Read // Watched // Listened : JANUARY

With lots of wedding, work and life stuff going on this year I’m trying to make an effort at penciling in some good downtime. (So Necessary!)

Here’s some of my downtime favorites from last month.



You guys I FINALLY FINISHED A FREAKING BOOK! I used to be an avid reader but in 2014 I only read 4 books. I was starting to think I’d forgotten how to finish books. Big Little Lies kept my interest from start to finish, was a unique little mystery, and kept me so entertained I bought the kindle version so I could always have it with me. Two thumbs up!

I’ve also been cracking this book open quite a bit this month but it’s in no way as fun as the first.


We watched a ton of fun things on TV this month (especially sports) because we were breaking in our new television. WOOT! It’s funny, when we first got it I totally thought it was gaudy and ridiculous and now one month in I think it’s looks just perfect. Funny ow that happens (Garrett is relieved!)

Good luck jersey officially donned. It's time to get SERIOUS.

We watched spent A LOT of time cheering in front of the TV watching Ohio State football:

Who knew Diddy and I were on the same page about so many things.  #GoBucks #WhosHotWhosNot

But we also managed a little nostalgic trip down memory lane by watching the entire Back to the Future trilogy.

We're watching Back to the Future Part 2. Looks like we've about 10 months to figure out flying cars.

The first one happened to be on TV one Saturday morning and we got sucked into it. Then that evening we had to bust out the DVD boxed set just because it was so cute!

My other TV obsession in January:


Don’t judge.

Even Garrett is into it and recently as we were watching it on that freaking giant television he looked over at me and said “This might be my favorite show on tv right now.” And that, my friends, is the definition of marital compromise.


Came home from getting a mani/pedi and Garrett had left me a note some "presents" on the table. Lip gloss and Taylor Swift are TOTALLY my love language!

I listened to a whole metric ton of T-Swift in January — so much so that Garrett finally bought me the album. I don’t even remember the last time I bought an actual, physical cd! This one is totally worth it though — so so good!

I could also listen to this on repeat, no problem:


Anything you read // watched // listened to that you are dying to share?

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9 Responses to Read // Watched // Listened : JANUARY

  1. We just started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I’ve also found myself watching a lot of Friends, Modern Family, and Bizarre Foods on cable. We got a 65″ TV for our living room and I thought it was absurd, but now I can’t imagine anything smaller haha.

    I’m reading The Help. Ask me what I’m reading in a month from now and it will probably still be The Help. World’s slowest reader!

    I love Uptown Funk too!!!!

  2. Meg says:

    I listened to the audiobook version of The Girl on the Train and became slightly obsessed… walking a little further, sitting in the car a few minutes longer, sneaking in my ear buds for a quick listen at work… Only one of the narrators had a really annoying/distracting voice so that was a win! The storyline kept me hooked and guessing the whole time. If you liked Gone Girl, you’ll probably like this. Highly recommend.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Meg beat me to it, but I totally recommend Girl on the Train. I have been in a bit of a book slump these past few months and bought this book on a whim for my nook. I read it in 2 days and loved it. Though it is totally being booked as “The new Gone Girl” I wouldn’t go THAT far, but it was still awesome!

  4. sarah says:

    Haha, you know nick loves vanderpump too! He gets mad if I watch it without him so we are super behind. I’ve been in a readina slump too but started The Boys in the Boat a few days ago and am almost done with it now and I lost my Kindle so I’ve been reading it on my phone which is annoying so u ou know it’s good. I think you would really enjoy it. Also, did you know you can loan and borrow books with friends on your Kindle account? My mom and I tried it and it is pretty cool.

  5. A'Dell says:

    many things:

    1. I returned Big Little Lies to Audible because (I think) the narrator was making me insane but now I kind of want to retry it.

    2. Big teevees are amaaaazing and anyone who says anything else has pants that are on fire.

    3. I have listened to that album 100+ times and I LOVED IT NO APOLOGIES.

    4. This was great and all but I NEED WEDDING UPDATES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

    5. You two are just the cutest.

  6. Alex says:

    Obsessed with the CW’s Reign currently! They took history nerd and mixed it with scandal and love story drama. Ugh. So, so, good. Even if not 100% historically accurate.

  7. Noblepower says:

    When we bought a giant tv (which is more absurd because we live in a teeny tiny apartment), I had to rationalize it to myself that I only let it in so I could get that all-encompassing movie-theater feel from my Netflix movies. 🙂 Don’t tell my DH, but yeah, we won’t be going back to a smaller tv. Wait – I can rationalize that as we’re getting older and our eyesight is failing . . .
    I am usually a voracious reader, but I’ve been uninspired with the latest books I’ve picked up – I totally judged this book by the cover recently and hadn’t bothered to read the summary, so thank you for reading it and recommending it.

  8. Yes to the TSwift and Uptown Funk. Jake is SUPER hipster when it comes to…well…everything. But definitely music. So he’s rolled his eyes a few times as I listen to 1989 on Youtube. Finally he just turned to me and said “just buy the damn album.” However when I played Uptown Funk I caught him bopping along. He approves.
    Although that Ohio State thing…eh….I’m an adopted University of Michigan fan. I think I’m supposed to shake my head at Garrett now.

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