January Whole 30? LET’S DO THIS

Garrett and I are doing another Whole 30 in January. If we are being totally honest here, my body is kind of begging for it with all of the peppermint and chocolate covered breakfast I have been eating lately. I’d probably dive right in to a Holiday Whole 30 except I totally concur that it’s a terrible idea.

The thing about sugar + booze (and even excessive gluten for me to a degree) is that it just absolutely wreaks havoc on my life. Sure it tastes good for a bit (hell, in some cases ahem Nutella ahem it tastes AMAZING) but the consequences go so much further than just a sugar crash or a Sunday morning hangover. It just seeps its way into so many aspects of my life.

I have been enjoying some delicious treats lately, but I am also not sleeping as well, drinking more coffee than I should to get through the day, lacking energy to work out regularly, I’ve been laid up on my couch sick for two days and I have zero energy or desire to cook. This is not who I am. But this is most certainly who I am on sugar, booze and gluten. It’s all a by product of my holiday indulging and though I went into it with open eyes and don’t necessarily regret it, that doesn’t mean it is without consequences. And I’m ready to pay the piper so I can get back to being the version of myself that I love: happy, healthy, fit, energized and motivated. Because seriously? This ass-shaped dent in my couch really doesn’t go with my living room decor.

So Garrett and are I gearing up to have another awesome month of crystal clean eating. It’s going to be a super good time and I really can’t wait, because as I said on Day 21 of our first Whole 30:

…now I know that I am only 30 days away from inspiration. 21 days, even at the most. From feeling like my best self. And I can do all that without to much grumbling really. And knowing that, has given me confidence and a security blanket that I didn’t even know I needed.

Just reading that makes me remember how awesome that felt. And right now, I am feeling many things but awesome is not one of them. πŸ™‚ So I wanted to see who is out there that might be interested joining me. Are you already planning on participating in the January Whole 30? Are you thinking about it? Are you on the fence?

Let’s do it together!

It will be fun. And in just 30 days, we will be seriously ready to kick off 2013 in the best way ever.

If you have any questions or concerns about it, or you are still teetering on the fence, let me convince you. Leave your questions in the comments, or if you are doing it let me know. We can all keep each other accountable. We can blog our awesome recipe finds. We can share in our successes and our struggles. It’s going to feel fantastic — well, uh after that initial WAIT WHERE IS MY SUGAR feeling wears off. hehe. And heck, it’s only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days right? Need some more convincing? Here are a few of my favorite reads.

Resources – Motivation:

*10 Tips to Make Your Whole 30 A Success
*Whole 30 as a vegetarian? — Kathleen did the Whole 30 even though she doesn’t eat meat and has great meal plans and inspiration and a few recipes to boot!
*Why 100% Commitment is Important

Resources – Food:

*A Month of Whole 30 Dinner Ideas
*A Month of Whole 30 Freezer Meals
*Well Fed – The BEST Whole 30 approved cookbook around. Full of deliciousness!
*My Whole 30 Pinterest Board – It is slim pickins right now but I will be adding some awesome inspiration in the next week so stay tuned!


So what do ya say? Have I convinced you to join me? Take the plunge.

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105 Responses to January Whole 30? LET’S DO THIS

  1. Count me in! I was already planning to do it but I *need* to get back on track for the remainder of this pregnancy and this is how I feel I can best do that.

  2. Jennie says:

    I’m in! Well, I’m in starting January 7th (through February 7th) because my birthday is January 3rd and then my party is the next day and then Mike and I are on a romantic night away the day after that and, yeah, I need some champagne for each of those occasions.

    BUT, I’m in January 7th. I’m doing it as a mostly vegetarian (who eats fish), so wish me all kinds of luck!

    • Holly says:

      Ooooh, awesome. And yes, the 7th is a fantastic date to start! I will make sure to drink MANY glasses of champagne in your honor up until the 1st. (OHMYGAWD WITH THE BOOZING OVER HERE. :)) I will be so interested to hear how it goes. If you are interested in the book It Starts With Food they give more insight on the Whole 30 as a vegetarian too. Good stuff.

