4 Recipes / 3 TV Shows / 2 Movies / 1 Book

4 Recipes

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

I’ve discovered some keepers lately and thought I would share the inspiration.

Chicken Marbella sent to me by Bethany (one of my favorite people on the internet!) because she knows I love a good chicken recipe.

Caveman Crunch (AKA PALEO CRACK) passed on my friend Heather. Such a delicious little snack to have on hand. A little bit dangerous, but also incredibly portable.

Green Goddess Cauliflower Rice Tara left this link as a comment on my 5 Things To Do With: Cauliflower post. It’s the bomb! Really easy and creative.

Easy Raspberry Chipotle Sauce I don’t remember how I came across this one, but I’m glad I did. I’m getting really excited for grilling season so I can reinvigorate my grilled chicken thigh obsession.

3 TV Shows


Dateline – I am having a Dateline Renaissance (I was a big fan in the Stone (fox) Phillips/Jane Pauley days and I have watched it a lot through the years, but recently the new Datelines have become my favorite part of my weekend ritual. (I blame my coworker Kelly!) I love a good true crime story and they actually do a good job on their Facebook page of teasing the mystery all week so I really enjoy curling up on the couch on Friday nights and decompressing with a mystery. Add this to the reasons why I am becoming a senior citizen, but I DON’T CARE!

Dawson’s Creek – The Venn Diagram overlap of TV that both Garrett and I want to watch is, well…not large. We’ve had fun making our way through old series shows on Netflix together and a few months back I mentioned Dawson’s Creek. He hardly remembered it which shocked me, but when we watched the pilot I realized why: this is kind of a chick show and it came out during Garrett’s high school years when he was doing god knows what, but clearly not getting wrapped up in angsty, over-wrought teen drama. But something about the first episode clicked for both of us: 90s nostalgia, celebrities before they were famous, and yeah…a little bit of the teen angst. And we have been hooked and watching together ever since.

House of Cards – So I’m not actually watching this. Yet. But I am highly intrigued by the idea of a show made specifically by Netflix to be consumed all at once. Media Binging is the future, apparently, and I’m just curious to see what happens with this show from a sociological perspective. Are you watching it?

2 Movies

Queen of Versailles

The Queen of Versailles – This documentary was simultaneously inspiring and Really Effing Depressing all at once. It’s interesting and obnoxious and completely riveting from start to finish.

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect – I asked Garrett if he wanted to watch this with me and he was like “No thanks. Have fun Glee-ing it up on your own. I’ll be killing zombies if you need me.” But after about 15 minutes of overhearing me snort with laughter he got curious. We ended up watching the whole movie together and seriously, it was riot. It’s kind of an oddball genre, part dark humor, part family style comedy, part musical? I mean, labeling it would be a challenge. But it’s hilarious and I highly recommend it.

1 Book

dark places Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Poor Gillian Flynn. Every book she writes from now on is going to have to answer to the question of “Will this scratch the Gone Girl itch?” I mean yes, there are worse questions to be asked than “Will this book be as good as your completely awesome page turning book of Summer 2012?” but I do feel like she set the bar pretty high for creepy, smart thrillers. The good news though, this one totally lived up to it. It was actually written before Gone Girl (along with Sharp Objects, which I liked, but to me wasn’t quite as good as the other two) but honestly if you are into this genre, READ THIS. Time will fly by and you won’t even notice because your nose will be perpetually stuck in the book until it’s finished.

Extra Credit Reading:

**Gillian Flynn talks about the ending of Gone Girl
**Gillian Flynn on how she writes

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18 Responses to 4 Recipes / 3 TV Shows / 2 Movies / 1 Book

  1. OMG. Pitch Perfect… LOVE!


  2. AndreAnna says:

    Ok, so I’ve watched Pitch Perfect like three times and every time I watch it, I laugh a little harder.

  3. I feel like this whole post was directed at me so I’m just going to pretend it was! 🙂

    (1) I know myself and Paleo Crack cannot be allowed in my apartment. Ever.

