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Sometimes Whole Foods Makes Me Hate Myself

Whole Foods is 1 of 2 grocery stores convenient to my house. I don’t usually opt to go there as a first choice because it is more expensive for most items, but there are times it’s a must. I’ll need something in particular, only sold there, so I might as well just pick up a few things while I’m at it.

The other day it was cacao nibs. Not sold at my local grocer, so I hopped over to Whole Foods and picked up a few impulse buys (and a few other legit items that were *actually* on my list) and walked out $50 poorer, with only ONE bag full of groceries, and feeling like a walking cliche as I hopped into my Subaru.


Cacao Nibs
Probiotic Supplement
Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Almond Milk
Organic Wildflower Honey
Sweet Potato Chips

I’m one bottle of Patchouli oil away from being a proud hippie.

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