      • Jennie says:

        Oh, thank you! I have a couple blogs bookmarked and there are (thankfully) some delicious-looking seafood recipes I’m excited to try, but I’d love some veg-heavy ones, too.

  3. I’m in! Looking forward to eating Russian Teacakes with abandon next week, then starting the year off clean as a whistle. YAY! Glad we’ll be in this together!

    • Holly says:

      Woo Hoo! I need my kitchen to go back to smelling like Chocolate Chili and not Chocolate Chunk Blondies you know? (mmmm…Russian Tea Cakes. Now that sounds like a good idea…haha!)

  4. Bree says:

    My boyfriend and I are planning to do a Whole60, he made me commit to that when I made him sign up for a 3 series of races (10K, 10 miler and then a half marathon). So I’m hoping we start at the beginning of the year to get off right on our training for these races as well! I did a Whole25 and he did a Whole30 back in October I believe it was, and it’s amazing how much better you feel. I realized that it will definitely take me more than 30 days to get rid of a lot of my cravings so I’m glad he made me commit to a Whole60.

    I’m looking forward to your posts about this and your motivation!! And I can’t believe I said I’m looking forward to this! πŸ™‚

    • Holly says:

      Oooh, how excited. I’m also running some crazy races in the beginning and middle of the year so I just can’t wait to get back to a place where my body feels good exercising. Funny how shortbread cookies aren’t the best workout fuel. A Whole 60 sounds awesome. I reserve my right to extend our Whole 30 too haha but for now just 30 days of good, clean eats sounds like an oasis. Glad you are in!

  5. Sydney says:

    I’m in! My husband and I did a Whole 30 in August. We’d never eaten paleo before, and really just loved the idea of cleaning all the crap out of our bodies when a friend told us about Whole 30. We felt great at the end of the month, BUT… sugar demons have kicked in since and we’re not eating remotely paleo now.

    I’m looking forward to January and HOPEFULLY doing much better job of eating paleo after the 30 days are done.

    • Holly says:

      ha! I totally know how that goes. πŸ™‚ Don’t be too hard on yourself…baby steps. The fact that you did a Whole 30 when you didn’t even eat Paleo before is SO FREAKING AWESOME. I don’t think I would have lasted. I had to ease my way into it. Hooray for January!

  6. danielle says:

    i want to. i really do.

  7. danielle says:

    but, (insert excuse about how i’m going on a cruise for a week and studying for the cscs and and and.)

    • Holly says:

      HA! I don’t think it’s excuses at all.You have to know your limits and have reasonable expectations. No way would I be able to Whole 30 it on a cruise. CSCS? HOW FUN! AND AWESOME! And your plate is suuuuuuuuuuurely full!

    • Paula B says:

      But if you can’t do 30 days, do 7 or 10, then restart after your cruise. And while on the cruise, try to keep good food choices in mind. I’m sure there will be some delicious meats, vegetables and fruits you can choose for the majority of your meals. When I travel, my cardinal rule is to avoid gluten like the plague.

  8. Paula B says:

    Count me in! I recommend subscribing to The Whole 30 Daily emails. Great information and motivation for very little cost. At the end of each email are two buttons, one for “no, I goofed up today, please restart” and one for “Yay, I did it.” It’s a funny little thing, but you REALLY don’t want to hit that restart button. An additional motivation for me is “I paid for this thing, doggone it and I’m going to do it!” Another nice thing about the emails is that if/when you want to do another Whole 30, as I’ll be doing in January, all you have to do is click a restart and the series will start all over again.

