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2012 // Summer Bucket List

Travel + Social

‘Tis the season to get the eff outta dodge! That’s like, a famous quote, right?

*Day Trip/Hike in Marin County + SF
*Weekend trip to Lake Tahoe
*Weekend trip to Sonoma
*Drink a Glarifee
*Weekend trip to Bodega Bay
*Long weekend in Iowa
*Host Book Club Dinner at our house
*Make some friggin’ s’mores already (spring carryover!)


I honestly see these as the most challenging. Clearly I am doing this wrong.

*Visit a pool that has cabanas, fancy lounge chairs, cocktail service OR All of the Above
*Get a pedicure. (Note to self: This is not that hard. Quit failing at it!)
*Watch Game of Thrones, Season One
*Read 15 books (That’s…aggressive, but let’s just leave it)
*Read a lot of those outside: in the yard, on a beach, on a balcony, on a bench. It doesn’t matter.
*Get 8-9 hours of sleep at least 4 nights per week


Summer is for eating and drinking. That is one of the 10 commandments.

*Make lemonade that tastes good without sugar
*Turn that lemonade into an adult beverage
*Cook from the garden as much as possible
*Get more creative with the fresh herbs you are growing (Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro)
*Blog about it
*Write a recipe that involves sauerkraut that people will want to eat
*Post recipes for the homemade condiments you make (so. much. better. than. store bought.)
*Grill some stone fruit
*Try your hand at smoking meat without actually having a smoker
*Maybe I should just buy a smoker?
*Make pickles and also pickle some green beans
*Get better at grilling seafood
*Make jam (carryover from spring!)

Health + Fitness

This summer I want to have fun outside (and eat and drink) but also reeeeeeeeeeeally be mindful of my health progress.

*Go on a hike or trail run
*Climb a rope (So close, I’m getting there!)
*Go kayaking, damnit! (You knew that was gonna show up)
*Do legit body composition testing that you pay for at the beginning of summer
*Do it again at the end
*And don’t use your wonk ass “Body Fat Scale” that changes if you drink a big glass of water
*Re-visit the Naturopath to check your progress.
*Also Talk about hormones and babies and all that good stuff.
*Take your fish oil, silly. And your Vitamin D.
*Or maybe just look into Fermented Cod Liver Oil and figure all that out
*While you’re at it, learn enough about the importance of the Omega 6:3 ratio that you can speak about it intelligently
*Keep working on an unassisted pull up and toes to bar. Maybe by the end of summer?????
*Decide if you’re going to run in that October Half Marathon
*If you decide YES (eep!) use the CrossFit Endurance method to train

Home Improvement

Quit laughing when I write these goals. One of these seasons I WILL ACTUALLY FINISH ONE OF THESE! Then who’s gonna be laughing?

*Paint kitchen cabinets
*Peel off that annoying chunk of wallpaper in the kitchen
*Hang art in kitchen
*Hang art in office
*Get a new duvet cover for the guest bedroom
*Finish the Master Bedroom
*Buy patio furniture


What are YOU hoping to do this summer?

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