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30 Days of Denim – Day Twenty

Well internet, Garrett is glad to know that you all agree with him that my fake Danskos are hideous. He’s been running around the house with his arms up like he is Rocky shouting “Vindication!” You can’t win ’em all, I guess. But damn, they are comfy!

Today I had the day off but still had to get up early to go get a “Health Screening” at work. Yeah, it was about as fun as it sounds. Then I ran a boat load of errands! WOOT! Adulthood, for the win. I remember when my days off included sleeping late and doing whatever I felt like. Ah memories.

Speaking of memory, I almost forgot to take a picture of this outfit because I was so busy today! I probably shouldn’t admit this but my internet usage definitely changes when I have a day off work. 😉 I just had a little panic attack about it, but we were able to grab a photo right before it got too dark!

Here’s What I Wore:


Necklace: Target
Sweater: Banana Republic Factory Store
Jeans: Gap 1969 Perfect Bootcut (another hand me down from my fairy godmother AndreAnna)
Tank: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
Bracelet: Target

The flyaway hair is courtesy of the fact that my car has no air conditioning. Oh, the perks!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Nineteen

Today’s outfit is a hot mess. For a number of reasons. I’ll give you the cliffs notes:

* I may have mentioned I am VERY tired. This affected my outfit choice today.
*The shoes are apparently very polarizing.

Oh the shoes.

Here’s What I Wore:


Necklace: Target
Cardigan: Merona for Target
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap Slim Boyfriend, which are now too big and sort of making me have a weird spare tire
Shoes: DSW – some off brand that wants to be Danskos, obvs.

They are my (fake) Danskos and even though I have mad love for them, Garrett HATES these shoes. He thinks they look like frumpy, orthopedic shoes and can’t understand my desire to wear them ever. In fact I would tell you what he calls them but this is a family friendly website.


But here’s the thing, like a good pair of Chuck Taylors, I feel anxious when I don’t have a pair of Danskos in my closet. (Or the $39 knock of pair I got from DSW.) I understand they can not be worn in every situation, but sometimes they are necessary. Like today.

However when I got to work my friend Katie (Hi Katie!) was like “Dude, what’s with the clogs?” And when I told her the story I just told you she said, “Well, hey, at least they aren’t crocs.”


And that pretty much sums up how I feel about this outfit. Is it time to go to bed yet?


What did you wear today? Hopefully not Crocs.

Join the group and play a little show and tell.


30 Days of Denim – Day Seventeen

And just like that, it’s been feeling like fall around here. A little bit overcast. A few nights of crispy cool air. Mornings that take just a little longer than usual to heat up. It’s like I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

(Let’s hope that light isn’t a train coming right for us!)

That said, I guess I need to get my white jeans wearing out of my system, eh?

Here’s what I wore:


Shirt: Rhapsody (Total TJ Maxx purchase.)
White Jeans: Gap
Red Wedges: Target
Earrings: That’s a good question. I’m going to go with Claire’s.

Speaking of earrings, when I look at the photo I feel like I was a little lazy with the accessorizing but sometimes when I wear white pants I feel like, HELLO I’M WEARING WHITE PANTS! Do you feel this way? And then it makes me feel a little less likely to add the bling you know?

In hindsight, the pants aren’t as loud as I thought they were, so maybe next time I will just bathe myself in diamonds. Or maybe just put on a bracelet.



What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.


30 Days of Denim – Day Sixteen

I have issued a challenge to myself: I will now show you EVERY striped piece of clothing in my closet!

Oh wait, I think I am already doing that. Hmmm, that’s not much of a challenge then is it? Well, it’s Friday and I don’t feel like being challenged so there! I feel like drinking 10 cups of coffee because I stayed up too late reading a book that I am really enjoying and for that my fashion is suffering! A good detective story will do that to a girl.

