August Favorites

Despite all the fun things I’m about to discuss with you, I have to tell you first and foremost that my favorite thing this month was YOU. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that because then, that would probably creep you out.) I just want to thank each and every one of you for your comments, emails, tweets, facebook messages and text messages after yesterday’s post. You know how to make a girl feel loved even from far away (even if some of us are *technically* strangers.) I had a rough day yesterday for myriad reasons, but your kind words and positive thoughts made a HUGE difference. So thank you. Really. Thank YOU.

But today I’d like to turn the page and chat about those fun things this month that have made me feel all twitterpated. Here we go!

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

A while back Elizabeth mentioned this on Style Lush and I immediately knew it would be my next Target-You-Have-No-Need-To-Buy-This Impulse Purchase. In all honesty though, suggesting I make an impulse purchase at Target is like suggesting a dog consider table scraps at dinner while he is sitting at your feet. I picked up one called ‘Charm’ and then because the nice folks at Target gave me a $2 off coupon, I picked up another one next time in ‘Smitten.’ It is like a giant chapstick crayon with pigment. That doesn’t make it sound at all appealing but it totally is. Trust me.

2. Dawson’s Creek

Shut up. No really, just shut up.

Our Roku box has just brought back the desire to watch old nostalgic television shows and when I came across this one as an option I convinced Garrett to watch it. “One episode, that’s it. This is some chick $h!t,” he said. Guess who has totally made it through the first season??? It is a little girly, I’ll admit that, but you guys it is soooooo fun and 90s. OHMAHGAWD, the clothes are awful. But it is cute and a neat little time capsule and we’ve been having fun laughing at/with it.

3. Limited Edition Orla Kiely Method Hand Soaps

This collection of fall scented soaps is not doing me any favors in this hot ass weather by making me really REALLY ready for autumn to finally get here. I snatched up a metric ton of these cute little bottles with some Orla Kiely signature prints and can’t wait to start using them. They are slightly pricier than the usual method soaps but the scents are divine (Bay Leaf! Vanilla Chai!) the packaging is adorable (obvs) and they made my whole month without even ever using them. That’s pretty impressive, right?

4. The Whole 30 Daily

I signed up for the Whole 30 Daily when I started the experiment this month and honestly, for the first week I didn’t read a single one. Too much on my mind, who needs another email, yada yada. But then I played catch up that weekend and found that they were so densely packed with awesome information I couldn’t wait to read the next one. Each day it has been a little gift in my inbox and a reminder of why I am doing this. It’s a daily high five filled with fun motivation and inspiration. For $15 I highly recommend it if you are going to make your way through a Whole 30.

5. Cilantro

If you hate cilantro, this suggestion won’t convince you, but the fresh and verdant flavors of cilantro have just been making so many of my meals this month. I’ve mixed it up in Mel’s Moroccan Dipping Oil, added it to taco salads, then I made this sauce for some grilled fish at Kathleen’s suggestion which reminded me of this recipe for caramelized cauliflower with salsa verde and then LORDY I have been buying cilantro by the case load. And it’s been delicious. If you have any suggestions for what to do with cilantro, send it my way. I’M OFFICIALLY OBSESSED.


What’s been rocking your world lately?

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11 Responses to August Favorites

  1. bethanyrx says:

    #3, #4, #5 : YOU READ MY MIND.

    Cilantro… have you ever made chimichurri sauce? Perfect for the summer abundance of fresh herbs, keeps well in the fridge, and is one of my FAVES for topping grilled meat!

  2. Melinda says:

    Last month Bon Appetit had a drink recipe called “One Night in Phuket” — my rendition:

    2 oz chili vodka (put a few thai peppers in vodka for 24 h)
    1 T coconut creme
    juice of half a lime
    10 or so cilantro leaves

    Muddle all of the above, pour over ice and top with soda water (or my new fave La Croix Coconut.) Yummy!

  3. I’m anti-cilantro. Very anti. But I still love you. 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Catching up on blogs today and read your post from yesterday I’m so sorry, I have both my parents still albeit they are tough relationships I try to value them as much as possible because I know they could be gone in a moment.Thanks for that reminder especially this week I needed it. Also your favorites post are some of my favorites redundant much lol. Have a great weekend!

  5. Lauren says:

    Those soaps made my day! I love Method soap anyway, so I guess I’ll be making a trip to Target this weekend. I shall blame you when I empty my bank account, because it’s impossible to walk out of there without 100 things I didn’t know I needed.

    I’m the only person I know who loves cilantro! Apparently there’s an actual gene that controls whether cilantro tastes good to you or if it tastes soapy (thank you, Barefoot Contessa, for that fun fact)

  6. OMG Dawson’s Creek. I literally did the same thing last month– I like to watch Netflix on my Ipad while I’m on the treadmill and they have literally EVERY SEASON of Dawson’s Creek right now…so I said “I’ll just watch the first couple episodes– you know: the ones I missed when they were on live TV”….and I ended up watching the whole first season.

    It makes me feel awkward to watch them– like so awkward I almost couldn’t do it– like so awkward I was talking out loud to them telling them how awkward they were. Good times.

  7. sizzle says:

    Mmm Cilantro!

    I like those hand soaps- bonus, once you run out of the soap you can just fill it with a different kind of soap!

  8. Ekaterina says:

    Oh, Whole30 Daily is awesome! Tons of great information, motivational tips and I’m really looking forward to getting a new letter in the morning and clicking the link “Another day in the bank”in the evening))))

    Love cilantro too. I also was suffering a real addiction to mint – put it to the water with lemon, to the salads, sprinkled over the fruit and making tea with it:) Stil can’t get over these two favourites))))

  9. Erica says:

    Okay, I finished It Starts With Food and am armed with Well Fed and I am still NOT CONVINCED ABOUT BEANS but I know the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. So…really, definitely worth $15 or do you think I could make it through with the resources I already have?

  10. Maureen says:

    Dawson’s Creek was my favorite!!! lol I had such a thing for Pacey! During my summer break I swore I’d watch the whole series again, but only made it through 2.5 seasons. I’m saving the rest for Winter Break! 🙂

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