CrossFit! Trashy Celebrity Talk!

50 shades

Tonight at the gym the workout was “The Filthy Fifty” and I swear to you, I don’t care how many times you do that workout IT NEVER GETS ANY EASIER. Couldn’t agree with this assessment more. I’ve probably done this workout 10 times since I started CrossFitting (I almost just wrote “in my CrossFit career — what? What would that even mean?) and it is just Hard. As. F*ck. each time. The only thing that got my through was that I had told myself if I dragged my ass to the gym and did this, we could pick up takeout for dinner and I could go home and finish reading my new trashy magazine!

Yesterday's blog post was about my favorite coffee replacements (link in profile) but I think we can all agree that just about anything tastes good when you get drink it while reading @peoplemag

Celebrity Bribery, FTW!

I finished the cover story about Katie Holmes and I’ve decided that whatever reporter interviewed her must be kind of pissed at her because the article made her sound a little bit dippy and uninteresting and WHAT IS UP WITH THAT COVER PHOTO? She looks like she’s been hanging out with Wiz Khalifa.

In unrelated celebritrash news, after a short binge to catch-up on last season, I’ve gotten sucked in to watching Tori Spelling’s newest train wreck reality series True Tori. ENOUGH WITH THE TORI PUNS, SPELLING. WE GET IT! Anyway, I don’t want to be watching it but frankly I can’t look away. It is so awful and every time I am watching it and Garrett is in the other room he will periodically come out and just shake his head and say “Why are they doing this show?” The awkwardness level is off the charts. And yet.

Related to all of the above: Swistle’s post about Celebrity Women and Whether They’d Steal Other Women’s Guys made me chuckle today. I think I’m on board with all of her delineation except for Kate Hudson. What say you?

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2 Responses to CrossFit! Trashy Celebrity Talk!

  1. The Filthy Fifty sounds horrible. I’m not a huge fan of Katie so dipping & uninteresting sounds about right haha. I like your Wiz Khalifa analysis! Sometimes I can’t understand why the pick the pics they do. They probably took a million… right?

    Still waiting for Part Three 😉

  2. Stacey B says:

    I am also watching True Tori. I am glad to know I am not the only one. I have watched all her reality shows but agree this one seems so awkward, I can’t imagine why they would have agreed to do it. I have to wonder if they need the money. I noticed Tori’s therapist is the same one Gene Simmons used on his reality show. Yes, perhaps I do watch too much reality television if I know that…