Real Life Style: February Closet

What I Wore - February

As always, click any of the links below for details about all the items I’m wearing and where they came from.

1. Failing at Stripe Rehab, 2. Turquoise Pants!, 3. Super Bowl Party, 4. More Stripes. Crap., 5. Cold., 6. Layers, 7. Color Happy, 8. Friday, casual., 9. Saturday Afternoon, 10. Pink Shoes!, 11. Polka Dots, 12. Linen, 13. V-Day ❤❤❤❤, 14. TGIF, 15. Monday. Un-Creative, 16. Yay Jeans!

So hey, I’m a little behind on this, but I thought I’d revisit how I got dressed in February. If you remember, my goal was to wear less stripes than in January.

What I’m Currently Loving

It shouldn’t be  a shock that I’m still loving scarves this month. It was February and it was COLD! Also I was feeling a dark palette with just a little bit of color. (Not a pop! Down with the expression POP OF COLOR!) I get this way every winter, February especially, but I just want to wear cozy black things and leggings. Obviously I had to spiff up that concept a bit for “business casual” attire, but it was definitely what I was feeling.

Tights + Leggings 4 EVA!

What Inspired Me While Getting Dressed

The first half of the month was me trying to back off on the stripes and honestly getting layered. It was cold outside, it was cold in the office, and layers were a serious necessity but I didn’t want to look like a bag lady. I got offered my new job mid month, so honestly I didn’t even take outfit photos for a few days because I was inspired mostly by the concept of “Just get dressed and get to work.” Not that fun. Towards the end of the month it was beginning to feel like spring so I got slightly more colorful and I will keep that up. I love color! (And polka dots, apparently.)


This was my favorite outfit of the month. It’s not super exciting but it had all my favorite elements: scarf, simplicity, black, comfortable but not boring. And um, leopard shoes, HELLO.


This was my lease favorite. I think busted out the linen a little too early. It was super springy day, but by the end of it I just wasn’t feeling “light and bright” clothes yet. Also: I hate how that sweater hangs every time I wear it. I should really just get rid of it. Maybe it’s time to do a Shop My Closet cull again.


So that was my February closet! March should bring some more spring-y looks and some new jeans. I had to throw away my FAVORITE jeans this month (my 1969 Gap Boyfriend Jeans) because…uh…well after owning them for forever the thigh area sort of…uh, gave out. WHAT? Shit happens. My thighs touch. THIS IS REAL LIFE STYLE, Y’all. 🙂

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5 Responses to Real Life Style: February Closet

  1. Cute! I love these round-ups, so fun to see these shots. 🙂

  2. Linda Sand says:

    I’ve worn out more than one pair of jeans in the thighs. I just tell myself I’m not fond of the gap between the legs look, either. 🙂

  3. Karen B. says:

    Love this post. My two fav outfits are the yellow and the linen. Guess I am in a springy mood. I love the sweater so don’t throw it away, send it to me! In my jeans, the thighs (from rubbing) and the beltloops (from using them to pull up) are the first things to go, every time.

  4. You are definitely not the only one 🙂 My jeans always wear away in between the thighs first. Which sucks because you just can’t patch that area. Holes in the legs or even the back can be covered but in between your legs not so much. Maybe one day I should get the jeans my boyfriend buys. They’re specially made for bikers so they’re reinforced in the thighs and seat 🙂

    PS. I really like that stripped sweater. I don’t think it falls weird at all. But maybe it just looks good in the picture. Never hurts to empty the closet just a little bit.

  5. Rose-Anne says:

    Ah, you are just too darn cute! My favorites are #s 2, 5, and 6. Not that you asked me… 😉 But I especially love your scarf in #5–the colors and pattern are just lovely.