Things I’m Thinking About AKA Bullets About Why We’re Doing A February Whole 30

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*We’re doing a February Whole 30. I know I told you that in the title, but you know — I thought I’d just reiterate for clarity. 🙂

*Well, a Whole 30+. We are going to start in February and go until March 9. What is March 9, you ask? Our engagement photos. And the second we set the date Garrett was like “Hey, let’s Whole 30!” ha! He says he feels chubby. He is NOT chubby.

*Upside though, is I like the idea of feeling bright eyed and being clear skinned in those photos and all, so I agreed. Knowing my luck I’ll still wake up the day of with a giant, visible blemish.

*Sidebar: Do you think there is a wedding planning gene? If so, mine clearly has a mutation. My mom said to me the other day that this wedding I am planning almost seemed like a second job. And YES, MOTHER YOU ARE CORRECT! It totally is! Except instead of getting paid I get to PAY OTHER PEOPLE. #grumble

*So, I know there are people out there who use Whole 30 as a diet (ahem, Garrett – YOU’RE BUSTED!) which is all controversial and stuff, but I promise you I am not doing that. What I am making no secret of doing though, is using the Whole 30 as a budgeting tool. We always spend SO MUCH LESS on groceries when we do a Whole 30 and since groceries are one of our biggest expenses it’s always something that shows a noticeable return. After making deposits on all sorts of wedding related crap and a MUCHO EXPENSIVO trip to the vet with Buster, February seemed like a GREAT time to just Whole 30 that shit up! YAY. More money to spend on a wedding! #grumblegrumble

*Tangentially related: I’m thinking about jumping on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon. I actually don’t think it is a bandwagon at all, but you know what I mean — sharing some everyday photos of what I’ve been eating. I like the idea for accountability (this is where people who don’t blog are like — YOU TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD? whut? WHY?) But also to inspire a little creativity in the kitchen.

*Oh! Oh! And this is my other reason for doing a Whole 30 — I find when I have parameters to work within, I am SO MUCH MORE creative. This makes me sound RULL SQUARE. But alas, it is true! Right now I’m in a bit of a cooking rut. We’re having good meals, but I’m not like, excited or jazzed about too many of them. It’s just kind of the Greatest Hits on repeat. I am someone who likes cooking to be a creative outlet and usually when I do a Whole 30 I get jazz-hands-obnoxious about recipes and trying new things. Also there’s the added bonus that about 15 days in even super boring/plain food tastes AMAZEBALLS (yeah, I just used that word) because my taste buds are back to normal.

*But let’s be honest, some weeks it is hard enough for me to even just get here and post bullet pointed lists of my thoughts. So to remember to be creative in the kitchen, take pictures and post them once a week may be a tad ambitious. We shall see.


Anyone else doing a February Whole 30?

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9 Responses to Things I’m Thinking About AKA Bullets About Why We’re Doing A February Whole 30

  1. april says:

    Good luck! I’m starting 21-day fix on 2/9 and I’m filled w/ anxiety about feeding my family while sticking to the appropriate portions.

  2. Kristabella says:

    I’m on Day 16 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. It’s basically the Whole 30, but I let myself have half & half in my coffee and some cheese. I’ve faltered a little, but I’m planning to have a major cheat day on day 21 and then start another 21-30 days on Monday.

    Good luck! I’m so with you on spending less on groceries! It’s so good for me to FORCE myself not to eat out as much.

  3. No Whole30 for me, but I like this what I ate Wednesday. Maybe going to need to do that today…

  4. Alison says:

    I’ll be joining you! I planned to start the first full week of January but that was crazy talk with Emerson’s birthday, my birthday, and so on and so on. But I am doing mostly Whole30 right now – I don’t when I forget my lunch and am tempted, but my breakfasts and dinners are primarily Whole30. But February I’m getting my butt in gear. I’m planning a 10-year blog anniversary party in May and I don’t care what size I am, but I know from experience that like you it makes me look better – clearer, healthier, fresher. I’m ready to be bright eyed and bushy tailed again!

  5. Beth says:

    Good luck! I was going to Whole30 until the baby is born, but I have found that I’m really, really good at Whole30ing and less good at ‘riding my own bike’. I’m spending these last few weeks trying to improve my non-Whole30 eating.

  6. I am currently on Day 24! I have no idea how you spend less money while on the Whole30, I feel like my grocery bills are spiraling out of control. I think doing it right before your engagement photos is such a good idea! I’m pretty scared for mine to end. Every time I do a Whole30, I skip the reintroduction protocol completely, dive right into everything my little heart desires, and here’s a huge shock… I end up feeling like crap! I really need to make some strict rules for myself post Whole30. Any suggestions for not going off the deep end?????

  7. Gwen says:

    Wow, I’m fascinated that you spend LESS on food during a Whole 30! As a long-time beans-and-rice-plus-greens eater, the additional cost is the main reason I’ve never done a true Whole 30. The wine savings just don’t cancel out the huge increase in spending on (happy!) animal products, though I can certainly see how this wouldn’t be an issue if you already eat paleo. My compromise has been to be extra diligent about sprouting all legumes and rice before cooking . . . which makes them vegetables, right? 🙂

    So, compromises aside, your timing couldn’t be better, and I’m going to seriously consider joining you in February for at least a “Whole-ish 30”.

  8. jamie says:

    I started my Whole30 in the middle of January and I’m going to keep it up through February. I’d love to read your WIAW posts…your blog has been a great resource for me during all of my Whole30s. Soooo, thanks!

  9. Meg says:

    I did my first and only Whole30 in January 2013 and man – not only was I exhausted, but it totally messed with my head. Doesn’t help that I have a history of dieting and disordered eating, but I can’t help but cringe a little bit when I hear about people doing it because I think a lot of people DO use it for diet/weight loss. Obsession with “clean” eating has replaced the fixation with low/non-fat.

    Not to sound too hippie-dippy, but I really believe if we truly listen, our bodies already know what they want and need (and no, that doesn’t always include cupcakes, but sometimes it does.

    So, amidst all everyone’s talk about new year cleansing I signed up for this: Scares the crap out of me, but I’m so ready! Fingers crossed.

    Not trying to preach, just trying to share another viewpoint. Totally wish you all the best and thinking of you, Holly!