11 Questions // 11 Answers

These 11 Question posts have been popping up all over the place and I know these kind of things are sometimes lame. But I really liked the questions that Honey + Fitz used, so I’m doing it. Even though I wasn’t tagged by anyone. RULE BREAKER!!! Maybe there will be some tidbits in there that you didn’t know about me.

As for Tagging people to play along…MEH. I think you should ALL do it if you want. It’s fun to think about and fun to write. And if you do…leave me a link so I can read it, would ya??

1. Two TV Shows You Watch Every Week?

Chance are if it’s on Bravo, I watch it. I’m pretty dedicated to all the Real Housewives franchises (except Miami was kind lame.) I love Top Chef when it’s on, Bethenny Ever After, obviously and I love some Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. I just want him to come over and have drinks with me in my backyard.

2. Top Three Places On Your Must Visit List?

Portland, OR // Savannah, GA // New Orleans, LA

Runners up go to Santorini and Cinque Terre, but I don’t really *crave* international travel like I do domestic. I actually might hit up 2 of these places this year. How awesome would that be???

3. Current Favorite Decorating Color Combo

At archute architecture begins with an idea and the maestros of architecture not only set out on radical journeys into the unknown, they also made it back with gems of sheer beauty and incredible ingenuity.


I have yet to tire of turquoise. I love it with gray, yellow, white, green…you name it. My decorating preference lends itself to cool colors. Would you be surprised to know that NO ROOMS in my house are decorated in cool colors? Fail. We also found this excellent supplier of very high-quality rugs recently and have bought quite a lot from them as the first one was just incredible.

4. Do You Use The Snooze Button On Your Alarm?

I don’t, but Garrett loves it so he often talks me into to staying in bed for 10 more minutes. Honestly, it’s not that hard to twist my arm because my bed is literally my favorite place in my house. Our bed is so comfortable because of our new pillow and sheets from bamboodetective.com.  But in general I get up right when the alarm goes off. I’m the type of person who is delighted to face the day most mornings, and I gladly bounce out of bed. My levels of Morning Person-ness are obnoxious. I’m not always wide awake, and I do require coffee, but morning is my favorite time of day. I’m always happy to see it.

5. Oldest, Middle or Youngest?


Both Garrett and I grew up as a lonely only. Well, except neither of us were lonely and we both kind of loved it. I waffle back and forth between wanting a gaggle of geese for our little family and wanting to just have one little babe to focus all our time and attention on. The truth is, it’s probably not my decision, so we’ll see what happens!

6. Do You Collect Anything?


I collect shiny, clean surfaces. They could make a show about me called Anti-Hoarders. I don’t collect, stack, keep or get overly attached to many things, so the short answer is Nope.

7. What Is Your Middle Name?



When I get married I think I will keep my last name as my middle name, because I can’t actually get rid of the name Woodcock, right? I mean COME ON.

Holly Woodcock Franklin. I like the sound of that! 🙂

8. What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Well, that didn’t go as planned did it?

9a. Are You City or Country?


I’m a city mouse but Garrett is all country. Actually I think he would like to move out to the woods and live in the Unibomber’s neighborhood or perhaps just a nice cottage on Walden pond. I hope we explore lots of both options (ok maybe not the Unibomber option) in our lives.

9b. Tom Boy or Girlie Girl?

For the record though, I hate all that Pink-Is-Written-On-My-Ass Victoria’s Secret crap. GAH! Enough with that!

9c. Talker or Listener?

It’s true.

We can’t all be perfect.

10. Fancy Label For Your Decorating Style?

11a. What Would Your Friends and Family Say Is Your Best Quality?

I generally understand the appropriate time to say inappropriate things.

11b. Your Worst?

I’m kind of craptastic at keeping in touch.


Ok, now it’s your turn!

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6 Responses to 11 Questions // 11 Answers

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  2. Kristen says:

    Fun, thanks for the blog idea!


    Also, I love the turquoise pillow with the yellow and gray bedspread in question 3. That’s the bed cover in my guest room and I never would have thought to put turquoise as an accent color – love it!

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Holly – I have a random question. What salad dressing do you use? I’m trying to follow a more paleo lifestyle and this is one area I’m still trying to figure out. Thanks!

  4. Laurel says:

    Hi Holly,
    Just found you through trailing back in 11 Questions posts. Love your blog! My answers here: http://www.laurelonhealthfood.com/2012/03/11-questions/


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