Why I Made A Facebook Page For My “Personal Blog”

First I want to tell you what it feels like to make a Facebook page for your Personal Blog. You know when you throw a party and about five minutes before it starts you have a full frontal freakout that no one will even show up and you will be forced to drown your sorrows alone and eat appetizers for dinner for a week because no one came?

Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Putting yourself out there and waiting for people to “Like” you is an odd feeling. But I’ve been thinking about this experiment for a while, and I decided to try and temporarily put my fear of that aside, and go ahead and made a Facebook Page for Holly Would If She Could. That said, I thought it might be nice to take a minute to tell you why.

It’s no surprise when a business or a niche blog set up a Facebook page, right? It’s just goes along with the territory these days: if you sell stuff and you are not on Facebook — YOU DON’T EXIST. MUAHAHAHAHA (insert maniacal laughter of choice.) But for a personal blog, the area is a bit gray. Since some do it and others can’t even fathom the need I wanted to clarify my intentions, and you know I love intentions.

1. Facebook is convenient for “Community”

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a gathering place. People are there in droves posting, talking, liking and commenting. Many of you read blogs and subcribe via RSS but there are many people who don’t, and I wanted to put the blog out there for those who like to get their content on Facebook.

Also, community is built in with Facebook. It’s like the world’s biggest virtual coffee shop where we are all sitting around shooting the breeze. And I WANT to shoot the breeze with the people who read this blog! That’s YOU! And I want you to grab that latte and sit down and chat and it seems that Facebook has the most comfy chairs and the wi-fi.

2. Facebook allows for communication in real time

This is the best thing about Facebook, in my opinion. Warp speed communication! Obviously I love to blog and I can’t imagine ever stopping, but it is nice to be able to talk about stuff, share interesting things I come across or have conversations without having to come up with an entire coherent post, then wait for comments, and then respond. That is a lot of steps, and honestly it has it’s place. But to me it is like having a phone conversation vs. text messaging. And you’d agree it’s nice to have the option to do both, right?

3. Somewhat Related: Facebook is quick and dirty

I love thinking up new post idea and it’s one of my favorite parts of blogging. But I also love spur of the moment ideas and would like a place to tell you what’s on my mind and hear what’s on yours. Twitter is awesome for that (and of course you can follow me there) but ideas don’t always happen in 140 characters. Sometimes you just want to put something out there and get feedback instantly, you know?

********Which then, of course, leads to the question:

Why can’t you just do this on your personal Facebook page?

The truth, I probably could.

But in short, I don’t think it would be as effective or create as much community — and that is my goal here. I blog because I enjoy writing and LOVE the ideas that get shared, the people I get to talk to (and meet!) and the joy that it brings to my daily life. Truly. I don’t make money off of this blog, it is currently a labor of love that I do because it is SO WORTH IT!

While my personal Facebook page definitely has overlap with the community here at the blog, the style of content IS different. That doesn’t mean that I am a different person on my personal Facebook page, but there is definitely more narrow curation of content when it comes to the blog — and I like that. I think it’s kind of nice to know what you are going to get when you come here.

While Holly Would If She Could is definitely not a “niche blog”, I talk a lot about food, fitness, body image, CrossFit and cooking. Not everyone on my personal Facebook wants to hear about all of that so much. On the flip side, sometimes on my Personal Facebook I talk about local events or getting my tires changed or the amazing frappucino I just bought at the Howe Bout Arden Starbucks. Not that useful to blog readers who aren’t local.

While I think there is a lot of overlap, I truly think it is time to separate the audiences and I’m not a fan of just choosing what I want to share with who, Mark Zuckerberg. I feel like it is a courtesy to all involved to separate blog stuff completely, so that’s what I’m doing. Not that I wouldn’t be Facebook friends with blog readers, but I just think it’s a nice thing to do — to offer an opt-in rather than I an opt-out. For now, I like this solution.

*****************So now that we’ve clarified that:

What kind of content can you expect to see over there?

1. Interesting articles I find from around the web
I like the phone-it-in Friday links post just as much as the next person, but for me, I like instant gratification more. File it under ‘F’ for Flaws. Sure I share items from my google reader (and you can follow those if you like) but there isn’t a lot of space for discussion and Facebook does it better, I think.

2. More thoughts/goals/motivations/process discussions from daily life
Life happens in between well written posts with an introduction and a nicely wrapped up conclusion. I want to capture more of THAT.

What will you NOT see:

1. A page full of auto-feed blog posts for weeks on end
I want this to be A Place, not a list. Expect my voice over there, not just an RSS feed. So even if you already subscribe, hopefully you will still find some useful/entertaining stuff. And if not, well maybe I will change my approach. We will see.

So I hope you will come by and LIKE ME (cue party planning panic) because I really don’t want to eat all these appetizers myself. And if you have already, thanks friend — you’re a real pal!

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One Response to Why I Made A Facebook Page For My “Personal Blog”

  1. Jessica says:

    This is one of those times when I wish my blog world and my IRL world weren’t so separate. My family doesn’t know about my blog and I like it that way. If they find it, fine, but I’m not going to lead them to it so I do nothing blog-related on Facebook. I’m not even in the Blathering Facebook group:(