Here’s What I Came Up With Today:


Shirt: Banana Republic
Necklace: Banana Republic
Bracelet: Target
Capri Jeans: Ross (FYI, these are the ones that came with yesterday’s free belt! haha)
Heels: Merona for Target (I promise I’m not tipping over in these, it’s just the way the photo looks)

I actually love this shirt though and have to force myself NOT to wear it every day. It feels like silk but is washable! I think they call that rayon…LOL I don’t know — I love the color, the pattern, the texture. It’s a good shirt. So even though I’m making a weird face, trust that I am generally happy with this outfit.

Garrett was actually telling fart jokes while taking these pictures so unfortunately I’m either making a fake smile/annoyed face like I am above or laughing hysterically.


Yep, I don’t have that cute supermodel — oh look at me, ha ha ha, I’m laughing — kind of face. But then again I bet high fashion photographers don’t tell fart jokes on set. Well maybe they do, what do I know?

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Are you so ready for it? I know I am!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Fifteen

We made it!

We are at the half way point. The summit of style, if you will. HA!

I think the thing that I am most shocked about is that I haven’t repeated too many items of clothing. I mean jeans and shoes, yes. I don’t have 30 pairs of jeans. Or shoes for that matter. Well, maybe shoes, but only because some shoes are only for certain occasions.

I guess I’m shocked about everything else because I am definitely the type to say – “hey, this shirt is clean and out of the dryer, why not wear it again?” So I am actually pretty stoked that I have yet to do that during this little experiment. But you are not here to talk about how I hate to fold and put away laundry, are you?

Anyway, enough analyzing. Let’s talk denim. Wait, forget denim. Let’s talk shoes. Today I wore a skirt and it was solely because I wanted to able to look down all day today and see my Missoni for Target score. I couldn’t even get there until noon, but there was one lone box holding the pair of shoes I wanted in my size on the shelf. It was like a little a style guardian angel had my back.


After all of the brouhaha yesterday, I feel sort of ridiculous that I am so excited about a pair of shoes, but I am. Judge away. They are making me so excited for fall. But you all already knew that.

Here’s the outfit I built around the fact that I wanted to wear my New! Darn! Shoes!


It’s jeans and a tee shirt — high heels edition! Alternate Outfit Title: Who cares what I’m wearing, look at mah purdy shoes!

Denim skirt: Gap
V Neck Tee: Caslon for Nordstrom
Necklace: Target
Belt: That shit came free with a pair of pants I bought at Ross. What???
Shoes: Missoni for Target

The chunky wood heels on these shoes make me so happy! You can tell by the dorktastic smile on my face.


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.

30 Days of Denim – Day Fourteen

I have put together 14 outfits thus far and by my count this is the 8th outfit that involves stripes.  One must first admit they have a problem, yes? I didn’t even know I had that many different striped things in my closet. Hmmm…the more you know.

You know what I think it is though?  Stripes are the gateway drug.  You see it’s only been in the last year and a half that I have even entertained stripes because I realized I was always wearing solid colors.  Solids are fine, if not a little boring worn everyday right?  But I am WAY SCARED of buying anything patterned.  I just…well, just not yet. But I’ll get there.

Again, one must keep their very superficial goals in mind, you know?  😉

Stripes are my gateway drug to patterns.  Maybe I will get there in the next two weeks, maybe not.  For now,

Here was my inspiration:


And here is what I came up with:


Yes, it’s kind of an easy phone-it-in outfit, but the green stripes with brown! I was in love! In hindsight, I probably could have accessorized more but I was too obsessed with my glittery shoes to think about accessories.

Cardigan: Merona for Target
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Gap Slim Boyfriend Jeans (a favorite, obvs. God, they are like pajama pants!)
Gold Ballet Flats: Payless
Earrings: I think these are a hand me down from my mom

Speaking of shoes, I totally scored two pairs of shoes at Target yesterday despite all that Missoni madness. One on my lunch break and one that my mom scored for me from her Target. I am not the type of person who can let something sit in my closet, I want to wear it IMMEDIATELY, so my guess is they’ll turn up around here shortly. Did you score anything fun from Target yesterday?


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell.


30 Days of Denim – Day Twelve

12 Days of Denim is a lot of denim.

Today was the first day that I got up and was like, “Really, jeans again?” I looked longingly at my pencil skirts and capri pants and then moved down my closet to the denim section.