    • Holly says:

      Good suggestion Paula! I subscribed last time too and while it took me a while to get into, once I did, they were SUPER motivating. And yes, clicking that little “Yay I did it” button at the end is awesome for a list crosser offer like me πŸ™‚

  9. Emily says:

    I’m in–I loved my first super-strict Whole30 and I totally NEED another go-round as I have really fallen off the wagon…

    • Holly says:

      I can’t even see the wagon from where I am standing, I have fallen so far from it. January will be a fresh start!

  10. Kristel says:

    So grateful for this!!! I’m starting my very first Whole30 January 2!

  11. Katie Salinas says:

    dude, I’m in too. I’ve been off the rails since like…August. Need to reboot again. Its getting out of hand at this point! LOL

  12. Jacki says:

    I have been sitting on the fence about a Whole30 for the last couple months, but when I saw their announcement about January Whole30, I figured it was time. And I have my S.O. on board as well. Excited, but nervous.

    • Holly says:

      You can totally do this Jacki! Once you commit, it’s just all about being prepared and not quitting. There may be a few moments when you want to during the 30 days so my advice is come up with a good mantra, or write down why you are doing it and keep it on your fridge. It’s only 30 days. You will rock it!

  13. AndreAnna says:

    I’m still in the middle of mine and plan to pick it right back up again right after Christmas. So I’ll be 95% in!

    One thing I did learn about myself was how little I miss dairy and how much it really did affect me.

    Also? Gluten hates my face.

    • Holly says:

      I had the same realization about dairy last time around. But of course, I have gone right back to it. I kid you not the other night I ate Sweet Potato Chips with Brie for dinner. I mean…SERIOUSLY? January can not come soon enough. πŸ™‚

  14. Nice! I had been planning on doing the Whole30 in January, but it will be nice to do it together πŸ™‚ I completely understand the need to reset after December…for example, from the pumpkin Dunkin Donuts muffin I had this morning…

    I also finally convinced my 60+ year old mother to do it with me. I’ve been eating paleo for about a year, but it’s been hard trying to convince her to put down her frozen Healthy Choice meals. Will be a radical change for her but I’m excited to show her just how much her health will improve.

    • Holly says:

      Oh that’s so awesome! I wish I could convince my mom to do it with us too. I think she would love it, but I guess everyone has to come around at their own pace.

  15. Abby says:

    I am so with you for January. The only problem is keeping myself from acting like a sailor on shore leave until then…

    • Holly says:

      This is the story of my life right now. I’m all “Make good decisions….wait are those COOKIES????”

    • Haha yes! This morning I decided I was allowed a pumpkin muffin…then at the work holiday party tonight I had beer and way too much fried food. It’s harder when you can just think “eh I’ll be good in January.”

  16. JennieRyan says:

    I’m in! My first one I failed! (flipping Starbuck’s and their fancy coffees. . .oh yeah and the wine!) I’m already Paleo, mostly, and I am starting January 1st with a 4 mile road race, I am 100% committed this time!!
    Very excited!

  17. Andrea says:

    I’m in! This will be my second (and a quarter :S) Whole30. I’m starting on Jan 2 though, because we’re hosting a champagne brunch on New Year’s Day. I mean, the word ‘champagne’ is IN THE NAME, how could I not partake, one last time?

    • Holly says:

      Totally! I’m not sure if we will start on the first or the second either. Both appeal to my inner OCD organizer. πŸ™‚ I’m leaning towards the 2nd just because I have New Years Day off of work so it might be a fun day to cook. We’ll see…

  18. Regina says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking around your website for a while, and today I’ve decided to actually surface and say hi! I felt really inspired by your whole30 and Paleo posts (nomnompaleo linked me your way) and I think I’m ready to take the plunge and actually try it 100%! I will join you in your whole30 in January. Thanks for inspiring me, holly!

  19. Whitney says:

    Holly – THANK YOU!
    Our gym is doing this staring 2013, I have been so scared to try it before. Then again Paleo seemed like the scariest thing ever, and it turned out wonderful!
    Can’t wait and thanks for your help and motivation.

