Wednesday Bullets

Oh the important things we have to discuss! :) Well, that may be setting the bar a little high. How about just some fun things?

First, food. Obviously.

*I have been eating a really AWESOME frittata for breakfast and I have to tell you about it. If I was a good little food blogger I would blog about it, but aaaaah, as I’ve mentioned I’m sort of running around like a chicken with my head cut off as far as the day job goes, so. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about this act of deliciousness. It’s a little kitchen-sink-ish and it involves a vegetable I don’t even really like (mushrooms!) and I’m still LOVING IT. Here’s the un-recipe, recipe: Brown a pound of ground beef, season the hell out of it with salt, pepper, garlic powder (yeah, garlic for breakfast. Get started early!) and if you are really super cool add some dehydrated onion flakes. I don’t know why I’m into these right now but I am. You could also use FRESH onion, I’m sure, but hey. Then throw in a metric ton of kale and let it wilt. In another pan sautee some white mushrooms in ghee (OMG, or should I say OMGHEEEEEEE…see what I did there? :)) until they are browned and really crisp (this is key) then throw them into the meat/kale mixture, add some sliced olives, and if you have like cheese or happen to have a little bit leftover, add just a few sprinkles of parmesan (see, I told you it was kitchen sink.) Pour it all into a casserole dish, add 12 eggs, bake at 350 for 30 minutes and BAM! Morning bliss. God, it is good. So good I may just go back for a second piece. Now let’s pretend there is an artsy photo attached to that recipe, ok? Great.

*Because my cooking time has been sort of limited (BOO, not into that) I’ve been making my crockpot do some of the heavy lifting lately. I made an Italian Pot Roast the other night that was basically life-changing. It was a beef chuck roast and I used this method and you all, I will never go back to browning my meat before I put it into a slow cooker! It gets THE BEST crusty outside. From a crockpot! And the meat was fall apart tender but still moist. Anyway: DO THAT.

*Oh, one last note about cooking: If you are local I am teaching a Paleo Cooking Class over at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op on April 18th. I’ll mention it again because it appears you can’t register for spring classes yet, but I’m super excited about it! Come down, hang out, and eat some delicious food. It will definitely be a good time.

*Do you know what is NOT a good time? The fact that my knee is still not 100%. I have been seeing a chiropractor who does active release and it has been so helpful (I will eventually write a whole post about that because it has been FANTASTIC) but I have a ways to go until I will be able to do all of my favorite things. I find this to be the most frustrating thing in the world! I’m back to CrossFit (I took most of last week off) but doing a lot of scaled things and I HATE THAT. HATE HATE HATE.

*This knee business is not only bad timing for The Relay but also, The CrossFit Games Open start TOMORROW. Now listen, I’m not a super competitive athlete with dreams of “making it to the games” and all that…UM, NO. But it is a fun time at the gym and I’m hoping that I am able to at least participate in a few of the workouts before I have to start scaling. So what I need from you is to cross your fingers that box jumps aren’t in the first workout ok? :) Yeah, box jumps right now are just not my friend but they always show up in the Open. I’m hoping it’s later and paired with some other crazy stuff I won’t be able to do anyway (hi, muscle ups.) So…your fingers are crossed right? Awesome, thanks!

So…what is going on in your neck of the woods? I feel like it’s been so long since we chatted! So tell me…any new recipes you are loving? Any good advice for dealing with injuries aside from just feeling REALLY sad? Are you competing in the Open? Anything else you feel like sharing? Let loooooooooooooose! TALK TO ME.

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