    (2) CANNOT wait to make that Cauliflower recipe. Yum!

    (3) I’m not going to lie – I ordered Pitch Perfect on demand and watched it twice. In a row. Don’t judge me.


  4. Joanna says:

    -I made the green goddess cauli rice (I think you had posted about it before) and it was SO SO good. Nice to jazz up cauliflower rice every once in a while!!
    – House of Cards is excellent. I love the Netflix format. I keep thinking to myself “are people in DC really this manipulative??”
    -I was not interested in Pitch Perfect… until now! You are a good saleswoman. 🙂 And I agree about the Queen of Versailles – total train wreck. “When I found out I could have a nanny for each of my kids, I just kept having them!”

  5. I’ve seen “Queen of Versailles” – you’re right. It was really interesting and really sad. I like that she really is the matriarch and the glue that holds everyone together.

    I’ve been also really interested in “House of Cards” – but I’m afraid to get addicted to another TV show!

    OMG Gillian Flynn. I honestly don’t know if I love her or hate her. I find her writing fantastic, and page turning, but man, she is dark. I’m currently half-way through “Dark Places” and it is so depressing! I’m afraid it will end like “Gone Girl” did (I’m in the HATING THE ENDING camp) so part of me doesn’t want to finish it….

    Oh, the agony!

  6. I’ve been immersed in the first two seasons of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix for the past week or so…Can’t. Stop. WATCHING.

    Also, I tried so hard to get Mike to watch Pitch Perfect with me…but he was so NOT into it…knowing that you snorted with laughter makes me NEED to try again!

    Thanks for sharing 😉

    • Holly says:

      OMG, everyone I know recommends Vampire Diaries and I haven’t watched it yet but it’s in the queue. Maybe when Garrett is out of town I will have myself a little girly tv fest! 🙂

  7. Chloe says:

    Holy crap House of Cards is aaaaaamazing. They released the whole first season at once which is super dangerous since we ended up watching the whole season in a week. Now have to wait for season 2 !

  8. Erin says:

    I watched the first House of Cards episode – it’s hard to get into but towards the end I was starting to like it. We shall see…

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, I started it last night and literally the first part (with the dog or whatever) I was like “NOPE. Turning it off.” But maybe I will try again because I’m fascinated by the concept of Netflix purposely releasing it all at once.

  9. I love this post. It’s like a culmination of all my favorite things (Holly, food, TV, movies, books) in one post. I MAY steal it for my blog.

    Anyway, Chris and I have few shows we both love — I mean, no, we have a lot, but those are like your Showtime or HBO drams; what I mean is there are very few of his shows that I like and very few (if any?) of my shows that he likes — BUT, one of my favorite Chris shows is Top Gear (U.S.) which I think you’d like. (Maybe?) I think I recall G loving cars, right? Anyway, it’s hilarious and entertaining.

    • Holly says:

      You know, we never watch the American version but are huge fans of the British version so I should seriously inquire. (And I don’t mean that in the pompous, condescending, uppity ****oh, sorry, we only watch the British*** kind of way) I just literally don’t know when it’s on. You’re totally right, I bet I’d love it and G would probably be so happy to be watching something other than Real Housewives.

  10. Isla says:

    Pitch Perfect is in my Netflix que right now and my husband will watch it with me because I watch Black Gold and Full Throttle Saloon with him! And I will be trying that cauliflower recipe this week. Husband will be happy it’s not roasted brussel sprouts again.

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  12. bethanyrx says:

    Thanks for the shout-out… I feel like a celebrity! 😉

    Happy Friday!

  13. KellyBrown says:

    Okay, love love love Himalayan salt. More importantly, though Gillian Flynn is a local Chicago gal and comes into my cafe all the time at work. She is adorable and her little boy is adorable too. And I finally said to her, “I find it so hard to believe that YOU can write the books you do because part of me thinks you should be a serial killer!” She laughed super hard.