  20. Sara says:

    I’ve danced around the Whole30 before but haven’t committed yet. But I am fully committed to making 2013 a better year for myself and this seems like a great place to start!

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and inspiring lurkers like me to join in πŸ™‚

    • Holly says:

      Yay lurkers πŸ™‚

      So glad you are doing it. I’m so excited to get started I wish it were January already.

  21. Beth says:

    I have been struggling with the January Whole30 for weeks. I relate with basically everything you wrote but we have a birthday trip to Portland planned for me in January and I didn’t want to commit. Your post just pushed me over the edge to YES! I live in Seattle, I an go to Portland whenever. This trip will just focus on the amazing Paleo food scene, not Voodoo donuts and Pinot Noir tastings.

    • Holly says:


      Plus aren’t there some pretty bad ass Paleo food trucks in Portland? Do your best! And have a blast.

  22. Regina says:

    Thanks holly! I’ve done halfway and played with the idea of Paleo to a certain extent in my diet. I’m all gluten free now, but then I’m faced with the temptations of gluten free products and lovely snacks like popcorn. This will hopefully get me on the right track.

  23. Regina says:

    Rachel: I think the same thing! I’m like, the peppermint mocha at Starbucks is only available during this time of year, so I have to get it! And “ehhhh, I’ll be good in two weeks.”

  24. Cami Sebern says:

    Crossfit Estes Park is hosting a Whole 30 starting in January, so we will be thinking of you as our support system!! I have 3 parties to attend in January and am already envisioning myself with sparkling water and lime instead of wine, so I can stay strong and healthy.

    • Holly says:

      Have you tried the La Croix sparkling waters? OHMYGOD they are delicious, Cami! They totally made me feel like I was having a fun beverage the last time around.

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  26. Scot Herrick says:

    I’m in. My first one….

  27. Katie says:

    All right, all right. It’s been awhile but I know I need to. I’m just glad to have someone to suffer through the first week of sugar/dairy/wine cravings with, and to celebrate that moment when you finally realize you have stopped CRAVING those things! Looking forward to it!

    • Holly says:

      I’m pretty sure I am going to be sobbing or comatose on the couch when I give up sugar. I will be suffering with you FOR SURE!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Absolutely! Lets do this!

  29. Casey P says:

    I’m totally in. We ate Paleo for 3 months straight (using raw honey, syrup, and dark chocolate to get me through). But I have been eating nothing but CRAP for the past week or so…and I don’t plan on stopping the crap fest right before christmas. So count me in!

  30. Rae says:

    I’m in! I too have been over indulging and need to get back on track. Looking forward to doing this with a group. I have done 2 Whole30’s but have done them by myself. I want this to be my last Whole30 so it may stretch to a Whole60 or 90 until I get and stay in a healthy way of eating.

  31. I’m on board with this! I eat whole and clean a vast majority of the time with the exception that I do eat cheese and yogurt. However, sugary treats have been creeping in, especially this time of year (I’m a teacher and students love to give teachers sugary treats for Christmas presents.) I woke up this morning feeling horrible due to “indulgences” and resolved to try to stay clean between now and Christmas Day.
    I will join you for the month of January and will even give up my precious dairy during that time just to see if that has any impact on my health – although I have had no indication that it does.

    • Holly says:

      I felt the same way last time. Dairy is 100% the reason why I didn’t commit to a Whole 30 until I had been eating mostly Paleo for 2 years. I just didn’t think I could give it up. But honestly, the whole experiment made me realize just how much of a crutch dairy is for me (not saying it is for you!) but I was really surprised to learn that I didn’t really miss it. Now of course, I have been eating everything covered in cheese for weeks now, so just because I didn’t miss it, doesn’t mean I don’t eat it. In excess sometimes. πŸ™‚ I mean, it’s really delicious.

