Monday Musings

*I got up this morning and tried on a pair of jeans that used to be snug.  They fit!  And their pockets contained money, coffee coupons, and lip gloss.  HELLO, Best! Monday! Ever!

*I’m reading like a maniac right now and pretty much want to kiss my library on the mouth.  Granted, Elizabeth is laughing at my when I say that I’m sure, but for me — Maniacal Reading!   Have you read anything life changing lately?  What’s on your list to-read?  I must continue to obsessively add to my HOLD list at the library — help a girl out! 

*While my reading is getting better, my writing is actually getting worse.  Lately I feel like my writing has gotten super lazy.  I actually felt embarrassed reading this article because it made me feel like a walking “DON’T” straight out of the pages of Glamour magazine…but you know, for writers.   I need to fix that.  Maybe a book?  Or writing workshop?  Any advice/ideas are welcome.  What do you do to get out of a writing rut?  I need to do something about it. 

*Um, this post is not it.   🙂 

*Speaking of Glamour, I hate that magazine and it still comes to my house every month as a sad publisher replacement for my Domino subscription and I HATE HATE HATE IT AND WHEN WILL IT END??? It immediately goes into the recycling bin every time I get it.   

*I have spent the last two weeks not eating sugar, flour, wheat, dairy and at the risk of sounding cliche (here come those lazy writing skills again) it has TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.  And also, I lost 12 pounds!  Unintentionally.  I didn’t give up all those things for weight loss, that was just a happy side effect.   I can’t even wrap my brain around all of it so I’m going to put it down on paper over at Bodies in Motivation this week.  In case you missed my most recent post (that is totally not about the last 2 crazy weeks) head over and check it out and answer my question, would ya?

*I went back to the gym this weekend after a pretty long hiatus (I’ve been struggling with some Plantar Fasciitis pain in my left foot and taking it easy) and sweet baby jesus my whole body is so sore it is ridiculous.  I hate this feeling.  Wearing a bra hurts.  Not putting on the bra, though that hurts too, but actually wearing it, doing nothing, just sitting — HURTS.  It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to go from sitting to standing and I’m pretty sure everyone around me is sick of the 48 chorus I’ve been repeating of “OHMYGOD – ow!”  It’s a pretty pathetic sight, actually.  I’m thinking maybe this will force me back into Hot Yoga for some serious streeeeeetching.  A new studio opened up right by my house and I kind of want to check it out.  We’ll see….

What’s new with you, peeps?

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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. Carrie says:

    Money & Lip Gloss in those jeans – SCORE!

    I put $100 in one of my pairs of jeans two sizes less than what I wear now. I can't have that money until I fit in those jeans again!
    It's motivational torture 🙂

    Congrats on fitting into your snug jeans, and btw I loved your post on Bodies in Motivation. (also congrats on that accomplishment)