Blogging Nostalgia


So, do we remember when NaBloPoMo was like, a thing? Now it has been bought and sold and is run by BlogHer and blah blah blah — none of that is really important.

What I do remember fondly though was that back in the day, November was when bloggers made an effort to post Every. Single. Day. I tried a few times and failed, usually on a technicality — forgetting to post something on Thanksgiving or tiring out by the end of the month — but it was fun.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little old school. Also, maybe just a little old — I turned 36 a couple of weeks ago and while I’m not having a crisis over it or anything, I’ll admit to it feeling a little surreal. Aging — such a weird thing. Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, posting everyday in November.

So I’m going to give that a whirl this month. Not in any official NaBloPoMo capacity or whatever, just going to try and pop on here once a day with something to say. The other day I made a list (YAY, lists!) of all the things I’ve been meaning to tell the internet (I’m behind, SO WOEFULLY BEHIND it doesn’t even matter anymore) and there were like, way more than 30 things — so I think I can actually do this thing.

Of course, I may totally forget tomorrow and just fail right out the gate (I’m out of the habit you know plus we are going to look at a wedding venue and I’m sure I’ll be all discombobulated what with the time change and all) but it’s cool. I’ll just pop in and write the next day. Or the day after that.

Point is: I’m making an effort to show up here and babble some in November. On purpose. Not promising it will be cohesive, just promising I’ll be here…mmmkay? You’ve been warned. 🙂

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7 Responses to Blogging Nostalgia

  1. San says:

    You know, I am participating. It’s not the same as in the old days, but blogging in November has been a set date for me since 2007 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more from you!!

  2. Susannah says:

    Excited! Happy!

  3. missysoupy says:


    That’s all.

  4. Melissa H says:

    I totally remember that! Back in 2008 or so I actually WON one of the prizes. Remember you signed up and then they had a random drawing and then if your name/number got pulled by (was it Eden?) you got a prize from the “sponsors” before they were really sponsor sponsors? So I won a packet of Moo business cards. Which are still in my drawer.

    All that to say I love your unofficial NaBloPoMo (did get that right) and I’m totally going to play along. I’ve still got an hour to get in today’s post and am also woefully behind on blog updates so no time like the present.

  5. Noblepower says:

    Oh, good, I’ve missed you & your musings. 🙂

  6. Excellent! I’m doing the same, unofficially. It’s such a good month for it. We just had our first snow out in New England, and I’m always inspired by fall foliage. Looking forward to reading your adventure 🙂

  7. Sarah K says:

    Yay! Bring it on!