  32. Carrey says:

    I’m in. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Too many indulgences, and I think it’s affecting how much weight I can throw over my head (one of the joys in my life.) Plus, I start Austin FD’s fire academy on Jan 14th, and I’d like to feel as good as possible when I start – usually Day 10-14 for me. Thanks for posting!

  33. Tammy says:

    I’m SO in!! Was wanting to do this anyway, so it will be greating knowing their are other sailing on the same ship! Can’t wait to read your posts…they always make me smile! πŸ™‚
    Cheers to Starbucks, booze, cheese & chocolate for the next 11 days (not that I’m counting!)…

  34. Tammy says:

    Before the Grammar Nazi’s get me…I meant there, not their! πŸ˜‰

    • Holly says:

      I think (I hope) the Grammar Nazis know not to speak their mind around here. It’s a blog, not the Chicago Manual of Style. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re in with me! Good luck with the next 11 days. JANUARY CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH FOR ME. HAHA

  35. Maxmill says:

    You gave me the shove I needed,Thanks.

  36. I was literally eating the last few bites of ice cream left in the carton while I was reading this and it’s not even noon! Who needs the Whole 30? Obviously this chick does! I had been kicking it around for January too but while my first Whole 30 ended with no cheating, I had trouble getting into the spirit of it (no paleofying pancakes, etc.) I thought maybe I’d just SORT OF do the W30 in January by eliminating the bad stuff. But I know that won’t work – too easy to let myself off the hook. This post is definitely motivating me to take the plunge…almost. Still teetering on the fence about it – but the extra weight on my thighs will probably land me on the side of YES to W30 in January!

    • Holly says:

      Girl, you are speaking my language! It appears I am working hard to outgrow my entire wardrobe in the month of December πŸ™‚ hehe.

      I was really shocked at how much weight I lost the last time around but just keeping to the strict guidelines. I was mostly shocked because I was not keeping to a low carbohydrate count AT ALL so I was sure I wouldn’t. Just think — 30 days of strict eating and all of your clothes will probably be loose. HOW GOOD DOES THAT SOUND RIGHT NOW? That’s what I keep telling myself. And what I will keep telling myself that first week when I am crying on the couch about sugar and feeling like my life is over. πŸ™‚ It will be hard (again) I’m sure, but it will be worth it!!!! Do it with me! πŸ™‚

      • If you aren’t already getting paid as a motivational speaker, you should be! (but not by me cuz I’m broke….probably from spending all of my money on ice cream and bourbon…) I cannot resist 3 encouraging smiley faces in one comment – OK OK I’LL DO IT!!!!! I have an event on February 2 and then a wedding on March 1st – both of which I want to be smoking hot for (and in new, smaller outfits), which requires me to nip this muffin top I’m growing in the bud, ASAP! Prepare for a LOT of whining from this corner in the first two (okay four) weeks of January. This is going to suck…can’t wait! Hmmmm, I better start detoxing soon…like tomorrow…or maybe the next day…

  37. Margot says:

    I’m so in! I’ll start the MORNING (not midnight!) of January 1st so I can enjoy my champagne and not count that horrible night of sleep.

    One of the better recommendations I got on the Whole9 forum was to already start planning a relaxing environment/situation for the whole month so you can ensure minimal stress, enough time to exercise and as much sleep as possible. So I’m slowly telling people that “work is going to be horrendous all January I probably won’t have time to go out/booze-eat socially until February! Work sucks rawr!” πŸ™‚

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, I haven’t decided if we will start January 1st and go until the 30th or start on January 2nd and go until the 31st. This is a very tough decision for my OCD brain…WHICH TO DO? WHICH TO DO?

  38. Cathy says:

    I’m in. This is my first time on your site, though I have heard of you through other blogs (The Clothes Make the Girl in particular). Was planning on doing it anyway, and I figure the more support I find for myself, the better for this first go at a Whole 30.

