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Other People’s Thoughts on CrossFit

Liz wrote a great post about Religion and CrossFit. Well, more specifically, how the discussion of both subjects are similar. Most people who include CrossFit as part of their fitness routine love it so much that they do have a tendency to evangelize.

I understand this. You could put a podium in front of me right now and I could INSTANTLY preach. But preaching is sort of obnoxious, yes? So I try not to do that around here, but since Fitness-Talk is one of the core themes in this space I will certainly do so more than the average bear. That said, I really enjoyed her points. Especially this one:

In other words, I’m trying to limit my fitness douchery, and thinking about it context of religion is helpful for that. The satisfaction I get from this lifestyle is not from convincing others it’s the right way to live, but by just living it for myself.

And I find it exceptionally helpful to think about CrossFit Talk in terms of Religious Talk when trying to measure where I am falling on the Evangelical Douche-ometer.


Speaking of CrossFit (and eventually again of douchebags, you just wait) my box was mentioned in our local paper and it was a really lovely article. Almost two years into to working out at American River CrossFit it still blows my mind that I feel pride about…my gym???? I mean, dude, you guys that is weird. Who has pride about their gym? But it is the truth. There are so many good people within those walls and I’m a better person for working out there.

The comments on the article, of course, are RIDICULOUS! Typical random, ignorant, anonymous internet opninions. Some were so damn hysterical though that my abs still hurt from laughing. Especially this one:

“While most of these “no-gym” workout programs do see to have an effect let’s recognize what they are based on: prison-cell workouts.”


I’ll be rocking my prison cell workout today at 5pm, and I totally can’t wait!


Sweaty. Post WOD. Dorkily watching the #crossfit games live stream on our computer. WISH WE WERE THERE!

Garrett and I spent the weekend nerding out in front of the computer watching the Spectator Stream at the CrossFit Games and man there is inspiration oozing out of every pore of my body today.

Prison Workouts or not, CrossFit creates some pretty awesome athletes.


Did you watch The CrossFit Games?

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