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30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty Nine

I’m running out of shirts to wear that I haven’t worn yet which is both a good and a bad thing. Bad, because hey! No one wants to run out of clothes to wear. (Although this challenge is almost over so it’s a mighty convenient time to run out, really.) Good, because now I know I can pretty much go 30 days without repeating a shirt — which means I need to acknowledge that saying “I have nothing to wear,” is dramatically crying wolf. And now I have told it to the internet, it’s practically written in stone. I can be more stylish, I just have to *gasp* TRY!

Anyway, I was glad to see this shirt was available this morning because it’s blousy. And do you know what blousy means? No one *ahem* has to feel guilty about not working out yet this week. (Quick check of the calendar, yup, it’s Thursday! OY!) But because I CAN look a gift horse in the mouth — I’m smooth like that — I put it on with a pair of jeans that are somewhat unforgiving just to punish myself.

It made a lot more sense this morning when I picked out my clothes (before I had coffee.)

Here’s What I Wore:
30 Days of Denim - Day Twenty Nine

I tweeted this morning that my pants either fit perfectly or are a bit too tight. After looking at this picture I think they are right in between the two, but I’ll take it.

Shirt: LOFT
Jeans: Gap 1969 Perfect Boot
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Bracelet: Target

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.


30 Days of Denim – Day Five

In an ideal world every outfit would say something about who we are.  Because this is real life, this outfit is telling you: “I have errands to do and I would prefer to not do them naked, so I’m wearing this.”

30 Days of Denim - Day Five

If these walls could talk, they would likely tell you they would like the bird shit washed off.  Everyone’s got something to say, don’t they? Well except me, of course, I’m just up here calmly staring off into the horizon, thinking deep thoughts.

Tee:  Loft
Denim: Gap Slim Boyfriend Jeans
Belt: Target
Shoes: Mossimo for Target
Copper Bangles: Target

I tried to find a cute t-shirt instead of a ratty t-shirt, does that count?  Plus I put on my Mossimo-Does-Jack Rogers-Meets-Birkenstock Sandals.  You didn’t even know that hybrid was possible did you?  Well it is, and for the clearance price of $3.98.

I kind of hate these shoes actually and have only worn them twice since I bought them a year and a half ago.  I’m starting to realize that a good deal does not always equal a good wardrobe purchase.  (See Also:   Old Navy You Are DEAD TO ME.)

What can I say, sometimes I like to learn the hard way.

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

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