Thanksgiving Break

Buster Wants Pie

Hi! I took a little Thanksgiving Break — from work (and from blogging, clearly) — and boy did I wake up this morning feeling refreshed! I find as I get older when I take breaks from work I can either focus on being productive or relaxing, but I can rarely do both successfully. While I did make a long To-Do List over the last week, I really spend most of my time ignoring it, which ended up working out just fine.

Tell me the truth — are you still in a turkey/pie coma? :)


Since I was determined to relax last week, I spent Monday-Wednesday doing whatever the hell I wanted. While I didn’t sleep in much since Garrett was up to go to work each morning around 5, I did get to just putter around in the morning. By the time 9 or 10 came around I was about ready to start moving, so I spent the beginning of the week doing a lot of mid-morning yoga. It felt really luxurious to not feel rushed. I’d come home, shower and straighten up the house, and usually watch stream some silly Amazon/Netflix movie. Hi, The Descendants was more of a tear jerker than I expected. And DEFINITELY made me feel like a trip to Hawaii was in order SOON.

In the afternoons Buster and I would head out for long walks, and I think he got really used to me being home. He got a serious overdose of attention this week and I feel a little bad that I have to go back to work today — who is going to pet him all day??? :)
Sunday stroll with the fam.

One day we even met up with Garrett on his break at work and got to walk around the Capitol. They were decorating for Christmas already and WOW, what a production! Way more effort than we put in around our house. ha! If I had to get a boom truck out to decorate my tree it would NEVER get out. I feel rushed to get a tree this year. Isn’t it weird how having Thanksgiving a week later just throws off your entire holiday timeline?

On our walks I caught up on all my favorite podcasts:

*Watch What Crappens
*Underground Wellness
*Balanced Bites
*Fat Burning Man
*Girls Gone Wod

It was so nice to just be walking and listening. Usually I have to catch up on Podcasts in traffic or while I’m multi-tasking so it was nice to just be able to zone out and listen. And then of course because I always feel inspired to kick ass and take names in the gym when I listen to all those awesome people, I spent some time squatting. Ok, also I wanted to do a little Turkey Day Front Loading, I can not tell a lie.


We traveled this year for Thanksgiving and while it was so awesome to see family, rolling with a dog and dealing with holiday traffic was NO JOKE.

We caught up with family and friends, enjoyed some champagne, good appetizers and a host of traditional food, and then as quick as we headed out of town — we turned around and headed back. I spent the day after Thanksgiving with my mom and Buster and I helped her decorate her house and her tree. Obviously he thought that was exhausting:

Tree Decorating is exhausting!

I also did A LOT of Black Friday shopping — all online though. Brick and mortar on Black Friday? NO THANK YOU. While it was weird to see the calendar turn to December over this Thanksgiving Break, I have to say this is one of my favorite months of the year. I love the festivities, I love the cool weather (made up a batch of this and this over the weekend!) and I love the idea of setting intentions for next year. While it is still blowing my mind that this year is almost over, I can’t wait to see what is on the horizon for next year.

I have lots of thoughts about all of that, but we have all month to get to it! For now, we are just enjoying ourselves, the holidays, the smell of pine in the air, good wine, friends and family, and counting up all the things we are so grateful for this year. It’s been a nutty one, but there has been so much good stuff mixed in.


Hope you had a wonderful week as well!

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