Monday Musings on a Tuesday

*For the record, I can not get enough of 3 day weekends.  It is so nice to go back to work feeling refreshed rather than my usual chorus on a Monday, which is:  “WHY NOT JUST ONE MORE DAY???”

*I have started reading these books by Kathy Reichs.  You all are probably smart and already know all about her, but I am perpetually late to the party and just found out about her.  She writes series books about a Forensic Anthropologist and her books are the basis for the TV Series Bones.  Did you know this?  I totally didn’t know that show was based on books!  I’m DVRing it now, even though I need another show to DVR like I need a hole in the head.  The thing is I love series books, and my secret fantasy is that someday I will do something glamorous like analyze dead bodies and stuff.  I know, you all think I’m morbid and weird now, but I promise I’m not.  I’m just fascinated by Forensics in general, so these books are a fun brain candy gem of a find.  Do you know how I found them?  Amazon sent me another dumb email recommending her.  It sort of freaks me out how Amazon knows me so well.  But the day I got that email I also hear an interview with her on NPR, so the coincidence sealed the deal and I hit up the library.  And I’m so happy I did.  Do you have any good series books to recommend of the mystery/thriller/sciencey  genre?  Do Tell. 

*So every since my naturopath recommended I do some carb-cutting and find some freaking balance, Garrett and I have pretty much switched up to a completely Paleo/Primal diet.  Oh you guys, I feel so douchey every time I say that because really, who needs to qualify their food choices with a catchy name, right?  But HOLY SHIT IT WORKS.  I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, which is nice, but more importantly I feel amazing.  And I’m not eating anything weird, counting calories or points, or flagellating myself for wanting to eat real food.  In fact I enjoyed the most bad ass grass-fed burger with smoked Gouda this weekend and woke up this morning and had lost weight.  Score!  It’s basically a diet that includes lots of veggies, meat, fish, fruit, nuts, and seeds.  The only things I’ve really eliminated are sugar and anything with grains.  And let me tell you I miss that stuff about as much as I miss the 20lbs I’ve lost.  It’s been awesome. 

*Totally Random:  Can we discuss Harem Pants?  Does anyone besides Gwen Stefani wear them?  Why do people want to walk around wearing something that makes them look like they’ve dropped a giant load in their pants.  I can not wrap my brain around this.  They even sell them at the GAP.  Don’t even get me started on what the hell has happened to the GAP.  I think I might be getting old. 

*Speaking of getting old (Just Kidding!) today is my cousin Kelly’s birthday and this is a very exciting birthday indeed.  Not only is she turning 23 (+10), hat tip to Kristie for that one, but also she is about 3 days shy of her due date.  As in, she is about to have the cutest baby girl on the planet (I’m sure of it!) and honestly, I really can’t wait.  Kelly is pretty much my best friend in the whole wide world, and as an only child she is the closest thing I have to a sister.  And after all of our years of debauchery and stupidity and silliness (and that’s just the good times) she is about to become a Mom!  And you guys I CAN HARDLY FREAKING WAIT!  I’m pretty much counting the minutes to snuggly new baby smell and I’m excited. 

So that’s what’s new around these parts — What kind of trouble did you all get into this weekend?

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One Response to Monday Musings on a Tuesday

  1. Annie says:

    I realize I'm quite late to this party, but I just had to say GOOD FOR YOU! How awesome, Holly. Funny, I saw your tweet recently about going to crossfit and I was going to say to you that a good friend of mine just recently got certified as a crossfit level 1 trainer. Prior to this, I had never heard of crossfit, and then there you were doing it to. And, probably not coincidentally, she just started the paleo too. Small world. Anyway. Keep it up, Holly! You're doing great!