Fun Things to Read On A Friday

Completely on board with continuing this Lazy Saturday.

Sorry for the delay in Friday links my friends, but we had a long day at the vet yesterday with our little dog child (and an even longer night at an emergency vet hospital last night) and so things are moving Real Slow around here. Luckily the little beastie is feeling much better, and for the most part so are we. But man, let me tell you (as I do every week, it feels like) how happy I am that it is the weekend!

Have I mentioned that this was a terrible month to not be drinking? HA! In related news, Whole 30 is still trudging along. We’re just about through — Wednesday is Day 30, but I am leaving to go to Iowa again for work next week, so I may just end up doing a Whole 28 or 29. I make no promises. It’s been good this time around though — finally after 3 tries I finally the felt the “Oh hey, my skin is glowing” side effect. That has never happened before for me and it was AWESOME! I actually think I’m going to continue to Whole 30 it up for the most part through the end of the year, but how that will work is a whole other post entirely.

Oh, random interjection — Des Moines Peeps: If anyone is game for a drink Wednesday night while I am in town, shoot me an email at

Alrighty, my brain is sufficiently dumped I think, shall we get to the links?


*My friend Megan wrote a great post about what a calorie actually is and a super simple easy to understand explanation about how to burn them most efficiently. (Hint: It ain’t an hour of cardio.)

*While we’re talking food: 9 Surprising Foods With More Sugar Than A Krispy Kreme Donut.

*Simple advice to Beat the Mondays

*I’m getting better at building gaps into my life. Such a helpful concept. Do you do it too?

*It’s that time of year: Pumpkin and Apple Recipes are taking over the internet! (I am not at all sad about this.)

*Other things I’m dying to eat:
Hatch Chile Chimichurri
Grain Free Pita Bread
Zucchini Fries with Blooming Onions Sauce
Maybe not together. But hey — who knows???

*Did you know kettlebells make you better at sex. It’s like, science or something.

*Bloggers, check out this awesome post on creating an editorial calendar. It is like organization porn.

*50 Better Questions to Ask Than How To Be More Productive. BOOM.

*I just bought this for my desk at work.

*I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT to read this. Now if I could just find some time. Oh wait…I’ll be on a plane twice next week. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS


Have a great weekend, friends!

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2 Responses to Fun Things to Read On A Friday

  1. Jesabes says:

    Oh, what a bummer! Wednesday is the night I leave for the Blathering. Maybe next time?

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve been making that pita bread recipe from Gluten-Free Fix since around the time I went paleo, and it is awesome! I got a second Silpat so that I can make double batches more quickly, and I always keep some in the freezer for sandwich emergencies. I’ve pretty much given up on baking loaves of grain-free sandwich bread because these pitas are so much easier and cheaper to make.