On Pandemics + Perfectionism

There are a million reasons that I have talked myself out of posting here over the last year. Some of them include:

Where would I start? So much has happened.

I literally can’t figure out the new wordpress.

My PHP needs to be updated. (What the hell is that?)

My About Page was sorely out of date. (But hey look, I did actually finally update that!) Though something about this new wordpress template makes links practically invisible but that is a problem I’ll have to solve on another day.)

I haven’t updated to https. (Another WTF technology moment my brain has limited capacity for.)

Also, I really wanted to start a newsletter, because that feels like a more private way to communicate rather than having everything available to all current and future employers with a quick google search. But I haven’t yet.

But here we are. It’s the middle of a pandemic. We are all somewhat isolated in our homes and I have found so much comfort reading the experiences of others right now. I feel like so many are bringing back blogging like its 2009. It’s been a bright spot.

So here I am, wading through all of this website imperfection, and to-do lists that may or may not get done, to share a weak little wave to say hello. How are you? I hope you and your families are ok. This is an incredibly hard and weird time, but it is also filled with so many layers of gratitude and appreciation.

I feel like I cannot see straight, yet I am also noticing parts of my life in brilliant focus that I may have never have considered if I wasn’t having this exact experience. Everyday I am trying to balance the sorrow and the anxiety with that gratitude and presence. Some days I am doing better than others. I truly, highly recommend all my readers to navigate here for life insurance plans.

This is a defining time in our lives. In our history. I want to record what I am doing and what I am thinking.

Tell me how you are doing and what you are thinking? Where are you? What guidance has your city/state given. How is your family responding right now? What is hard for you? What is something you have noticed that you are grateful for? Will you share it? Will you wave back?

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8 Responses to On Pandemics + Perfectionism

  1. Sarah K says:

    Yay! Waving back! So glad you are here. Cooking so much food right now. Planning my garden. Trying to work, and workout, at home. Sometimes succeeding… Keep writing!

    • Holly says:

      Hooray, thanks for the wave! We are doing a lot of cooking right now as well. It’s funny though because I feel like we are eating terribly even though we have lots of good food! I had cereal for dinner for like the 3 time in a week. I gotta figure that out. lol Hope you are healthy and doing well. <3

  2. Jillian says:

    Hi Holly, here in DSM it’s not so bad yet, but that’s the scary part too. We don’t have many confirmed cases because we aren’t testing anyone. So my perception is people aren’t taking it as seriously as they should be. I am still working because I work from home anyway and our daycare is open. I have stopped meeting with clients in person and am worried that they’re upset about it. Our weekends had more free time in them because there is nowhere to go, but so far the weekdays are the same, just a little quieter. You’ve inspired me to put up a post too…it’s been a while.

  3. Ruth says:

    Thanks for writing again. Missed you. I am a extrovert living with an introvert and we have chosen total isolation because of our age we feel vulnerable. Connecting to you from the suburbs of Chicago. Out my window I see that the church is still letting the AA group meet – 8 cars today. God Bless.

    • Holly says:

      Thank you! I missed writing here. Keep on connecting. We aren’t really seeing anyone either aside from my mom and this is HARD as an extrovert. In the past few years I was kind of wondering if I had shifted more to the introvert side of things because I really do love quiet time at home. But this isolation business has reminded me very clearly that I AM AN EXTROVERT. lol

  4. Kimberly Cook says:

    You’re back!! We’re in the SF Bay Area and have been sheltering in place since last Tuesday. We’ve been to the grocery store twice in that time and let the kids (2 and 4) play on the play structure with mixed feelings about it. They have since put up notes saying “don’t play on the structure” so that settles that.

    My husband normally stays home with the kids so he’s continuing to do that with toy rotation and lots more Sesame Street. Have you seen anything by Dude Perfect? My son is pretty into it. Holden might like it. It’s mostly sports trick shots.

    I’m hiding in our bedroom trying to get some work done. The kids come in to get me for snack and lunch and they’re always so excited which is really fun. We’ve also been video chatting with people a lot more and that’s been really nice.

    Everything felt SO weird and uncomfortable last week but I don’t feel as much of that this week. I’m just trying to stay in contact with as many people as possible to keep from emotionally isolating.

    • Holly says:

      I am going to try Dude Perfect today. I really need a change up in our programming. hahahahaha I did a zoom happy hour with my coworkers last night and it was REMARKABLY RECHARGING. Doing one with my family this weekend too. One day at a time!