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Wednesday Bullets

*Well it’s the day before a long holiday weekend, so I’m sure everyone is super busy at work, right? RIGHT 🙂 In that case, let’s talk in bullets my friends.

*I am looking at four days off in a row and I can’t even tell you how excited that makes me. I’m going to do some BBQing, see some friends, workout, relax, and work on a few blog projects that I will finally have some time to do. I really can’t wait! What are you up to? What are you cooking? What are your plans? DO TELL!


*The last 5 days have been pretty extreme around here with respect to weather. My poor air conditioner is on overdrive and by the time I get home each day my energy is completely zapped! Thank god for AM workouts or I would be doing nothing right now but sitting on my Victorian fainting couch fanning myself and sighing. Monday I was too tired to eat dinner (plus food sounds gross when it’s so hot out) and then last night it cooled off a tiny bit so I was productive for about 90 minutes, ate a salad, and then I went to bed at 8! CRAZY. I’m so ready for this “cold front” to come in and for it to only be in the mid 90s. haha

*Dude, even Buster is exhausted from the heat.
This heat is getting in the way if someone's beauty sleep.

*On Monday I went to Target because I ran out of shower gel and came home with patio furniture. Target has some SPOOKY VOODOO going on.

*Oh, hey, how about something random? So Eddie, the resident video-master at our gym, put together and awesome video of the ARCFit Partner Competition that Garrett and I competed in the other weekend and the Anniversary Party afterward. Such a good time! And has a good eye and the video turned out great if you want to check it out. Love my gym!

ARCFit 5th Anniversary from American River CrossFit on Vimeo.

*That’s about all folks. Seriously, it’s been all about staying cool and making it to the weekend for me. Why don’t YOU tell ME a good story! Ready, Go!

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