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What’s In My…Shower?


How about a little voyeurism to start your Friday off right…eh?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my shower lately, partly because I’ve been a workout machine and partly because as the weather warms up Bathtub Season sort of comes to its natural end (weep!) so I thought I might show you the goods…uh, the goods that I use in my shower that is.

I personally have never met a medicine cabinet I didn’t want to snoop in, but maybe that’s just me. Don’t you think it’s fun to see Other People’s Products? Do you think that’s what Naughty By Nature was talking about when they recorded Down with OPP? (It’s possible, right?)
This is where the magic happens, folks.

We redid our bathroom in 2007 — well actually we added this bathroom, more accurately, and the bathtub and shower combo is just my most favorite place. Well, until you have to squeegee it and clean it and all of that pain in the ass stuff that comes with glass shower doors! But I’ll tell you what, it sure is pretty to look at. 5 years later I’m still in love.


We have a floor to ceiling shower caddy by Simple Human that holds all of our crap-ola, because a girl’s gotta have options, right? It’s one of the best investments ever, and the finite amount of space helps keep me in check. I am naturally the type of person who wants to have 900 bottles of shampoo on the floor of their shower. This caddy forces me to keep the other 899 bottles in my bathroom cabinet and just change them out when the mood strikes, all while keeping everything organized in the meantime. So let’s start at the bottom, shall we?


When it comes to hair washing, the ratio in the shower is 3 to 1 in my favor. Garrett uses a Nioxin Shampoo that he has used forever, and one day he ran out of conditioner and just never bought anymore. That was like a year ago. Apparently this suits him despite my pleas for him to buy conditioner. Boys, I tell ya! They have it easy.

I, on the other hand, use a combination of Redken Products: Body Full Shampoo, Extreme Cat Protein Spray and Extreme Conditioner. If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably read Pinterest Hair Tutorial Celebrity Kate over at It’s The Small Things, because this is her recommended cleansing combo for Ladies Who Like Volume. FINE HAIRED LADIES: this combination is priceless.

Styling Sidebar: She also recommends these post-washing products which I am also prepared to evangelize if necessary:

Kenra 25 Volumizing Hairspray // Aquage Uplifting Foam (WORTH IT!!!)

So, next shelf up: Face Stuff


Well, okay Face Stuff and my nifty helpers that keep my CrossFit calluses from wreaking havoc on my workouts. But let’s not talk about CrossFit Hands, and don’t worry, I won’t bust out any pictures of that! YUCK!

We both use the same face wash, and I expressed my love for it here once already. I still love it, but that doesn’t mean my face is really cooperating so I may switch it up soon because that is what I do with skincare. Garrett still loves it to pieces though, so it will probably stick around in our shower — like the Oil of Olay scrub — WHICH IS HIS. Just saying… 🙂

Next Stop: Good Smelling Yums

This Nivea Body Wash smells exactly like what spring should smell like. A little citrusy, a litte clean — I AM IN LOVE WITH IT, currently. And the Need A Margarita Scrub is not too shabby either. That’s my razor — BOY RAZORS 4 EVA. I’ll never go back to the crappy razors they sell ladies. The never work as good no matter how pink and ergonomic and fancy they are.

Last Stop: Miscellany


The things that end up here are my samples from Birchbox (the shampoo cream is this month’s), bars of soap (Dove – Nectarine and White Ginger!) and Garrett’s Shower Gel. It would also not be surprising to find a cup of coffee up there too in the morning. Garrett has talked me into this terrible habit of taking coffee in the shower. I mean WHO EVEN DOES THAT??? Beverages in the shower are for heathens!

And me now, apparently. Whatever.

So anyway…that’s what we use! Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the “Powder Room.” Do we use any of the same stuff? Dish it…

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