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Fun Things To Read On A Friday


Hey…riddle me this, folks: how is it that Friday comes so quickly when you are on vacation? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

Regardless, we are here and it is the gateway to the weekend…heck yeah! Ooooh, also it’s my last link post of the year! I am so excited about 2013 in all of its blank-slate-ness. YESSSSSSS. Dorkiness: Engaged. 🙂

Do you have any fun plan or traditions to ring in the new year? I’m going to be brainstorming some goals and enjoying my last bit of vacation before I go back to work. This may include continuing my media binge, meal planning to a ridiculous degree for the January Whole 30, reading library books like it’s going out of style, taking one too many mid-day bubble baths and sucking time away on Pinterest. Aaaah, vacation, why can you not be Real Life?

In the meantime, here are some fun things you may enjoy reading:

*There were a lot of great points in this post about The Things Successful People Don’t Do.

*Thinking about starting a blog this year? Check out 5 Great Books for Blogging. Whenever I learn or try something new I always look for books to read. Pages full of information, old-school highlighter in hand is still my favorite way to learn.

*If you are more high-tech than me though, maybe check out these 15 Pinterest Boards for Blog Tips & Advice

*Speaking of books though, I have serious love for awesome book covers! The Half Priced Books Blog rounded up the Best Book Covers of 2012 and it is total eye-candy. (Not to mention inspiration for your reading list!) If that doesn’t inspire you though, check out The Atlantic’s Books to Look Forward to in 2013.

*2012’s Most Annoying Word? Agree or Disagree.

*I laughed and related to a few things in Penelope Trunk’s post this week about 15 Things Overacheivers Do. Some really good links in that one. Have fun falling down an internet rabbit hole.

*This roundup of Money Saving Tips in the Kitchen had some real gems in it that surprisingly I hadn’t seen on Pinterest (YET. :))

*I know BuzzFeed is kind of stupid, but I swear I sometimes snort laugh through their posts. Especially the 50 Most WTF Animal Pics of the Year. OHMAHGAWD. #48. #45. #19. I don’t know. I guess I’m easily amused.

*Last but not least, because I needed another social media channel to manage like I needed a hole in the head, I started a tumblr. I’m saying it is where I am storing my internet leftovers, which basically means my instagram photos, crap I feel like scrapbooking from the internet, definitely more workout + food specific stuff, and just generally things that are too detailed for this site or don’t really fit anywhere else. Also, I’m leaving up the “Ask Me Anything” prompt, so if you have any random questions for me, head over there to interrogate! heh. I can’t promise it will be organized, but I can promise you are welcome to follow along in all its jumbled glory if you are into that.


Hope you have a great weekend folks, and it is full of lots of laughs!

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