolutions are stupid. No one ever keeps them! We are just setting ourselves up for failure! THE HORROR!  But I firmly believe (as I’ve said a million times around here) Failure Is Awesome! And while I am clearly and firmly in the Pro-Resolution Camp, I understand that everyone isn’t as dorked about setting goals as I am.

But if you are contemplating setting some new goals for yourself next year, or if you are just starting to tinker with the idea of trying something new, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things to do during December that help me set me on a path of success come January.

Enter: The Dress Rehearsal.

To me, the month of December is FULL, and I generally don’t try to commit to new routines or make sweeping changes. Tis the season to celebrate maintenance as if it were serious progress, right?  But that is absolutely the beauty of trying new things in December — you can try something, perhaps fail at something, and then when you get to January you’re like “Doing this new thing without all that holiday complication? Man, that feels like a piece of cake!”

Mind tricks. I like them, you see.  :)

Here’s what I’m trying new in December:


Have you heard of 43 Folders?

It’s an organization/reminder system based on David Allen’s awesome productivity book Getting Things Done. I read it back in July and thought there were a lot of good ideas in it, but wasn’t really in an implementing mood, you know?  But I’ve been thinking about it a lot because over the last few months  Garrett and I have drilled down that a good amount of our life stress comes from this feeling of not using time effectively. When we have it we’re not using it, and then we have to scramble at the last minute to get things done when we DON’T have time. UGH. Something needs to change for sure.

So we decided to dress rehearse a new solution this month. Best case scenario, we love it and the holidays run even smoother. Worst case scenario, we do it for a week, get too busy, forget all about it and then we try again in January learning from our mistakes. Anyway, here’s a quick overview of what it entails:

43 Folders Overview

It’s a really simple file folder based system (you have one for each of the 31 days of a month, plus one for each of the 12 months of the year) and the idea is  you can place physical ephemera you will need on a specific day (Invitation to a Baby Shower on Saturday December 13), reminders of things you want do on a specific date (On December 6, Buy Baby Shower Gift), or pending things you want to review later (I printed out the baby shower registry the day I got the invitation, then put it in the December 6th File Folder.) Each day in the morning (maybe with your coffee!)  you open the folder with the current date. Use what you need, prioritize your to do list accordingly, push back things to another folder if they aren’t urgetnand then put your folder in the back and bringing tomorrow’s folder to the front. At the end of each month, you open the folder for the new month and deal with its contents—like putting items in the correct day folders. Make sense?  If not, this is a helpful video overview.


So — that’s what we are dress rehearsing that in December. We’ll might screw up, but who doesn’t screw things up during the holidays, right? ;)  We’ll get an idea of what we like, what we don’t, what will work better, etc — and then come January, we’ll go at it LIKE WE MEAN IT. I love a good dress rehearsal to work out the kinks. Have you started thinking about your goals for 2014? Are you dress rehearsing any new habits right now or just cheering yourself on for maintaining?

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A Nice Reminder

So hey, remember that Partner Competition at our gym that I was bitching about on Friday? The one that Garrett signed us up for?

Dude, you guys, WE WON OUR DIVISION. I mean, what? Who the hell was judging and how did THAT happen?


We competed in the scaled division (I STILL CAN’T DO PULL UPS AND GOD DAMN IT, IT HOLDS ME BACK EVERY TIME) but we had fun working together as a team, coming up with a strategy that embraced our strengths, supporting one another, and I really can’t believe we ended up winning. I was secretly hoping that we would come in 3rd, because all the teams had to compete in 3 workouts, but only the top 2 teams in Rx and Scaled competed in one final head to head workout for all the marbles. So, you know, call me lazy but a 3rd place would have suited me juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust just fine! :)


The energy at the gym was super fun, as usual, and it was great to see so many people I like putting it all out there. I don’t have any desire to be a real competitor, but it’s definitely nice to do stuff like this in a safe environment every once in a while because you really do push yourself a little harder. Both Garrett and I PR’d our squat clean 1 Rep Maxes, and I really think we just didn’t want to let each other down, so we just did the best we could.
Just sayin.

I’ve been pretty down on myself, fitness-wise, as of late because I haven’t been working out as often as I’d like, or by the time I get to the gym at the end of a long work day I’m zonked. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the last 3 years and these days my performance hasn’t been particularly newsworthy. But this weekend reminded me of how good it feels to have fitness goals and how fun it is when you reach them. I don’t know what that means for the rest of the summer, but I feel like both Garrett were reminded again this weekend about why we like our gym so much. And the fact that we all got to hang out and celebrate at the annual anniverary party BBQ afterward was just icing on the cake!


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2013 Summer Bucket List

summer  bucket list copy

I like how summer just snuck right in this weekend. I was contemplating not making a bucket list this year because work is still taking up a ridiculous amount of time and brain space, but I just can’t. do. it. I had to make one!

This year’s bucket list is decidedly short and mostly superficial but I think that is just what I need. Work is taking up a lot of time, so I want to make sure my time outside of work is full of silly, superficial pleasures. To me, that will make this summer a success!

