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A Few Updates of Little Importance

Skintervention: The Update – Ok seriously, you all came through with some amazing recommendations/commiserations about my skin crisis. Gold star for you because skin drama is just the pits! I actually made a spreadsheet of your recos — do you believe that? BELIEVE IT! My nerdiness knows no bounds — and because I am not made of gold doubloons, I started with the cheap ideas first. This included the following cocktail in the morning and evening:

I’m washing with Cetaphil and using the Tea Tree Oil as an astringent on my jawline. I use a light moisturizer on the rest of my face but I’m not in love with it. I’ll probably give it a couple more weeks before I introduce something new into the routine though so I can really make sure I’m getting good results. (Whispering so as not to jinx it: Right now I’m getting good results.)

So thanks for all of your feedback!


Cooking Mojo: I Done Lost It A Bit – As you can probably tell from my oft repeated menu items lately, I’m feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen. The upside is that the same old recipes still taste pretty damn good. The downside is, I don’t love being bored in the kitchen.

I found a solution at the Carmichael Library last night where, in a moment of extreme denial of vanity, I went in my sweaty post workout clothes. Among the stacks of books, cds and dvds I found The Paleo Diet Cookbook and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.

Personally I like to find good looking recipes and tweak them myself, but I’m kind of excited to flip through the pages of these two books and see what inspiration they bring. When I’m done I will do a mini review in case you are interested. I need to remember to do that more at the library — uh, look at cookbooks obvs — not show up in my sweaty gym clothes.

Other realizations from last night’s library trip
– I’m pretty sure The Babysitter’s Club series is responsible for every entrepreneurial inkling I’ve ever had.

Is anyone else ready for hibernation season to start or is it just me and probably a little bit because it is Monday?

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