Fun Things To Read on Friday

Well, I’d say that about sums it up. :)

The end of the year has been full of craziness at work so I have definitely had less energy. On top of it, Garrett and I hit the holiday indulgence wall on Sunday, so today is Day 5 of super clean eats. It’s felt mostly awesome, but there have been a few nights where, instead of blogging, I have chosen to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself that I can not survive and thrive on a diet of cookies and eggnog alone. It’s been a bit of a transition, this week, but so far I think it has been a good one.

Today is kind of an exciting day for me, I have a few fun things on the agenda including getting a haircut. Thanks for all your input — I still haven’t decided what to do. I guess I have an hour or so to figure it out. ha! If I can I’ll check in later and let ya know what I do. In the meantime, here are some interesting reads I wanted to pass on:

*When I read the line in this post that said “Success and likability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women” it really made me stop and think. And of course I had to read on! Lots of interesting points raised in the article about the cost of adjusting our behaviors to be liked. Such great stuff!

Wanting to be liked means being a supporting character in your own life, using the cues of the actors around you to determine your next line rather than your own script. It means that your self-worth will always be tied to what someone else thinks about you, forever out of your control.

*I loved reading Allison break down 5 High Fat Foods You Should Be Eating To Lose Weight It’s that time of year where we are all inundated with commercials about losing weight and quitting smoking and changing our lives and I have spent many a Decembers stocking my cabinets with the Low/Fat Free versions of everything and wondering why I had no success.

Many low-fat food items contain high levels of processed salt and refined carbohydrates, which are added to low-fat foods to make up for the loss in taste and flavor that results from the artificial removal of fats. Both of these additives are linked to numerous health problems, including obesity and heart disease.

Eat the fat! Eat the yolks! Eat food! Sound advice. :)

*Speaking of eating, can we talk about how this salad is totally making an appearance on my menu this week. OHMAHGAWD it looks yummy!

*Did you catch this post about stress addiction on Whole 9 a while back? While I don’t think I’m actually *addicted* to stress, I definitely recognize that my personality type lends itself to this kind of validation so I thought had some good perspectives. I’m trying to be better about taming the stress in my life but man is that a work in progress!


Hope you have a great weekend friends!


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