To My Disapointment, Christopher Cross Did Not Make An Appearance

So I realized I never told you all how sailing was — and I’m delighted to report that it was TOTALLY AWESOME!

On the ride down, all the girls in my department were just goofing around and having fun (I love these ladies — they make my job fun!)

When we got there the weather was absolutely perfect — sunny skies, a light breeze, and calm water.

I crossed my fingers, climbed aboard, and prayed that the Bonine would work it’s magic…and it did! I was happy as a clam all day, and didn’t feel seasick even once!

We hit a few waves in passing other boats, but we took them all in stride…nothing scary about it — just like ridin’ a rollercoaster!

We had some sandwiches around lunchtime which were delicious and it was so peaceful on the water — although when you are on a sailboat using both hands for your sandwich, you have to come up with a creative way for holding your drink.

Thank god for lifejackets! Though not fashionable at all — they save lives! and hold iced tea!

Overall we had so much fun. My coworker Ellen and I took over the front of the boat for a while and the view was FANTASTIC! I got so comfortable up there I almost wanted to do a swashbuckling pirate jig when other boats passed by. (Oh, fear not, I realized that this was a professional excursion for my job and refrained from any and all pirate antics! But I was tempted, let me tell you…)

Unfortunately, being the Forgetful Fran that I am, I forgot to charge my camera battery the night before (oops!)and it died right as we got close to the Golden Gate Bridge (naturally). This was best picture I took, but it was so much more beautiful in real life!

If you ever have the chance to take a sail out on the bay I would HIGHLY recommend it. I had so much more fun than I thought I would (which I’m sure had ALOT to do with the weather) and the company was fantastic…way better than a day at work, we all agreed.

And if nothing else, I got to snap this picture — which I found amusing because it was in a stall in the Men’s Public Bathroom!?!?!

Why was I in the Men’s Public Restroom at the Marina, you ask? Well Shiver Me Timbers, If I told you, I’d have to send you down to Davy Jones Locker!


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