Should We Tie Them In A Knot Or Should We Tie Them In A Bow?

Oh y’all, we have some serious loose ends to tie up now, don’t we?

While I knew I had been neglecting the blog, I didn’t quite realize that I haven’t posted since February! WOWZA. I blame Whole 30 Grocery Shopping, damnit! (Also: Life.)

Let’s start with that particular loose end, shall we?


Our Whole 30 went swimmingly. And in the end we totally spent less cash. during Week 3 I bought some crab because we were halfway done and I felt like a treat, so we spent closer to $150 and during Week 4 we only spent like $50. It was insane. I had a hard time with those spending recap posts though because both weeks when I came home from grocery shopping it was dark (crappy lighting for photographs) and once I put the groceries away, I sure as hell wasn’t getting them all back out for their close up, ya know?

So — money saving was a success! Documenting it though, was a major fail! Win some, lose some.

So we had been doing that Whole 30 because our engagement photos were right around the corner and hey — we took them!


holly + Garrett
holly + Garrett 2

Oh hey, look at us, just here sauntering through fields of mustard all in love and shit!

We confirmed two things during that photo session:

1. Yes, we really ARE that un-photogenic — even with a professional involved. We’re going to have to like, practice or something before the actual wedding. And

2. We freaking LOVE our wedding photographer! She is just the best!

Speaking of The! Best! Wedding Things! — We hired a wedding planner too and it has absolutely been the best decision I have made in my adult life. Previously that spot had been occupied by “hiring someone to clean my house” but this decision is EVEN BETTER YOU GUYS. (Carli, your well timed comment a while back really helped push me over the edge, so thank you!)

Her name is Kirsten and she is just the cutest and I’m like 9000 times less stressed now that we are working with her. We not only hired her for Day-Of Coordination but just to design and execute the entire event. Sometimes I feel a little guilty because it feels a little Beverly Hills Darling, SHI SHI SHI, but mostly I am just patting myself on the back for knowing my limits. Wedding planning was NOT A STRENGTH and I was feeling The Dread about the wedding 100% of the time. Now I AM SO FREAKING STOKED! Money well spent for that turn about alone.


So what else is new? Work is about the same — which means busy all day, errrrday, five days a week at least — but I truly have never been happier at my job. There is a lot going on, but I love my job, my team, my company more than ever — I’m talking cheerleader style — and so the busy-ness is a good feeling. But it definitely has cut into my creative pursuit time, especially here on this site.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking to myself maybe it’s just time to close up shop on the blog. I was carrying around that nagging feeling of slacking at something and just thinking silly things like “The internet has changed! What do you have to say? Maybe you are too old for this.” But that made me feel really depressed, so I know not writing here is not the answer.

I do, however, think this blog needs a bit of a facelift and I probably need to update some of the text-y things to more accurately reflect my life in this moment. (Anyone who knows anything about blog design — come talk to me! I am in a hiring mood.) Regardless, I think I’m going to make a more concerted effort to prepare content on the weekends and manage my time a little better so I’m not popping in once every two months because WHAT? That is ridic! I can’t promise I can go back to posting 5 days a week, but I do enjoy sharing here and I do miss our conversations in the comments so I’ll see what I can do about that.

Beyond all of that, the only significant thing I have going on in the near future is that this weekend I’m going to Scottsdale for my cousin’s bachelorette party and we are doing a night out where we all where black (and the bride wears white, obvs) and so I ran out and bought myself a black jumpsuit! HA! Now I just need to decide if I have the balls to wear it.

I tried it on for Garrett the other night and he told me it was “Out there.” I asked if that was bad or good and he said “it wasn’t bad it was just like nothing he had ever seen.” Why we even ask boys about their opinion on fashion, I don’t know. He did also have some concerns about how one goes to the bathroom wearing a jumpsuit, but I think that concern is actually kind of legit. Like, how big of a pain in the ass is it going to be to pee in this getup.

It looks like this, by the way:

On the pro-side — a bachelorette party in a town where you don’t know a soul seems like an exceptional time to wear something crazy, right? On the con side — this outfit feels ballsy and a little outside of my comfort zone. I do plan to be drinking cocktails by a pool most of the weekend though, so you know by Saturday night maybe it won’t feel ballsy at all. πŸ˜› Any jumpsuit type wisdom or war stories you have though would of course be appreciated. haha I’ll let you know what I did when I get back.

Anyway, thanks to you all for sticking around and sending me “Where the hell are you emails” and showing concern. I’m lucky that all of you care enough to read this site, or make sure I’m ok and I never take that for granted.

Y’all are the bee’s knees. Hope your Monday is treating you right.

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9 Responses to Should We Tie Them In A Knot Or Should We Tie Them In A Bow?

  1. Sarah K says:

    Man, I love your writing like crazy and am so happy to see you back here! Also stoked that you are not closing up shop. More xfit talk, too, if that’s still in your life. The jumpsuit is rad. The straplessness would be hardest for me, and I’d compensate with a topper to remove as comfortable. But you describe the best possible circumstances for wearing it – party with girlfriends in a strange place. Rock it and post photos, please!

  2. sarah a says:

    Omg, I really like the jumpsuit, so out of your comfort zone but just rock it!!

  3. COSTUMES ARE TEH BEST! Make the jumpsuit your party costume and go for it. DO IT!

    Love you. Your hair is gorgeous — and so is the rest of you.

  4. Alex balmer says:

    Totally awful jumpsuit peeing story…I spent my first semester in college in a dorm full of sorority girls. I attempted the “party life” every once in awhile and went party hopping with a few girls. Halfway through the night we were walking through a neighborhood to the next house and one girl who was wearing a romper decided RIGHT THEN AND THERE she had to pee. And, since you can’t exactly lift up your romper to squat, she literally unzipped and was (basically) naked in the middle of the street peeing. So yes, may pose some difficulty if you are 18 and drunkenly trying to pee in inappropriate places…may not be so bad as a 30-something person peeing in a normal bathroom πŸ™‚

  5. Melissa H says:

    Good to have you back! I sat down to update my own lately neglected blog but first had to check in with everyone else πŸ™‚ I totally think the list is the right way to jump back in.

    On the blog design front, local gal Amy Cluck-McAllister (AmyistheParty) is a sometimes blog designer when she’s not at her day job–she keeps saying she’s retiring from freelance but maybe worth an email. She designed for a mutual artist friend.

  6. Yay, glad you popped in! The photos are beautiful, you guys look great. That’s so awesome that your hired a wedding planner. Sounds like it’s definitely worth it for you. Very glad you’re not quitting the blog! Don’t do it! “Why we even ask boys about their opinion on fashion, I don’t know.” YUP! I say wear the jumpsuit!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    So glad to see you’re back! The photos are beautiful!! You are not un-photogenic!

    On the jumpsuit, it is too cute not to wear, I love it. But as someone who can be far too logical for her own good, the terrifying question of being able to pee is WAY out of my own comfort zone. πŸ™‚

  8. San says:

    I think the jump suit is cute! I can totally see (someone else) wearing it… haha. I know what you mean when you say it feels ballsy, but hey, like you said “a bachelorette party in a town where you don’t know a soul seems like an exceptional time to wear something crazy”.

  9. katie says:

    So happy to hear you’re continuing with your blog. It’s one of my favorites! And I think you would totally rock that jumpsuit.