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Fun Food Inspiration // Holly Would If She Could

It always surprises me that with the arrival of fall I always feel pulled to get back into the kitchen. Probably the fact that it’s no longer 900 degrees outside and the oven is no longer the enemy has a little something to do with it — Guess that’s no surprise! 🙂 But lately I’ve been pinning up a storm of food inspiration because I’m ready to get back to cooking for pleasure AND for health. WOOT!

Also, Garrett and I have decided to embark on another Whole 30 in September. We’ve been wanting to do one for a while and my friend Karie mentioned doing one recently and September seemed like a month that would work for us. Then of course there was that whole Circus Animal Ice Cream Situation so, you know, it’s probably time. Doing another Whole 30 could be (gasp) FUN!

The Whole 30 always requires planning so the other day I set out to reorganize my Pinterest boards. This is what I do when I have a week off of work…how sad is that? ha! It was so much fun though the entire time I was doing that I just kept thinking “OH DELICIOUS TIME SUCK, I LOVE YOU!” ha

The things we come to think of as luxuries. 🙂

Anyway, I did a little reshuffling and now my food Pinterest boards are nice and organized! Within them you will find Paleo recipes that fall in three camps:

*Strict Paleo recipes
*Primal recipes that include dairy (we eat dairy on occasion, though obviously not when we are doing a Whole 30) and
*Un-Paleo recipes that are very easy to adapt (ie: I’ll pin a recipe with soy sauce and call it paleo since coconut aminos are a super simple swap.)

******************Also, completely separate, if you are looking for a SUPER strict Paleo board I do have a Whole 30 board full of recipes and inspiration for completing a Whole 30. I plan to keep updating it as I prepare for September’s challenge.*************************

I was so pleased with them when I was finished (Organization FTW!) but I also wanted to share them here because when I deleted my old, giant, disorganized “Tasty Paleo Things” board I noticed there were thousands more people that followed that board than who are now follow the individual board. Maybe you were one of them? If so, or if you are just interested in some fun food inspiration, check out the boards I put together below:

*Paleo Recipes – Chicken
*Paleo Recipes – Beef + Bison
*Paleo Recipes – Pork
*Paleo Recipes – Turkey
*Paleo Recipes – Seafood
*Paleo Recipes – Treats
*Paleo Recipes – Breakfast
*Paleo Recipes – Vegetables
*Paleo Recipes – Soups + Stews
*Paleo Recipes – Bread Like Things
*Paleo Recipes – Condiments, Dressings + Sauces
*Paleo Recipes – Superfoods
*Paleo Recipes – Round Ups

Then let’s get cooking!

PS — You can follow any and all my Pinterest boards here.

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4 Responses to Fun Food Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the healthy reboot inspiration – Can’t wait for updates on your Whole 30 plan! <3

  2. Dave and I went to a new functional medicine doctor. We’re doing Whole30 plus elimination of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant… until mid-December. In two weeks we can start re-introducing stuff, but the protocol is very strict and it takes 14 weeks.


  3. Yay! We are doing an 8 week Paleo challenge through our CrossFit gym and I really need to get in the right frame of mind. Our challenge starts on 9/16 so I can’t wait to read your posts ahead of time… you inspired me to do the Whole30 in the first place!!!!

  4. Laura says:

    Pinterest is the internet’s greatest time suck! I’m looking forward to cool rainy fall days where I can spend a few hours on the the computer and not feel guilty about it… My boards are all messy too and could use some organization…

    I’m just getting caught up on your other posts – sorry to hear about your Grandma and your crappy travel experiences.

    I always like reading posts about your Dad – my Dad died of a heart attack when I was 14 and the date is coming up soon. 24 years this year (I had to think about how long it was) and early Sept. is always bittersweet as I think about that…