Currently: February


Despite drinking ALL THE COFFEE, ALL DAY LONG I haven’t made an appearance around here in a while. I literally come home from work every single night and say “Tonight is the night I will blog!” and instead I do the following:

*Snuggle my delicious baby who has been at daycare all day
*Feed said baby
*Read him a story with Garrett and do our general “Hey, it’s time to go to sleep” night time routine
*Cook Dinner
*Eat Dinner
*Wash dishes, bottles, sometimes even myself (HEY-O, showers! Luxury of all luxuries!)
*And then, then if my eyelids are still open, sometimes I even sit down with that handsome husband of mine and chat, or watch like 30 minutes of some trashy Bravo program until we are both snoring heaps on the couch by about 8:30. Which is good because that baby is usually awake to eat at midnight and then again around 3am. (You know, before he is up for the day about 5am. RIP SLEEP!)

So, ahem, yes — blogging. I Not Be Doing It. And I miss it so hardcore it hurts, but I know from experience that I will figure out how to balance my personal hobbies with my sweet little baby one thing at a time. Seasons of life, and all that.

In the meantime, I thought we could catch up with a little Currently action. Here is what is going over here, currently:

Blowing My Mind:
Y’all, as of today I HAVE A 5 MONTH OLD! That is literally the fastest 5 months of my life and I feel like I have traveled to the ends of the earth and stayed in the exact same spot ALL AT ONCE! Weirdest and best experience ever, I tell ya.

I can count the days on one hand that I have slept uninterupted through the night (well, more accurately on one finger: it was on my birthday back in October) so I’m slightly insane at most moments of the day, but five months! We’ve made it 5 months! And we’re all still standing! Well, Holden isn’t yet but he sure does want to!


Going back to work at the beginning of the month was a pretty major adjustment, but with the tough parts have also come a huge reclaiming of my own independence. I’ve gotten back some parts of my life that I was missing and one of the most exciting has been reading time! (I’m pumping at work which affords me a few minutes of uninterrupted reading every day. YAY!)

I kicked off the year reading something serious, then moved to something even heavier, started a book that was so fast paced and awesome but I had to return it before finishing because it was due back at the library – SAD! Now I just need a good old fashioned easy read, and that’s what I’ve got. Fun so far.


I don’t have a ton of time or energy for watching TV and movies, but I’ve managed to watch some fun stuff in the past month or two. Granted one of these movies took us 4 days to get through, but hey — we watched it! (Bad Redbox investment for the record though. We decided after that experience that we probably just need to stick with what’s on Netflix and Amazon in this phase of our lives lol)

On the movie front we watched Deep Water Horizon (Marky Mark 4EVA!), Hell or High Water (Both were good movies that appealed to me and Garrett.) I watched Minimalism (and honestly felt a little eye rolly about it.) Maybe it’s because I heard too much hype? I don’t know. It didn’t feel life changing to me.

On the TV front I have been catching up on Scandal again while nursing. Also I am LOVING HBO’s adaptation of Big Little Lies. I loved the book and I think the show is so good so far! I’m kind of a Reese Witherspoon fangirl so this is not a surprise.

big little lies

My two current obsessions are both beauty related and impulse purchases picked up at Target. Those are the best, right? The first is this hand cream. Holy hell, I love it! Smells great (not sunscreen-y), isn’t at all greasy and is suuuuuuuper moisturizing! And then I went a little HAM on the NYX Butter Lipstick display and picked up a big range of shades because they were on sale and I love that formula. (Its so moisturizing that it doesn’t have hours of staying power but it feels like lip balm going on, so whatever.) I picked up Root Beer Float and Snack Shack (scary looking, but actually GREAT nudes for fair/light skin) and Moonlit Night (which is a gorgeous berry color.) Impulses for the win!

Crossfit! But you probably knew that. I just really haven’t figured out a way to fit in working out AT ALL since Holden was born. I miss my friends, the workouts, the feeling of accomplishment, the rough barbell in my hands, EVERYTHING!!!!
But I’m also have some lingering post c-section issues that I need to get in check before I get back to working out anyway. I have 2 Dr.’s Appt’s this week to hopefully do some digging, but man — people aren’t kidding when they say pregnancy can ravage the bod. I’m hoping it is just some piriformis and hip flexor issues that are exacerbated by weaker abdominals. I don’t really want to think about the other possibilities. UGH. Keep your fingers crossed, would ya?


So what’s happening with you CURRENTLY? Tell me some things! I feel like a bad friend. 😛

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4 Responses to Currently: February

  1. HOLLY! It’s so awesome to get this update. And your two men are looking so fine. That Holden; he’s an adorable little nugget.

    I’ve been very engaged in my reading life lately, and I’m loving it. I just finished Cryptonomicon, which was 1100 pages and took three weeks. I love longish books, but I’ve never ready anything like that before. It was a cool experience, and a great book. (Can you imagine how much it would suck to get to the last page and have the ending be dumb?! Happily, it was a great ending.)

    We’re packing for Prague because we leave in 45 days (!), and our house is filled with boxes. It’s disconcerting to be so adrift already because things will be unsettled now until at least the end of April… and you know how i love my routine! But it’s all so exciting, I can’t be upset. I’m doing yoga every day, and it’s helping a ton with whatever fretting might be trying to pop up.

    That’s our news. So great to catch up with you and your beautiful family. XOXOXOX

  2. Amber says:

    I’ve been debating checking out Big Little Lies, might just have to now.

    Currently, I’m just chugging along. Doing the CF Open, eating whatever the heck I want, watching Gilmore Girls from the very beginning on Netflix, and enjoying the weirdly warm weather we’ve been having in PA.

    Always love hearing from you! Holden is adorable! I would love to hear any and all of your wise wisdom about pregnancy, birth, and newborn survival 😉

  3. Suzy Choi-Lee says:

    So lovely to see a new post from you! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and love reading your updates. You are a gifted writer, you should consider doing something with that (like writing a memoir maybe?). I lose interest in most blogs after awhile (except for the great recipe filled ones) but I consistently love reading yours because it’s just so well written and entertaining!

    I have a little one myself and yes babies definitely take over your life and your body is just not the same. So worth it though of course!

    I just discovered the t-tapp (and no i don’t have any affiliation with them whatsoever). I read the book first via library and then bought the video on eBay and my mind is blown. It is literally 15 minutes and I am SORE. The video looks about a hundred years old but it is crazy how well it works.

    Im obsessed with the bulletproof coffee right now. I have no great book recommendations because everything I read is about food or health. Lol. I do miss reading some good fiction.

    Great to see you are enjoying parenthood! It’s an amazing thing!

  4. Alex McCoy says:

    I am a long time follower and have been watching for updates! Your little man is adorable even if we’re missing you over here 🙂

    Totally get those seasons of life adjustments, it’ll all fall into place in its own time.