Tuesday is the hardest day…

Tuesday is the hardest day of the week, I’m convinced. 

Monday — while definitely a shock to the system after a long weekend has an element of renewal to it.  It’s a new week! And I find the entire week full of possibilities to be a little exciting.  Granted sometimes I find that exciting through squinty tired eyes, but it’s still exciting!

Wednesday — yes, it’s humpday, and I know people argue that this is the hardest day, but to me this is like hitting the summit — you are halfway there!  Celebrate!  So I don’t find Wednesday unmanagable…besides, Wednesday has it’s perks.  Dude, I know that is hella old but it still makes me laugh. 

Thursday — I have two words for you:  Baby Friday.  Sure Thursday can be a slog, but you are so close to Friday you can taste it.  The anticipation is insane, the weekend is so close!

And Friday — if you don’t love the release of Friday, I think you may be a robot.  Friday is the gateway to the weekend, and although I am more inclined these days to go home and unwind with a glass of wine on my couch rather than heading out to get EXTREME, I still love a good Friday night and it is the absolute highlight of my week. 

Saturday — Bliss.

Sunday — Errands and more Bliss.

So what the hell does Tuesday have going for it?  Nothing, I tell you!  Nothing!

And now, in case you need something to laugh about today too because it’s a long ass Tuesday with no light at the end of the tunnel I give you this: (apropos of absolutely nothing)



Happy Tuesday Peeps!

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