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From The Archives: My Early Fashion Journalism Career

I spent the afternoon helping my mom clean out her garage. Wow, I can really feel your jealousy through the computer — I mean it’s actually palpable — do you want me to give you a minute to compose yourself?

Anyway, at age 33, now that I live in my own home with my own garage and attic, my mom felt it was about time I stored my own archives. Understandable, I guess. So we chatted, sorted through old stuff, and I basically came home with months worth of humorous blog material in the form of tragic photos, diaries, and general adolescent awkwardness so I’m just warning you that you may see some archival features in the near future.

I thought since it is Sunday and I know all of us are planning our fabulous outfits for the week I thought you all might enjoy a page of hard hitting fashion journalism from my 12 year old self. It’s my first foray into fashion writing, straight out of my junior high school’s “paper” (if you can even call it that) named The Bird’s Eye View. Volume 1, Number 1, by the way. And with enlightening advice like this, I can’t imagine it was the last.

The other reason I’m posing this is because I have no menu to post today. We’re eating Halloween Candy for dinner, how about you?


Fashion Trends
By Holly Woodcock
March 4, 1991

Read all about it. We at Hopkins Jr. High have decided we don’t all have the same taste!

To most people the way they dress can tell a lot about them. Some spend hours picking out the perfect outfit, but others would rather slip on a pair of jeans (or Z. Cavarricci’s), an IOU sweatshirt and a matching pair of suede boots and walk out the door. Others prefer skirts or long shirts with leggings underneath.

Shoes are a big thing too! You can’t wear ratty tennis shoes with a dressy skirt and you can’t very well go and wear high heels with a pair of jean shorts. But if you mix it up with your shoes you can find some style.

No guys on the other hand sometimes choose to wear sweat pants. But others wear fitted jeans to show off what all that weight training (if you know what I mean.) Some guys don’t follow the trends though and just wear the old stand by Bugle Boys. But those select few who are up with the trends wear those awesome funky overalls. Farmer style, buckling both straps, or original with only buckling one strap. There there are those Wild Things who let it all hang loose and don’t buckle any straps.

As you can see, fashion is very complicated.


I mean…I have no words.

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