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Saturday Snapshots — Munchies Edition

We’ve been eating a lot of tasty treats since I hid the scale. Funny how that works, eh? 🙂 Just kidding! I don’t even mean diving headfirst into the ice cream, I just mean I’ve been cooking again without weighing and measuring, and boy has my brain enjoyed it.

Here are some of the good eats you may have seen this week via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (hollywouldifshecould):

Tuesday we did a little experiment in my house called “Will He Eat It: Salmon Edition.” You see, Garrett doesn’t really love cooked fish. He had a bad fish stick incident as a child and to this day cooked fish kind of skeeves him. But he loves sushi. So weird, right? So I’m always on the prowl trying to find cooked fish he will tolerate. Well guess what — he loves Salmon Burgers from Costco! Thanks for the suggestion, Internet. It was your brilliant minds that made me try them. I mixed up a mayo free version of this, plopped it on top and called it dinner.

Wednesday it was Sausage & Peppers!
This is literally a 20 minute meal and I love to throw it together on nights that we go to the gym. We were supposed to have it for lunch on Wednesday, but I ended up skipping lunch that day and Garrett had to work, so we stole it for dinner instead of making a more Chicken Stir Fry. It’s just your fave sausage browned up nice and crispy, tossed with sauteed peppers and onions. Then cook up something green on the side (zucchini was our green of choice that night.) It comes together so quick it makes Rachael Ray’s head spin.

I worked out on Thursday morning at 5 am, took a quick shower and headed off to work only to realize I had forgotten my breakfast. Sad Friggin Panda, let me tell you. And then my phone buzzed and it was a text from my friend and workout buddy Cole who works in the building next door to mine:

And I came back to my desk with a couple of these babies and they were as good as they look!


She doesn’t have a strict recipe, but lucky for you I know a gal who can hook you up with a good Paleo Blueberry Crumble Muffin Recipe.

Before I wrap this up, it’s Confession Time: I really need to stop buying string cheese because it is too damn easy going down. Hold me to it, would ya internet?

String Cheese: I wish I knew how to quit you....

It’s my favorite thing to have Post Workout — something about its saltiness is just PERFECT. Garrett’s favorite Post Workout Treat got a makeover this week too with the new Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk I found at the grocery store.


It was a nice switch up from just the Unsweetened Vanilla, and I highly recommend it! We’ve already purchased two more containers. That boy can really put down the protein shakes.

Anyway, that’s all the the fare I photographed this week. And wouldn’t you know it, now I’m hungry.

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