Fun Things To Read On A Friday

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My two favorite dudes.

Is this the last weekend before December Holiday Madness begins? I think I need to drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables and generally lay low because once Thanksgiving hits it is a quick slide right into the new year.


I can’t even think about it today. 🙂 Today all I can think about is how happy I am that it is the weekend, and that I read so many fun things on the internet this week. Check ’em out:


*10 Common Mistakes That Keep You From Being Healthy And Happy.

*On my crabby day, reading this just turned my entire perspective around. (Ok, all of your funny comments helped too! So thanks.)

*This little trick is something I’ve used for a long time. It works REMARKABLY: You Already Have What You Want

*I love Elizabeth Akinwale AND HER THIGHS. If only someone cool was into Closing the (Thigh) Gap while I was growing up. Sigh!

*I feel like this is Martha Stewart’s karma biting her in the ass for implying that bloggers are untalented and not professional.

*Let’s be real, we all need a good cry once in a while. This Heartbreak Songs Playlist is full of quite a few tear jerkers.

*Resounding Slow Clap: In Defense of the Personal Blog.

*‘Tis The Season To Roast All Your Veggies: I couldn’t agree more.

*I agreed with every single thing in Marie Forleo’s video about 4 Things Really Productive People Do Everyday.

*Wanna come visit? 5 Cool California Places to Stay using AirBnb. Those all look AWESOME!

*I related quite a bit to Allison’s story on Choosing A Positive Life.

*Pinch of Yum’s series on Traffic and Income is always a fascinating read if you are interested in how bloggers make money.

*I’m thinking about mixing up one of these this weekend.


Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope it is a good one friends!

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3 Responses to Fun Things To Read On A Friday

  1. Heee, thanks for the Martha Stewart link. I have been trying not to snort laugh in my cube reading through the responses to the pic. (my favorite was the simple “Jesus Christ, Martha!”)

  2. Alison says:

    Holly, you always have the best links, and I am honored to be included! I LOVED the piece about the personal blog; as someone who started with a personal blog back in early 2005 I must say I miss that community and the rawness of those blogs. It’s refreshing to read blogs who still keep it real!