But then I thought of this dress!


This dress is sort of denim-ish. It’s not technically made out of denim but I won’t wear it to work unless it’s a casual dress/denim day so I thought it was the perfect mix today.

Dress: Merona for Target
Cardigan: Merona for Target
Shoes/Bracelet: Target

I feel like this will be a good transitional dress from summer to fall. Maybe you will see it again with boots and tights before the month is through if Mother Nature cooperates.

Please, Mother Nature: COOPERATE!

So ready for Fall!

What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…


30 Days of Denim – Day Eleven

Today I felt inspired by orange. Aside from mustard, orange might be my new favorite color for fall. Mostly because both look so good with gray and navy which I have an abundance of in my closet. Win.

Here’s my inspiration:


Here’s what I came up with:


In the photo this sweater looks a lot pinker, but I promise it is more orange. Let’s meet in the middle and call it coral. I feel like if I was having this conversation with Garrett his eyes would be rolling into the back of his head right now from all of the color talk.

Maybe yours is too.

Jeans: Gap Slim Boyfriend
Belt: Target
Tee: Gap Outlet
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Gold Loafers: Target – still love these!

Comfy, Sunday outfit. I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready for Monday to come tomorrow. After 10 days off, I think this one’s going to hurt. I’m off to enjoy my last moments of freedom!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…


30 Days of Denim – Day Ten

It’s a two-for-one today. Two pieces of inspiration, one end result outfit.

Here’s a couple of things that inspired me:

First, (on the right) I love a blazer. Love. It’s a hard piece of clothing for me to wear since I have broad shoulders and boobs. Broad shoulders + Boobs = No Blazer Love. But I keep trying.

Second, (on the left) I also love the bright colors and chunky jewelry. Two things that make me feel pretty over and over.

Third, Stripes. I’m going to be so sick of stripes in a couple months, I’m sure but for now I still have L-O-V-E for them.

Here’s what I came up with:

30 Days of Denim - Day Ten

Yep, still NO love for posing for the camera but what are you gonna do.

Blazer: Old Navy
Striped Tee: Banana Republic
Jeans: Old Navy (hand me down from AndreAnna. Thanks!)
Shoes: Merona for Target
Necklace: Target

I like the inspiration pics more than I like the actual outfit, but hey — 10 days in a row of trying to style fun, denim outfits will do that to a girl.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…

30 Days of Denim – Day Nine

Today we are really taking it back to basics. I don’t even really need to show you an inspiration photo, but I kind of like them so indulge me, would ya?

Behold, Jeans and a White Tee:


Though just to clarify, it’s not actually Tuesday. It’s Friday. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH???

OK. SO! No inspiration needed, but still fun. I love this blank canvas of an outfit because I have SERIOUS LOVE for my jewelry, shoes and scarves. There is nothing that gets me more excited than accessorizing and the truth is, I’m not savvy enough (YET!) to accessorize more complicated outfits.

One day.

We all need goals, right?

Here’s what I came up with:


I’m sort of running out of poses, folks. Tyra Banks was right — modeling is not for the faint of heart!


In fact, Miss Jay would probably make a joke about how I look constipated in this one.

But then I would just show him this picture and say, that he looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket.


Do you need a minute to recover from that photo? Ok, let’s talk about clothes and not constipation. Or men who have better looking legs than I do.



Scarf: Old Navy
Tee: Royalton for Norstrom
Jeans: Old Navy “The Flirt”
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Earrings: (Practically invisible, but they are dangly!) Target

You all, I am so in love with these shoes and you can hardly see them in this photo! HOT PINK DRIVING MOCCASINS! Could you die? Just because I love them so much, I am posting an old picture of them so you can at least see them.

Is there ever a reason to say 'no' to Hot Pink shoes?

Hot pink shoes. I never grow tired of you. Thank god for Jeans and a White Tee because what the hell else would I wear you with????


What did you wear today?

Join the group and play a little show and tell. I know one of you will one of these days…

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