1. Get tan. Stay tan.

Oooh, I am already working on this in the best way and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Sometimes I don’t mind being super pale. Sometimes I like a little color on my skin. This summer — will be the SUMMER OF COLOR!

2. Prioritize manicures + pedicures.

Iowa realization: it brings me great pleasure to look at my fingernails and have them look nice. It’s really not that difficult and I like it a lot. GET IT DONE.

3. Get at least 2 more massages.

Secondary Iowa realization: getting a massage after a crazy week of workouts feels amazing, and I’m worth it.

4. Learn the words to some really awful cheesy pop songs. Sing them incessantly while driving.

When the sun’s blazing and the air conditioner is blowing — the only thing that makes running errands fun is belting out a little Justin Timberlake. Or Daft Punk. Or Selena Gomez. Or Taylor Swift. Sorry, it’s a fact. :)

5. Smell like summer ALL THE DAMN TIME.

My shower is stocked with coconut conditioner. My lotion smells like the beach. My skin is tan, my house is clean and smells like a sea breeze. Summer – 24:7.

6. Find a maxi dress you love FOR REAL this summer.

This is like searching for Bigfoot. But dammit, I am COMING FOR YOU!

7. Eat on the patio at least once per week.

Icy beverage, paper plates, the smell of BBQ in the air? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

8. Don’t be too sad about the garden.

I didn’t plant a summer garden this year and really, it’s depressing the crap out of me. But I need to snap out of it and start to plan fall. YOU ARE STILL ALLOWED TO ENJOY ZUCCHINI AND TOMATOES, HOLLY. EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T GROWN THEM YOURSELF.

9. Workout a few mornings per week.

Afternoon workouts are harder these days for two reasons: 1) it’s a million degrees out and 2) I have a lot less mental tenacity after work these days. I want to squeeze in some AM Sweat Sessions.

10. Drink a lot of iced coffee. (Ok, not too much. But, still.)

Iced Coffee is THE BOMB. But I’m usually too lazy to prepare a batch. This summer, I will rectify that.


What’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

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2013 Goals

Holly Would If She Could - 2013 Goals

I wasn’t sure whether or not I would set any goals this year. Can you believe those words even came out of my mouth? The thing is, I want 2013 to be the year that I am PRESENT and goal setting, while super duper awesome can be the gateway drug to living in the future (for me!)

But the other big thing that goal setting gives me is a compass. It is a list of things that guide my way, and I reminded myself that they do not need to be set in stone. They can evolve. They can get bigger. They can get smaller. And I can base all of that on what I’m doing and how I’m living IN THE PRESENT.

So I did end up making an awesome list, and it’s just some things I’ve got kicking around in my head RIGHT NOW in the areas I want to focus on: Fitness, Fun, Relationships, My Jobs, and this Blog. I reserve the right to update it when and if the time seems right.

Fitness Goals

*Train for and run The Relay Did I really sign up for this. Yes, yes I did. Oh lordy!
*Run another half marathon And beat my old time, obviously.
*Continue CrossFit 4-5 per week Can’t live without it. This is year three. I can’t even believe that.
*Do a pull up. By yourself. Without a band. One of these days I’ll get there.
*Map out a plan to improve your lifting technique Buy a book, take a class, play around at open gym more…WHO KNOWS?
*If you have time, incorporate some yoga for mobility

Fun + Relationships

*Get married And do it without Pinterest Pressure
*Keep up with The Great Skincare Experiment and transition to 100% Natural Skincare
*Get professional photos taken with Garrett again
*Plan a weekend away with girlfriends
*Read 50 books
*Do another year of Project Life It’s so damn easy.
*Write one hand written note per month Birthday cards, Thank You Notes, Letters to Say Hello. Just do it.
*See a city with Garrett that is new to both of us!
*Document your outfits more in an effort to dress better at work
*Stop bringing/prepping so much food at parties Garrett suggested this one. Ha! So it’s on the list.
*Take a Butchering class
*Update home decor If you feel like it and have time

Professional + Blogging Goals

*Do more public speaking I really love doing this. Do you hear me, Universe?
*Write a cookbook I am proud of Garrett + I are having fun doing this right now. But how big of a priority this will be for 2013 remains to be seen.
*Post 52 new recipes to the blog I posted 21 new recipes last year, so this year I need to step up my game! :)
*Redesign website I’m all ears for suggestions on this. Do you know someone who does stellar work? Talk to me.
*Start a sponsorship/advertising program that builds community The business of blogging is a touchy subject. I want to figure out a way to have ads on this blog that are HELPFUL, not just profitable. Like what if it was awesome information people actually wanted. This challenge appeals to the connector in me.
*Meet more blog readers/bloggers I met A LOT of fellow bloggers this year and man, that is so FUN to share a totally awesome hobby. More, please.
*Be a better blog commenter Every single comment I receive on this blog literally makes my day. So I want to remember that when I’m reading something and think to myself “Oh, what I have to say doesn’t matter. I don’t need to comment.”


And the thing I want to keep in mind all year long:

Its ok to be happy with a calm life

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