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The way someone smells says a lot about them. In fact, smell is the most important sense involved with nostalgia. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, I don’t feel like it is fall until I come home one night to the wafting rosemary smell of my favorite beef stew. The End. The Nose has spoken.

I also switch my perfumes up seasonally, which happens to blow Garrett’s mind. “What the hell is a fall fragrance?” Well thanks for asking, sweetheart — I’m about to tell you my favorites!

Before we get started we should subtitle this: Why I Don’t Write Perfume Descriptions Even Though I Like To Talk About Good Smelling Things.

The Thymes – Eucalyptus

Honestly, this is my favorite year-round fragrance because of its versatility, but I especially adore it when the weather gets cool.

From their website:
Fresh, crisp notes of eucalyptus are surrounded by a bright citrus halo of Italian lemon, lime and bergamot. Trailing close behind are green florals, lemongrass, floating on a bed of herbacious rosewood and fir.

What I would tell you:
First, the bottle is pretty and that’s a must. Obviously it has to smell amazing too, but it’s nice to have sitting out if you so choose. As for what it smells like — I would say it is a combo of “I just took the most invigorating shower ever!” with “How do you get your laundry to smell like that?” It’s clean, but you still smell pretty.

Michael Kors – Very Hollywood

I resisted buying this for a long time because I was sure it was just a Perfume Crush and I would get it home, use it twice and then have it go into my bathroom cupboard to die. But I spray it on me every time it is in the general vicinity at a store, and I recently happened upon it at TJ Maxx for $18 and it hopped in my cart and we rode off together happily into the sunset.

From Sephora’s website:
This fabulous essence features notes of sparkling mandarin, gardenia and vetiver that are suited to a silver screen siren.

What I would tell you:
First, I am NOT a silver screen siren but I still love it. Second, this picture makes it looks like it is for strippers but it is not. Third, obviously I HAD to buy this perfume for the name. All three, very important things.

But the upside is that it also smells delicious. I feel like I need to preface this by saying I am generally not a flowery perfume wearer, but the hints of gardenia in here are just the perfect touch of glamour for me. I feel like a grownup when I wear this for some reason. And my boyfriend tells me I smell pretty which is always a nice bonus.

Burberry Brit Sheer

I’ve had this for years and still enjoy it every time I spray it. There are only a few perfumes that I actually feel that way about.

From Burberry’s website:
A refreshing, vibrant fragrance with top notes sweet lychee, yuzu, pineapple leaves and mandarin. Heart notes of pink peony, peach blossom and nashi add a soft floral accent. A sheer veil of white musk and blond wood gently balance this fresh youthful scent.

What I would tell you:
First *SQUEE* A pink plaid Burberry bottle!! I feel like I need to clarify that Burberry Brit Sheer smells MUCH DIFFERENT than Burberry Brit. Burberry Brit is the perfume your grandma likes. Burberry Brit Sheer is what you wear when you are rocking the cutest shoes you own.

Second, this description makes it sound like flowers dipped in kool aid — which is not what it smells like at all. It’s…crispier. Do you know what I mean? Cleaner? It’s yummy. But what I like about it is that it has a touch of The Fabulous, but it’s not overpowering.

So apparently I like sparkly pink stripper perfume that SMELLS like a lady and um…notes of mandarin? (The Body Shop Satsuma, anyone?) At least I know what I love! Now tell me, what is your signature scent?

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5 Responses to Signature Scents

  1. Erica says:

    super weird. my two perfumes this year are very hollywood and burberry brit. Very hollywood ran out a little while ago and burberry brit is on the way out. Maybe I’ll try that eucalyptus one because I need a new one.

  2. Danielle says:

    My go to scent has been a honeysuckle that I LOVE. It’s finally fall here and I need a warmer scent… But I have no idea where to start. I have a channel that I feel like I can fall into and I love it, but I use it sparingly, cause I am NOT a rich girl. Thinking about going to bath junkie and mixing something up, kinda want to go old school and mix something buttery and warm with vanilla. They have a great scent bar with tons of little fun bottles you can play with. Total girly fun.

  3. bethanyrx says:

    D&G’s Light Blue! My mom even bought a bottle at one point a few years ago because it makes her think of me when she wears it. 😉

    Side note: I wish I could get my hubs to even THINK about wear something good-smelling. My current male favorite is YSL’s Pour Homme… but the man barely wears deodorant. Womp.

  4. bethanyrx says:

    PS–clearly the stew recipe is from your pre-paleo days, what with all the “flour” and “bread” and stuff. 😉 Do you dredge the beef in almond/coconut/some other flour when you make it now?

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