The Secret To My Success: Prologue

Over at Bodies this week I’m talking about how I feel.  What else is new, right?  Specifically though, how I feel when people ask me what The Secret to my weight loss success has been.  (Spoiler alert:  it’s not all wine and roses.)  The truth is, there hasn’t been one big secret but a succession of little secrets.  I’ve mentioned here a few times that I just made a few tweaks to my diet and exercise routine.  But what I want to be very clear about is that I did not — I REPEAT, DID NOT — just learn to eat less and move more.  I am so tired of hearing that generic piece of advice about weight loss that I want to stand up and shout it out right now, but I won’t since my co-workers would probably look at me funny.  Besides, no one wants to listen to a crazy person.

I’ve been wanting to tell you about a few things that I’ve learned while shedding almost 70 lbs since August, but I also want to emphasize that this has only been my experience.  I don’t think there is a right and wrong way to get healthy, I only know that I have been trying for years to be at my physical and mental best and what I have been doing lately :::cliche alert::: has TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.  And I don’t just mean because it has made me thinner.  That has been one small (but welcomed) side effect. 

There is so much judgment tied up in getting healthy or losing weight, and because of that I have sort of kept my talk about these issues to a minimum.  But on Monday I am going to post the first in a series of articles that will hopefully contain no judgment, just my personal story and some potentially helpful information.  My intention is to share my story in hopes that it will inspire you to find out what will work for you, if you are in fact looking.  If you aren’t looking, maybe it will just be food for thought.  If you aren’t interested in this business all, well then here’s your warning that you may want to skip those posts next week.  We can still be friends.  🙂

I want to tell you these things because in the end, we are the only ones responsible for our own success:  at work, at life, with our families, and with our health.  And the things I will be talking about have changed the way I view all of these parts of my life.  It’s a good story, if nothing else. 

So join me on Monday, will you?  Because The Secret  (snicker)  will be revealed.   

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4 Responses to The Secret To My Success: Prologue

  1. Sara says:

    Hi, I popped over from Primal Cave Friday. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! It honestly sounds incredibly similar to my own. I have recently embarked on the primal way of eating, but I'm still working on being more strict with it. I'm still only about 80% primal, at best guess. I need to just take the plunge and go 100%. Reading stories like yours help to give me the motivation I need to do so. I have about 100 pounds to lose and I really believe this is the only way I'll succeed after failing for so long on the high-carb/low-fat diets. Again, thanks for sharing!

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