  39. Maureen says:

    We’re in Holly! My husband and I did a Whole 30 that ended right before Thanksgiving, and we had already planned to go again on January 2nd. You hit the nail on the head, the way I feel now compared to when I was eating clean, night and day. Loss of energy, not sleeping as well, definitely not as even keeled emotionally.

    I hope anyone on the fence does give this a try. Like you said, you can do anything for 30 days. Those days are going to pass anyway, why not do something good for yourself. I think what I miss most is just knowing I am doing something that is so beneficial, I don’t have any of those “I shouldn’t have eaten (drank) that.” thoughts. I found the whole experience very mentally freeing! Plus, I lost 11 lbs-and I can honestly say it was the easiest weight I ever lost.

  40. NJ Paleo says:

    I’m in! It will be my first Whole 30, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m in for. For me, kicking out the nightly glass of wine with dinner will be tough. But I have a feeling that resisting the chocolate around the office will be tough too. I’ll be starting January 3 as my family will be traveling, returning home on the 2nd, and I’ll need to shop on the 2nd. I decided that this holiday season I would go ahead and indulge and not feel guilty about it — though all the sugar and some gluten have brought me back to afternoon crashes, bloating, and sluggishness again. Ugh, had forgotten about all those effects!

  41. Notsobadass says:

    You wrote about my life! I’m looking forward to starting a Whole90 on January 1! I’m looking forward to reading about your experience and using your resources!

  42. Christina says:

    I’m in as well. Already practicing with the Well Fed cookbook and getting prepared, buying a few things here and there. I’ve been gluten free / sugar free for almost three months but still on dairy and yes, a bit of honey or molasses here and there. Ready to kick this up a notch and see where it takes me.

  43. Jesabes says:

    I first thought, yeah! I should do this! Then I remembered we’re going on a cruise in January and…no. (I keep forgetting it!)

  44. S_bunny says:

    Hi Holly! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and absolutely love all your stories, recipes, books, thoughts, the whole nine! I started the Paleo lifestyle around August and watched my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and everything else high come way down. I’m still new to the Paleo world but I always come back to your site for inspiration! Anyway, I’ve been horrible since Thanksgiving and not eating Paleo or clean. I really want to start the whole30 in january but Im quite apprehensive! I dont know, the idea of being so restrictive is really scary for me, although I know I should really just dive in and commit. Sorry to ramble, just wanted to say I’m on the fence but really hoping I’ll find the courage to commit to doing the whole 30 with you!

  45. Kelly says:

    Count me in! I just finished reading “It Starts with Food” and I’m ready for a life change with my eating habits. Look forward to following your updates for inspiration.

  46. emily says:

    Myself and a couple of my fellow Soldiers are going to do this with you from our fob in afghanistan. Luckily we have pretty decent food where we are at and there are always cold cuts and a salad bar. Pretty excited to see if people see any changes in their energy levels, “body fatigue” and mood. We’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Holly says:

      Emily! You are such a rockstar. If I was in Afghanistan I would probably just use that as an excuse to eat Oreos the entire time, you are so motivating to me! I wish you were blogging about this. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  47. Sallie says:

    Holly, I am IN! This will be my second whole30 and I am excited to do it again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. Kristabella says:

    I am in! I’m going to start the 2nd, though. Because I know myself. And also, Jan has 31 days!


  49. regan says:

    Good timing on seeing this post as I just agreed to Whole 30 with some friends starting in January.

    So I have a really dumb question and maybe you can help me find an answer (and laugh at me a little): I know we can’t use seed oils for cooking but what if it’s in a lotion. It’s probably such a small amount in the lotion and since it’s used topically it’s probably fine, right? I mean, I swear I’m not eating my lotion on toast or anything.

    • Holly says:

      The Whole 30 itself is restrictive enough with food…I wouldn’t worry about anything else! I mean, sanity has to come into play somewhere right?

  50. Beth says:

    I’m in as well! I made it half way through one in September but wimped out early. No excuses and no gicing up this time!

