Stopping The Insanity


So on April 1st I’m trashing my scale.

Ok well maybe not trashing it, it’s a really fancy scale. For what I paid for it though, it should probably make and deliver my morning coffee as well as tell me all of my numbers. But I’m having Garrett hide it, because I think it’s time to take back my sanity a little bit.

I used to weigh myself all of the time and now, while I only do it once a week, it still does cross my mind on a daily basis. Worse, sometimes during my weekly weigh ins, I let it affect how I feel about my OVERALL progress. I generally weigh myself Friday mornings because it is so nice to go into a weekend down a few pounds, knowing that your week has been a success! But also there are weeks that ARE successful where I do not go into the weekend down a few pounds, and the feelings that brew up on those are Fridays are starting to get to me.

I imagine you can guess how today’s weigh in went, yes?

It is so stupid to have so much success, and yet I allow myself to get all emo while standing on a scale on a random Friday morning. What’s more stupid is that I can have a week where I eat well, feel great, workout a lot and ENJOY MY LIFE and then come Friday morning if the scale doesn’t show my preferred type of progress I start to feel like “WOE!!! WHY IS EVERYTHING A FAILURE???” I mean, can you even believe the stupidity of that? When I say it out loud, it just sounds so RIDICULOUS.

So you know what? I’m going to stop doing that.


So I’m telling you all this to hold myself accountable and to let you know that I’m going to take a month off. I’m not going to talk about my weight loss progress with in the context of pounds on this website. I just…well, I just don’t want to for a minute. I need a break. I need some time to get my mind right. I don’t plan to make any changes to what I’m doing — hooray for Paleo/Zone, I’m going to keep up my workouts because I love them, but I just need to get my eye OFF of The Prize for a mother-frickin-minute.

There are a million reasons why it is lame to be so scale dependent, here is my favorite list of a few, but at this point I don’t need to “motivate” myself stop doing something I just need to *actually” stop doing it.

And sometimes it helps me to just say these things out loud.

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11 Responses to Stopping The Insanity

  1. Tory says:

    I’m not giving my scale up, but only because it measures Body Fat %, Water weight, bone %, and BMI…I am however not getting too wrapped up in the lbs on the scale. I’m doing my best all while taking Prednisone-the worst drug known to man. I’m happy with any changes for the positive while on this med. I googled “losing weight on Prednisone” and everything I read said it’s near impossible. So, I’m just going to keep eating well and working out and focusing on the BF% instead.

    • Holly says:

      Keep it up, girl! Seriously. That is an uphill battle. I was trying to pay more attention to the body fat on my own scale but it swings 4-5% depending on hydration, which I find irritating…so — BUH BYE SCALE, it is! I just don’t want to measure anything. Take a month off, do my thing…see what happens 🙂

  2. LizScott says:

    Grab a tape measure. For serious. And seriously ditch the scale, I do not care how much it costs. You wouldn’t stay with a shitty boyfriend just because you had invested years and years right? Sell it on craigslist and go buy yourself something pretty.

    • Holly says:

      I think I just need a month off of measuring ANYTHING. I have been tape measuring myself since I started (THANK GOD, or I probably would have offed myself…HA!) but recently I feel like my body has been changing in the zones that don’t really get measured..if that makes sense. For example…love handle-y area: notably smaller — yet no change in waist or hip measurement…I mean FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I just…I just need to exhale. But since you suggested buying myself something pretty, I think I just might 🙂 hehe

  3. chelsea says:

    Dude. I let not losing pounds (but losing inches and inches) convince me I couldn’t lose weight and fall off the healthy living and reasonable portions and not a bottle of wine a night bandwagon.


    Agree. Haven’t been on a scale in a while. Don’t want to. All that matters is I fit into wedding dress, kthx.

    • Holly says:

      This is such an important point — the discouragement of seeing no change on the scale THEN AFFECTS the way I treat my body, which is just bass-ackwards! I think I’ll regroup, treat myself well, and just see what happens you know. Life is good, my fitness is good, my clothes are good…THINGS ARE GOOD. eff off scale!!! 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    Holly! So proud of you.

    I have never owned a scale and don’t ever plan on owning one. When people ask me how much I weigh, all I can tell them is the last time I went to the doctor.

    My family owned a scale growing up and when I was a teenager I weighed myself a lot. It would almost always make me feel worse about myself. I decided then I wouldn’t ever use the scale to measure my success in trying to be in shape – I would use the fit of my clothes, specifically my pants to tell me that. (My pants do a great job telling me if I am gaining weight).

    Bravo, Holly!

  5. sizzle says:

    I agree with this a thousand-fold.

  6. Susanah says:

    Good plan, Holly. I have cut back to once a month, but even that may go by the wayside. All I want is to go down one pants size (as far as body size goals) and I don’t care how much I weigh when I reach that goal. It is taking forever but I will not give up. Yea, get healthy now cuz it is really slow like a snail when you are older!
    Holly, I wanted to also say I love reading your blog – you are a great writer – thanks for bloggin’!

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