Be Where You Are

I know, I know two posts in one day — you hardly know me anymore.  I’ll explain it with this complicated series of mathematical equation:

Training for a Half Marathon = Lots of running
Lots of running = Lots of time with my own thoughts
Time with my own thoughts = Notes to Myself = Blog Posts

So that pretty much sums it up, mmmkay?

Anyway I had a terrible run today which sucks, obviously.  It doubly sucked because my run on Saturday was so awesome that I felt like I was finally getting the hang of this running thing.  I was having all these grand epiphanies, feeling pretty great during the run, and fantastic afterward.

Today, however, was the pits.  I was supposed to run 3 miles and only ran 1.5.  When I showed up to the gym all the treadmills were taken.  When I went back a second time my brain had practically given up before I even got on the damn thing.  

(Sidebar:  I think treadmill running is sort of equivalent to water torture, but right now it is a necessary evil so that I can fit in some training runs in during the week and not totally kill my post-work social life.  And by social life, I mean time I spend CrossFitting, running errands, cooking dinner, seeing my boyfriend, oh yeah and sleeping.) 

Life is wild these days, my friends.  

So where was I?  

Ah yes, a sucky run.  My run was so sucky in fact, that it took me just as long to shower and clean up afterward as it did to actually work out.  And I spent the bulk of that primp time beating myself up for having such a crappy run — reminding myself that I would never get anywhere with a performance like that, and how the hell did I expect to be ready to run 13 miles by June if I can’t run 2 without bitching out on a Tuesday afternoon?  

But then do you know what I realized?  I realized that I did not sign up for this half marathon to add another item to my List of Things I Feel Bad About.  Oh, and Newsflash:  Beating myself up is not going to make me run faster.  So eff all that noise!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad lately since starting CrossFit and taking on a few more athletic endeavors.  He was a great athlete and super educated about all this stuff that I am bumbling around and trying to figure out and sometimes I feel really sad that he is not around to give me advice or that I can’t call him like I wanted to last night when I PR’d on my deadlift at CrossFit (255 lbs baby…Holla!)  But I know he is around and supporting me, and every once in a while I can hear him clear as day.  And today in that locker room was one of those times.

Be where you are, he said.

Don’t beat yourself up for where you aren’t.  
Be where you are.  
Own it.  
Build on it.
And you will kill it. 

Yes today’s run wasn’t my best.  But 6 months ago I made a tiny change by prioritizing fitness.  5 months ago I wouldn’t have gotten up and packed my gym bag to bring to work.  4 months ago  I wouldn’t have gone to the gym on my lunch break.  3 months ago I wouldn’t have gone back a second time when all the treadmills were full.  2 months ago I wouldn’t have run on that treadmill for 25 minutes.  

Had I not taken one tiny, seemingly meaningless step forward 6 months ago, I would not be where I am right now.  So I am just going to be over here where I am if that’s ok with you.  Not feeling a damn bit guilty.  And 6 months from now?  Who knows where I will be.

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4 Responses to Be Where You Are

  1. Kate says:

    Great post! And the occasional sucky run just comes with the territory. Everyone will have one every now and then. You've got the right attitude — don't sweat it, and just come back and go again next time.

  2. Calves says:

    Thanks for the 2nd post Holly! I needed these thoughts.
    it's too easy when we start setting new goals and improving that we start getting harder and harder on ourselves… why? love your attitude!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I also believe that there's a big difference between bad runs that are bad runs…and bad mental runs. The former is inavoidable & something to learn from. The latter, well, ehhh.

    Are you coming out here for RnR Half? I can't remember.

    I'm officially kicking off my half plan when I get back from vacation in 2 weeks – knowing that I have enough time to get to 13 miles by June. 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    I really needed to read this today. The advice from you dad is spot on, and yes, it's easy to get distracted by all the things we're not doing instead of focusing on what we are doing.