  51. Amanda J says:

    Ok, so Im in also. I was thinking about doing another W30 but had not committed in my mind. So now Im set.
    See you after a few more bites of chocolate…..

  52. Jillian says:

    I’m in. We’re leaving for our wedding in Mexico on January 30th, and I want to feel amazing and totally confident in my dress and on the beach. Plus, it seems like the perfect way to reboot after the holidays and kick of a great year.

  53. Rhonda H says:

    I’m in… after dabbling with Paleo for the last year and some months I need to get serious! Plus, like many, I am eating all wrong this December and needing to get back on track…

  54. I’m in! I started a Whole30 last April but due to a variety of crazy circumstances–and ultimately making the choice that putting extra effort towards food would be more stress–I did not complete it. I have completely let my sugar dragon run wild and free this holiday season, and I’d love to get back to the awesome energy and sleep that I had the first couple weeks of the Whole30. I already bookmarked a ton of recipes in Well Fed and Paleo Indulgences (there are savory dishes, and recipes you can tweak to make Whole30 appropriate). Can’t wait!

    • Holly says:

      Awesome! Glad you are doing it too Alicia! I’d love to hear about some of your recipes. I’m always game for new ones.

  55. Electa says:

    I’m in!! I’m going to start tomorrow actually. I completed my first whole30 in August and it was the best thing I ever did. I did great staying paleo until October. Fell off the deep end. I take that back I fell off the freaking earth. My workouts have suffered the grain and sugar bloat. When you said your body was begging for this , I feel the same way.

  56. Susannah says:

    Hi Holly! We’re in! This will be the first Whole30 for my spouse and I. I am a little apprehensive about giving up the dairy, you see, we have dairy goats and I make cheese and fromage blanc and yogurt and so on…. But I will give this 100%, I promise. You are very inspiring, I love your writing and your blog so I know I will have a place to turn to for a boost when I need it. Also, I am going to subscribe to the daily e-mails. Go us!!

    • Holly says:

      Awesome, Susannah! I bet that will be a challenge with the goats, but I would just make sure that you follow the reintroduction guidelines at the end of the Whole 30 (the emails will outline it) and who knows, maybe you will find that you do just find with all the goat dairy and then YOU WILL KNOW, and never have to give it a second thought. πŸ™‚

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  58. LKG says:

    I am doing it, excited to get back on track. Thanks for the motivation!

  59. ashley says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!! soo nervous, but I know it’ll be worth it! πŸ˜€

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  62. Becky says:

    I love your blog…. This has been me all December, gluten, booze, sugar, skipping workouts, headaches, stomach issues…. I did my 1st whole 30 in October and felt amazing! I’m doing another Whole 30 and organized a group for Jan 2! I can’t wait to feel grat again! Best Wishes to you!


  63. Holly says:

    I’m in!! Committed a couple days ago – “It Starts With Food” is on its way to my house now. I have been semi-following paleo since April but fell off the wagon completely lately… Really excited for a change!! Been following your blog for a while and it’s great.

  64. Darien says:

    Whoo-hoo! I am down. I was out of town for the first and second, so I am starting on the third. Thanks for the inspiration!

    What I want to know is if you’re giving up coffee, too? We talked about it when I met you briefly at the conference in Estes Park. You can do it!

    • Holly says:

      Awesome! Glad you are doing it, Darien! As for coffee, not giving it up this time around. After my Estes trip I did give it up for a whole month during (I think) September or October and it was really eye opening. I noticed A LOT of differences for the positive. The one negative was that I just felt really down! Like, depressed down and also really missed the ritual of coffee and it never went away or got replaced (even my favorite tea couldn’t take its place.) I guess at this point I’m trying to find some balance with caffeine. I’m drinking a lot more half decaf and trying to wait until AFTER breakfast to drink it so I don’t screw up that early am neurotransmitter/hunger thing. But ultimately I don’t know if I will ever be strong enough to give it up completely. We will see though….never say never πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking in!

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