Paleo Rant Retraction

So, 48 hours after my rage-filled diatribe (ok maybe it wasn’t that dramatic) I’m still feeling mostly good about the opinions I threw out there. I was honestly surprised at the positive feedback.

But one part in that whole post still feels a bit prickly and I’m not feeling great about it:

Can I be honest for a second? I hate the term Healthy Living Blogger. Like actual, visceral hate. Mostly because I think the meaning of the word healthy is often used so incorrectly that it is losing it’s meaning. Healthy = Having Health = Being Devoid of Ailments. And I can’t tell you how many “Healthy Living Bloggers” I see rattling off food advice and then also casually saying they struggle with things like IBS, or digestive problems, or mystery symptoms that are just their “genetic quirks” *giggle.* DUDE THEN WHY ARE YOU TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO EAT? AND WHY IS THIS CONSIDERED HEALTHY?

Anyway, that was a little harsh.

I know a number of people, who I consider knowledgeable and intelligent about things related to health and nutrition, who also may suffer from digestive ailments. We are all on our own journey and I feel glad that there are a lot of different perspectives out there. I may have been a little reactive when I said what I said above.

That said, I still hold on to the idea of obliterating oatmeal photos on blogs. I’ve seen enough! :)

Anyway, it was a bit mean spirited, and I just wanted to acknowledge that even though it seems like no one really cared. Forgive my little inarticulate, over-emotional rant would you?

Ahem, okay I feel better now. Back to our regularly scheduled, more rage-free programming.

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