Travel Diaries: You had me at Aloha…

It’s been a fantastic few days in this little piece of Paradise. We spend our mornings drinking coffee and listening to the waves crash and our evenings sipping cocktails and listening the waves crash, and I can’t think of a better way to bookend the day.

Speaking of bookends and reading, I’ve poured through two memoirs since being here and I can’t think of anything more decadent than boatloads of spare time to read and nap and write when the inspiration hits. We’ve grilled up some fantastic meals (YUM! Chinese Chicken Salad), and honestly, we have yet to venture out of our lanai to dine. We plan to hit up the Maui farmer’s market later this week to find some other local ingredients to experiment with, but don’t you worry we’re also planning to grub on some sushi (Sansei, Sarah, for sure!), some lava flows at the Hula Grill (Hi Gina!), and of course some HULA PIE (Kelly and Gee, we may even call you when we sit down)…so we will certainly get around to eating out on of these days.

Yesterday was by far the fullest day of adventure we’ve had and we crawled into bed last night absolutely exhausted from a day full of sun, sand, snorkeling, exploring, and a late evening swim. It was one of those nights where you lay down feeling salty and sunkissed and even though you can’t stop smiling, you also CAN’T. KEEP. EYES. OPEN. ANY. LONGER—ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

We got up early for snorkel practice in the pool and a swim right here on Sugar Beach, and then in the afternoon hit up a little cove near Makena beach to put our snorkeling skills to the test. Being a scuba diver, Garrett didn’t really have his skills in question, but since I had been flailing in the condo pool earlier that morning trying to figure out how to morph into a dirty mouth breather (haha), I was definitely looking for an opportunity to prove myself. As soon as we picked a spot to jump in, a sea turtle came over to greet us, and we dove in to see what other mysteries lurked below the surface.

In a few words, it was beautiful. And Garrett assured me that was nothing compared to what we will continue to see.

Since my skills increased slightly, I definitely felt ready for our trip to Molokini later this week. After swimming in the cove for a while we headed up to the lava rock surrounding it and busted out the picnic lunch that we had packed. With the waves crashing around us we grubbed on sandwiches and soaked up the sun while enjoying all the beautiful scenery.

Of course, leaving a few moments to ham it up for the camera. Trust me, I know, face masks are a GREAT look for me. haha

We headed back that afternoon to barbecue and relax by the pool and honestly, we could not have had a better day. As I drifted off to sleep last night to the sounds of the ocean, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe we get to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.”

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