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2015 Goals

2015 Goals

This year it took me quite a while to get my list of goals posted. It wasn’t that I was feeling uninspired about what I want to accomplish — in fact, quite the opposite. When I did my first pass of goal setting the list looked like a novel. If I banged out an item a day I might still not finish — and I had stuff like “Plan Wedding” counting as just one item.

Clearly I needed a different approach. 🙂

There are lots of things I want to do this year, but the truth is I still have a job, I still have a life, and yep – I am definitely planning a September wedding that suddenly feels like a big ol’ project with a little ol’ timeline. And I’m trying very, very hard to curb my inner-expectation setter so I had to start by not setting 300 goals for the year.

With all that in mind I put together a list of random things on my mind for this year and where it was needed, a little explanation. Some are practical, some are silly, some are aspirational, and surely not all of them will get done. But if I have fun in the process, we’ll call it a win.

Things I Want To Do:

*Have Wedding/Stay Sane/Pay Cash

This goal sort of goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway so I can (hopefully) cross it off of my list.
*Stay in touch with family and friends
I’ve been bad at balancing this with work responsibilities over the last couple of years so it’s at the front of my mind and I’m recommitting to nurturing those relationships this year.
*Make 2015 the year of THE PURGE
We used to always say our house was a small house but that it fit us perfectly. Now it is feeling a little bit…full? We’re going to remedy that this year. I also want this to carry over into all areas of my life. If it’s not working for me, it’s going to get trashed – no matter what it is.
*Make the time I have with my own little family unit (Garrett + Buster) count
I spend a lot of time with Garrett + Buster (because they’re so cute, obvs) but we do sometimes get in a habit of sitting on the couch next to each other staring at our phones. I know we aren’t the only ones. TELL ME WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES. So I want to be mindful about quality time with my family.
*Commit to an 80/20 situation with food
My natural tendency is to be 100% or 0% — let’s work on that, Holly. You’re not getting a grade on this so aiming for average is just fine. And probably better in the long run.
*Challenge yourself physically + give 100%
I like to be challenging myself in the fitness arena because both my body and brain appreciate it. This will include some fitness sub-goals along the way I’m sure, but for now keeping myself consistently challenged and NOT phoning it in is a good enough direction to get started.
*Prioritize personal upkeep
Look, you can call me a girly girl, but damn if I am not so much happier when I make time to get my nails done or get a massage or sit in a pedicure chair reading about how “Stars! They’re Just Like Us.” I’ve gone so far as to make appointments ahead of time and WRITE THEM ON MY CALENDAR lately. I want to keep it up.
*Learn a new skill
Because I enjoy being a beginner and trying new things.
*Play golf somewhere fun
I should also add “while not making a fool of yourself.” AKA Driving Range, here I come.

Places I Want To Go:

*Scottsdale, AZ
My cousin Jenny is also getting married this year. We are doing up Scottsdale for her Bachelorette Party.
*Mother Daughter Weekender – Location TBD
We can’t start calling it an annual tradition if we don’t do it every year, right?
*My Bachelorette Party – Location TBD
I’m open to suggestions that aren’t Vegas because, no.
*Central Coast
Because it is my geographic spirit animal and I have to go down there once a year and harass one of my besties who lives down there.
Because we were supposed to go in December but we cancelled our trip until we got our wedding budget in order. WELL IT’S IN ORDER NOW, SO… 🙂
*Des Moines, Iowa
I always end up in Iowa for work, and usually it means I get to hang with AndreAnna, so YAY!
*Honeymoon – Location TBD
Also open to suggestions.

Things I Want To Let Go Of

*Feeling like my worth is based on what I accomplish
*Feeling like “being in control” is better than “being open to what happens”
*Pleasing anyone by myself + Garrett while planning our wedding
*A weight loss goal

Big Ticket Purchases

*A headboard for our bed
*A Smoker
The people doing the Traeger road shows at Costco are starting to think I’m a stalker.
*A Refrigerator
Our “apartment style” refrigerator is just really, really getting old.
*A Closet Organization System
ELFA, Closet Doctor — just SOMETHING. If you have suggestions, I am all ears.
*Um…A Wedding
Cuz this TOTALLY counts as a purchase, y’all. OOF


This is still a pretty long list but I think if I get to the end of the year and I’ve made some good attempts I will be pleased. What’s on your list for 2015?

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